Questions and Comments from June 2015 About Mahahual

Dawn at Costa Maya Port.

Dawn at Costa Maya Port.

This past month, June of 2015, was the biggest month ever for this blog, with over 7,000 readers. The blog keeps adding readers each month, and now being partnered with the Yucatan Times, more people will be exposed to the this blog and Mahahual.

Today, like I do each month now, I am going to post questions and comments that I have gotten in the last month about Mahahual and this blog.

I will first post the questions, and then answer them followed up by comments from readers, (both good and bad). I feel that some of the questions will be of interest to a lot of people who read this blog.


“Hello , excuse me I have read your 2 last posts and i am intrigued now about the salsa bar’s name in downtown , would you mind telling me its name ? My gf loves dancing salsa , so maybe i could take her there :) .. Btw i am from Mérida.. :) reading you, helps me with my english reading skills … ;)

Im victor …

Have a good night !”

The name of the salsa bar is Mezcaleria, it is off of Calle 58, I think.  If you need more information, or a salsa dance instructor, get in touch with Odalis Castro, Merida.  She is on Facebook, and knows the salsa scene in Merida pretty well.  Thanks for your comments, I will be in Merida through the weekend, get in touch,

“stewart, (first thanks for the blog) I have been coming to Mahahual for years on the ‘boats’ and now am planning a ‘real’ vacation to Mahahual. Planning on following you instructions, on taking the bus from Del Carman (0800). I notice you can buy tickets ahead of time on their site. ??? Is this necessary? Also, do the bus ‘types’ change in the winter, due to more travelers? Lastly, do you live in Mahahual? Love to meet you and buy you a beer.”

Another good question, since my last post on transportation, several more options have become available.  Here is an update on the transportation situation now in Mahahual as of July 1, 2015.  But you should buy tickets in advance at all possible during the high season (Nov-May), because of all the traffic.  Hit the link below for new information on ADO busses to Mahahual.

“Hi Stewart, I was wondering if Mahahual has any mail or something like FedEx service? As we are in the process of buying a condo in Mahahual this would be a great service so as to purchase things online. Really enjoy your blog.”

Very good question, in my experience and talking to others at the moment DHL is your best bet to get stuff shipped to Mahahual. They have an office an office in Chetumal, and regular deliveries to Mahahual. I have heard that FedEx is starting to make deliveries to Mahahual now, and I know several people who have starting getting stuff delivered from Amazon., but I am not sure of the details. I have gotten packages delivered to me regular mail from the USA several times, and it took almost 6 weeks to the day, for me to get my package regular mail. I even had a package sent to Playa del Carmen for me, and it took 6 weeks to get there also. But I think in the very near future with the water park opening, and everything, regular delivery services will start to increase.

“Any specific tour company with possible jaguar searches for photography ?”

This question I am not sure of. I know jaguars roam around at night, and stay away from humans most of the time. When I lived in the jungle in Belize, I only heard them and smelled them, because they do not come up close. I will ask around.

“Hey Stuart,
Congratulations on your new partnership with the Yucatan Times.
You asked for ideas on topics and I have a couple for you. I visited the Malecon on my cruise this past February and like many others, my girlfriend and I fell in love with the area. We plan to return next May.
I am interested in hotels that are on or near the malecon, especially with some local knowledge of how nice it really is. All the hotels look great on a website so the local knowledge would be nice. I think you’ve written about this before but I couldn’t find it.
The other topic is places to eat in Mahahaul.
Thanks for all the info, I love the blog and read it everytime you have a new post.

There are a bunch of good hotels on the malecon, all very good. Caballo Blanco, Quinto Sol, 40 Cannons, and several others. If you want me to find you a hotel on the malecon send me an email and I will find one that fits your budget and needs.


“You are truly blessed to be able to travel and see each village and experience a stinking turkey in a bucket! I hope you realize this. I look forward to your next post. Your fan, Kathy!”

“Great post Stewart. Lisa and I have driven thousands of kilometers in the Yucatan and never once have we ever been treated badly. We have seen our fellow Gringos being rude and obnoxious which is embarrassing for us. With the racism, rape and murder going on in the USA, Trump needs GPS to see where he is standing, what a moron!”

“Hey Stewart, aka Scoop,
Congratulations on your new job. I look forward to reading your stuff.

“Beautiful! Sounds like you are having a fun adventure! Can’t wait for tomorrows report.”

“I’m always so pleased to read your articles! I very much enjoyed the eye-opening insight on inappropriate tourist practices. The dignity afforded to the different indigenous languages on a governmental level was refreshing, but the fact that these minority groups still suffer at the hands of unjust employers and others is misfortunate. Nothing new under the sun.
Despite the “marijuanos” stigma that idiot tourists bring upon themselves (much like in Amsterdam NL), the most disturbing are the morons that seek the local prostitution services, fueling the engine of the dark child sex trade. I hadn’t considered that Majahual would not be immune to this. It’s, sadly, inescapable. I so look forward to the day evil is eliminated.
Friend, keep posting. It’s invaluable to many of us. Keeps our fire for Majahual burning…”

“Congrats on your ‘new’ press creds, Stewart ! Sounds like you had a great first day/night in

“This is very good! You’re a good writer, Stewart. Very “matter-of-fact”, a valuable skill in today’s journalism world. Conhratulations! Wish the money was good, but yiu may be able to pick up a little advertising commission on the side if you present the value to businesses in Majahual…and related entities (cruise ships, etc.).
BTW: Bought book you recommended (Piessel) and another on the Caste wars in the Yucatan that really bring to life the history, adventure, artifacts, and the people of the Yucatan. Great reading so far. Not finished. Cheating and skipping around these books. Fascinating!”

Now negative comments:

“For your information, Chetumal once was an international airport but now there’s is only InterJet which only goes back and forth from Mexico City. There is a new airline, Volaris which will start flights later this year and will also do Chetumal – Mexico City. To go anywhere else one still must go first to Mexico City.
It would be good to clarify this in your next posting.
Hopefully one day Chetumal Airport will resume international flights.
By the way, anyone 65 and over gets 20% off on InterJet flights.”

“It would be a good idea if you got the name of the city right. It’s Felipe Carrillo Puerto not “Felipe de Carrillo” or “Felipe del Carrillo.” I also found quite disconcerting your description of the man who came on board with a baby turkey. And it is quite crazy to get a “factura” for a 45 peso bus ride. Let’s get real! You are a guest in Mexico and please treat Mexican with respect. I’d like to know where you found out that “The Mayan temples and ruins were torn down, and the churches built right on top of the Mayan temples, and they even used the same stones and rocks.” This happened in what is now Mexico City and a few other places like Mitla near Oaxaca but most of the Maya structures were long gone before the Spanish stepped foot on present day Mexican soil.”

NOTE: Both these comments are from the same woman. She lives in Mahahual and has been attacking and criticizing my blog for quite a while now. I was describing my trip to Merida and I found it very funny that a baby turkey was next to me, and I knew I would not get an electronic receipt in Limones, I was trying to inject some humor into the situation. I know I am a guest in Mexico, and as all of you who read this blog know that, and treat people accordingly. It insults me that she would say this, and I don’t know where she comes from that I don’t treat Mexicans with respect and dignity, that is the complete opposite. I don’t know why she is accusing me of this, (of course she is an American), and it offends me greatly. I have done nothing but talk good about Mahahual and Mexico and the people here, since I have started this blog. Second point, the churches of Uman and Merida were built over the top of former Mayan temples or ruins, I got this direct from the editor and staff at The Yucatan Times, and I even showed them her comment. They confirmed that I was right, and this lady was a crackpot. I write about MY experiences and my life, and how I see things here, and I don’t write things to please some busy body woman, who I don’t even know. I asked around Mahahual, who is this woman who is constantly criticizing me, and everybody I asked said that is just how she is, ignore her. And another point she says “most Mayan structures were long gone before the Spanish came”, that is so wrong, there are still Mayan temples and structures being discovered even today. I sent woman this an email in response and she said she was only trying to provide constructive criticism, yeah right.

“But, seriously, Dude…you need to either get a better camera…or, learn some camera techniques ! On your pics all the faces are blacked out…you are shooting against a BRIGHT background (lights) and need to control for that with your settings ! Those pics would NOT be useable for printing.”

Note: This is from one of my staunchest critics. This guy has accused me of plagiarism, and his friend has called me every name in the book, and I even posted his friend’s comments on an earlier post. I guess they have nothing better to do than to sit around and be critical of me. In my defense, I do not claim to be a great photographer, and most of the time I am taking photos with an old 3gs Iphone with no flash. Also when I am out at 3am in the morning, this is the best I can do, and if my photos are not up to some people”s standards, I am sorry, I am doing the best that I can.

I was told by the people at The Yucatan Times, that if you were not getting negative comments nowadays, you were not doing your job as a journalist, or webmaster. Well I told them I must be doing a good job, because I am constantly getting attacked the more popular this blog gets.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Water Park in Mahahual to Open December 2015

It is now official, the new water park in Mahahual will open this December of 2015.  I have known about this for a while, but  I wanted to wait until it was officially posted in the Mexican press.  Here is an article from translated from Spanish to English.

I have much more details about the water park in the future, but this article will give you a general idea of the impact the park will have on Mahahual’s growth in the future.  More jobs, tourists, both foreign and from Mexico, taxes, and a variety of other benefits are in store for the area.

Now remember it is translated from Spanish.



Q. Roo premiere theme park this year Want to know where?

You will have three restaurants, river, zip lines, mountain coaster, water games, slides and pools.
Today Tuesday, June 30, 2015 4:27

The park will have nine water slides, six are body, two wheel and four times mats. (Claudia Martin / SIPSE)
The park will have nine water slides, six are body, two wheel and four times mats. (Claudia Martin / SIPSE)

Claudia Martin / SIPSE
Chetumal, Q. Roo.- During the second half of the tourist and economic offer of Othón P. Blanco grow with the installation of Volaris and Maya Mahahual Park, whose investment is 20 million dollars.

Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui, mayor of Othón P. Blanco, said that with the opening of the new flight, on 15 October and the park opening in December, 200 new direct jobs and indirect twice is created.

“In the case Volaris will bring tourists interested in learning and tour historic sites like Felipe Carrillo Puerto, our own city Chetumal and our natural wonders like the Lagunas de Xul-Ha, Bacalar, Milagros and Guerrero; cenotes in the area of La Union, the Rio Hondo, Chetumal Bay, the fishing area of Xcalak and, of course, Mahahual and beach area, which now will add from December Maya theme park “said the capital’s mayor

“While the park is a new attraction it will also be anchor to know the Costa Maya, and benefit the whole south of the state. ”

You may also be interested in: Alistan tourist promotion strategies with new air route

Preparations for the tourist boom
Abuxapqui Espinosa urged hoteliers, restaurateurs, tourism service providers and the general population to prepare to become a great tour hosts, because he said the best time for Chetumal tourism is coming.

Alberto Pérez Barrios, Municipal Director of Tourism said that Volaris counter hired 10 employees , while for the Maya Mahahual Park hiring 100 to 150 people are expected.

“Volaris will open a receiving station of passengers and staff to customer service, in the case of the Park speaks from waiters, cooks, guides, agents, tour operators or drivers of excursions and technicians, we are also considering that these two hoteliers companies and service providers in general will strengthen their staff “, he said.

Theme park
The Maya Mahahual Theme Park, carries an estimated 60% advance in its construction that takes place in an area of 1.71 hectares, will have a maximum capacity or capacity of up to a thousand people a day.

The work includes extensive remodeling in Cruise dock which includes the upcoming opening of three themed restaurants, including a river, zip lines, a roller coaster, water games, slides, pools, solarium areas, shopping, administrative offices and a Mayan pyramid 24 meters high with a set of parachute drop, which will be the main attraction

The cost of access could fluctuate between 90 and 100 dollars, with preferential rate for Quintana Roo.

According to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) the total size of the park is eight hectares in its first stage, will have two circuits with seven zip lines on each circuit and a suspension bridge; one of the circuits in the shortest zipline is 100 meters and the longest 350 meters.

Count with nine water slides , six are of body, two wheel and a quadruple rugs; each slide out of different levels, starting the first 12 meters high and the other two to 24 meters high.

The work started in November 2014 and is expected to be inaugurated in December this year.



I have been telling people for quite a while now that the park was going to open this year, but they did not believe me.  I also warned people if they wanted to buy a lot or a house in Mahahual, this summer was the time to do it before the news of the water park opening went public.  Now prices are going to go up because of the demand for housing and land now in Mahahual.

The new water park will also attract bigger and better cruise ships to Costa Maya, along with Mexican tourists from Mexico City and other large cities.  I think Mahahual is on the verge of a land and housing boom, don’t say I did not warn you.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


Blue Reef Condos Mahahual, Mexico

Blue Reef condos in Mahahual.

Blue Reef condos in Mahahual.

I am always getting questions about people inquiring are there any oceanfront condos available in Mahahual. Costa Maya Real Estate does not have any oceanfront front or beachfront condos, we specialize more in homes and lots in New Mahahual, and beach property both on the north and south roads out-of-town.

Right now Blue Reef has condos under construction and should be finished soon. They start at around $185,000 for a one bedroom, and up to $365,000 for a plush three bedroom. These condos are right on the malecon, and also are beachfront. At the moment these are the only ones ready for sale, and construction is coming right along. Right now the second level is being finished, and work on the third floor should start soon.

blue reef 3 blue reef 4

Blue Reef under construction.

Blue Reef under construction.

Now, there are units for sale, and several different payment options. At the moment, these are the only condos I know of for sale in Mahahual that are actually under construction right now and ready to be purchased. There is talk of several condo projects starting around town soon, but at the moment, these are all I am aware of.

All of these condos will have all the amenities associated with modern beachfront condos, a/c, internet, cable tv, hot water, everything you need. Also these condos can be a good investment, because they can be rented out when you are not enjoying them yourself. Ask for details.

It seems like in Mahahual every time some condos get built, they are snatched up as soon as they are completed. So, if you are interested in a condo on the beach in Mahahual, at the moment is your best bet, For more information contact Sergio Duran Velez at or call at (983) 119-9363, or just check out their website,

Also, I would like to thank Sergio and the people at Blue Reef for becoming my first bona fide advertisers on this blog. The response to this blog has been tremendous, and this past month of June over 7,000 people read this blog, from all over the world. I told Sergio a while back that I was going to start accepting advertising on this blog, and he was the first one to sign up. In fact he signed up as I was leaving to go to Merida to meet with the Yucatan Times people, right before I got on the bus.

I am still in Merida working with The Yucatan Times on a couple of news stories this week, so when I return to Mahahual in the near future there are several other people who want to talk to me about advertising on this blog. If you are interested you can reach me at, or you can hit me up on Facebook.

If you have a dive shop, hotel, tour company, rental properties, or anything else related to the expat, tourist, or cruise ship business in Costa Maya and Mahahual, you may want to contact me. This blog is on the first page of almost all search engines (like Google) concerning Mahahual and Costa Maya, and in most instances is number one on the page.

Just to inform some of you, I have noticed that a lot of tourists, especially on cruise ships, Google or use some other search engine, to find out about Mahahual. Since my blog comes up on the first page, or even first listed, I get a lot of readers. I am getting so many readers nowadays, I spend a lot of time just answering emails and other questions about Mahahual. So if you are interested in advertising on the most popular blog in southern Quintana Roo, get in touch with me. I can show you the numbers and go over all the details with you.

This blog is going to be featured on the front page of The Yucatan Times the whole month of July, so this will only bring more readers to the Costa Maya Life blog, and increase exposure to Mahahual. So if you want to advertise, now is the time.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

1.5 Trillion USD Say “Yes We Can”

This is an article from todays The Yucatan Times.  It is an editorial from the owner of the publication.  What is interesting is I was in the office this morning discussing some upcoming news stories, when he walked in and asked me to read this article, and tell him what I thought.   It was pretty cool, I felt like I was in an old TV episode of “Lou Grant”.



1.5 Trillion USD Say “Yes We Can
“THE U.S. Latino Influence”

As most American firms are trying to tap into the quick-growing Hispanic market, others do not realize its potential. Donald Trump is the perfect example of one of those.

Companies are adapting to a market, which Nielsen estimated in 2012, would have a buying power of $1.5 trillion USD by 2015. According to their research, the number of Latino-Hispanic households earning more than $50,000 USD a year is growing at a faster rate than the general population. This means that the Hispanic population is no longer a sub-segment, but a full market segment that could shake the economy of the country. This market has grown to the extent that if the Hispanic market in the United States were an individual country, it would rank among the top 20 economies in the world, but wait! It is still growing and is expected to increase from 17% of the population to 26% by 2050, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

Now companies face an interesting challenge, how will they communicate with this market? Well for starters I can give you a hint. Can you guess what that is? If you can´t: Good luck. The answer is Spanish, which by itself it´s not enough, this will have to be accompanied by a lot of research and development. It is quite more complex than that of course, but it is a good start.

Why do I say Spanish and R&D? Some companies have already tried to reach this segment and failed, as it happened with CNN Latino, a year-old experiment that targeted bilingual Latinos with Spanish-language programs in attempt to reach the United States almost 60 million Hispanics. TV stations in big and small cities had signed on to the programming, such as KBEH in Los Angeles and WTAM in Tampa Florida.

Three months before this happened, shutdown, another company that attempt to target the same demographic group. These terminations are an indicator of two facts:

Hispanic/Latino population is so diverse and its interests so varied that it’s difficult to cater to it when seeing as a mere faceless demographic group. Which is the same as thinking that all African-American people or Asian descent/ascent groups like the same. When it comes to crafting television series, clothing lines, make up or news coverage, companies face a tough challenge starting with the fact of not even being sure of which language to use to market their products/services.
The Hispanic population remains the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S.
10 Hispanic origin groups —Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Hondurans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Dominicans— make up 92% of the U.S. Hispanic population.

Here´s an interesting fact: Only 18 to 20% of first-generation Hispanic immigrants speak English from well to very well, but 93% of their American-born children are to some extent bilingual, according to “Latinos in the New Millennium: An Almanac of Opinion, Behavior and Policy Preference.”

It is to be considered by the marketing departments that most Hispanics hold on not only to their customs and traditions but to their mother tongue, Spanish. That is the reason why established Spanish-language networks like Univision or Telemundo have succeeded in the United States but not only them…P&G (Procter and Gamble) General Motors, AT&T, USbancorp and Kraft, to name a few, are amongst the top Spanish language advertisers in U.S. traditional media and internet since the Latino market in the first quarter of 2012 accounted for 11%, or $2.2 billion, of total e-commerce purchases made across the United States and they are the most active group of people in the United States´ social media such as Facebook and Twitter in the range of 80% compared with 75% of African Americans and 70% of white Americans.

To the before said we need to add the following facts:

Hispanics outpace all ethnic groups in mobile data service consumption including music and picture downloads, and at a growing rate.
Overall, Hispanics are 28% more likely to own a smartphone than non-Hispanic.
The average mobile phone bill is 8% higher for Hispanics than for the general market.
This has led to an advertising growth increased by 20.7% for the Hispanic market compared to 1.7% of non-Hispanic market.

There are 8 states in the U.S. that have a population of 1 million or more Hispanic residents: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

New proposals in media, such as Fusion, a joint venture between ABC and Univision have learned how complicated this market is. In an article published by on March 2014, Fusion CEO Isaac Lee said their team had spoken with thousands of young Hispanics and learned that they weren’t interested in programming that would appeal only to them.

Since 2011 American companies have spent billions of dollars ($5.7 billion just in 2011) on ads targeting the Hispanic market. Some have had a ROI, many of them wasted their money since the corporations may already be reaching Hispanics and not even know it.

So, what is next? Lots of hard work ahead for the marketing departments since specific, strategic segmentation will have to be conducted within this large group, by group, with variables such as ethnic, religion, race, life style etc. translating that into understanding the idiosyncrasy of the Hispanic community. Those trends will increase as the Hispanic population robust and continues gaining in numbers, buying power and political influence.


I wonder:

How many Hispanics currently work directly or indirectly for Trump´s corporations? How many Hispanics vacation in Trump´s hotels and resorts?

*José E. Urioste Palomeque
Merida Yucatan, Mexico
June 30 2015

*José Eugenio Palomeque-Urioste is a Business Intelligence professional in the area of ​​Research and Development. He began his training process in mass media writing scripts for radio programs, commercials and advertising campaigns. Since then, he has written for newspapers, magazines and mass media in Mexico and the United States, ranging from the professional to the editorial and has written 3 fiction novels that have been presented in numerous forums and literary competitions causing much controversy as to its content.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

An Unusual Saturday Night in Merida

You know, you could not make up some of the stuff that happens to me on my travels. I always end up in the strangest of places and circumstances. Yesterday and last night was one of those prime examples here in Merida. I have been in Merida all week conducting some business here, and meeting with the people at The Yucatan Times.

So yesterday I did not have much to do, I am still at the Trinidad Hotel in downtown Merida, right in the center of town. I thought to myself, it has been a good week for me, a good week for the future of Mahahual, and a good week for human rights in the USA. I decided to go do some shopping, and get some things I needed that I can’t get in Mahahual.

So I started walking around looking for a street I saw earlier in the week, that had a bunch of watch shops on it. I was looking for a cheap plastic or Swatch watch, something that will not rust overnight in Mahahual. So like a tourist, I set out looking, and before I knew it, I was totally lost. Somehow I had ended up in this huge like farmers market or bazaar, they call it here. Hundreds of little shops, restaurants, booths, stalls, and vendors, with people selling everything you could think of. I mean this place was huge, and I was walking around looking for an exit to the street, and kept getting more lost.

There were hundreds of people all around me, and of course like most times, I was the only American, or Gringo, in the whole place. I am used to it by now, everywhere I go I stand out like a sore thumb. And like always, I was wearing my South Carolina Gamecock hat and shirt, and you should have seen some of the looks I got from some of the Mexican people, as I walked by. I bet they were thinking to themselves, “Who is this crazy Gringo, who is way off the beaten tourist path, and what is he doing in here”? I mean this is a side of Mexico that the average tourist does not get to experience, sights, smells, sounds, and all.

Finally, I see some daylight, and I make my way to the street. I find out I am about 20 blocks away from where I started, and I was lost. So I started counting streets, and made my way back to the hotel, hot, tired, and exhausted. I bet I walked 10 miles, and still no watch. I got a good walking tour of old Merida though, and saw some things that a lot of people from the USA will never see.

So I took a shower and a nap. When I wrote up from my nap, I got a WhatsApp message, that is how you communicate here a lot, especially Mexican women, they use it all the time. It was a Mexican female friend that I had met earlier in the week. She said she was coming to town, and did I want to meet to get something to eat at this place she had told me about. She said we could eat, and then she had to meet a friend who was leaving the next day I think, and needed to go say goodbye. I said no problem, I was tired and not in the mood for a long night anyway.

She then said we could meet at 10:30pm for dinner at this place around the corner from my hotel. I thought to myself, damn that is kind of late for me for dinner, but it is the custom here, so no problem for me. So we met for dinner, great nachos, and listened to some salsa music, of course, while we ate. Just as we were finishing dinner, she leans over and tells me, the guy she is supposed to meet is outside the restaurant, and he is waiting for her. Now how this guy knew where were eating is beyond me, but I told her don’t worry, go ahead and go, I will pay the check, and I will talk to you later. She then said she would see me the next afternoon sometime. Now this is not the first time this has happened to me, a guy show up, and I am sure it will not be the last.

Salsa music during dinner.

Salsa music during dinner.

Great nachos.

Great nachos.

merida camera photos 047 merida camera photos 048

So after she leaves, I start back to my hotel, with the thought of taking it easy, maybe just hang out in the room or something…. wrong. As I got back to my hotel, I noticed in the bar across the street some live blues music being played. I decided to go in, maybe have one beer, listen to some live music, and then walk across the street and turn in, wrong again. I was sitting at the bar having a beer, when I noticed these two young women, and two young guys beside me drinking a pitcher of beer through four straws at one time. Now in all my days, I have never seen this before. I then asked them if any one of them spoke English, and to my surprise, they all spoke perfect English. Come to find out, they are all graduate students here in Merida.

My new Mexican gay friends, living it up.

My new Mexican gay friends, living it up.

They spoke perfect English.

They spoke perfect English.

My new Mexican women graudate student friends.

My new Mexican women graduate student friends.

So we started talking and having some drinks, and before I knew it, they said they wanted me to go to another bar up the street with them that stayed open later. They kept insisting that I go with them, to this other bar, and it would be fun. I had a couple of drinks with them, so I said why not.

As we were walking to this other bar, it kind of hit me, these guys with the girls, are not with the girls, they are both gay. No problem for me, “live and let live”, is my motto. So we walk to the bar the whole time speaking English, and they are telling me what they study and stuff. So as we get to the bar, I look up and it is the same bar that I went to with my salsa dancing friend earlier in the week. I tell the women, look this is the bar where the woman I just had dinner with hangs out, and maybe I should not go in, because she might be there with her boyfriend, and I did not want to start any problems, or make it look like I was checking up on her. They laughed and said “This is Mexico”, don’t worry.

As soon as I stepped in, who did I see, my salsa dancing friend that I had ate dinner with earlier, there with her boyfriend. Again this is not the first time this has happened to me in Mexico. So I did my best sleuth imitation, and kind of snuck around the other side of the building, to avoid running into them. I told the group I was with, see I told you she is here, and this is going to be awkward. They thought that was hilarious, and asked me, where is she, I told them, she is here with a guy like I thought.

The place was so packed, I had no idea if she saw me or not, I just hung out with my group and listened to the music and took it all in. We had more drinks, and the next thing I knew, the lights came on and it was like 3:30am, and the place started to empty out. I told them I had a good time, and thanked them for inviting me along, even though I was old enough to be their father. We exchanged email and phone number information , and I walked back to my hotel all alone, to call it a night.

I have not been out like that, and partied like that, in a long time. Today I am feeling it, hung over, tired, and sore from walking and bumping into people all day and all night. But I am glad I got to experience what I did last night. I got to meet some young Mexican graduate students, who accepted me, and treated me very well, and were very respectful, and intelligent. They added greatly to my time here in Merida, and I will never forget the night I hung around with Mexican college students all night in Merida.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Tourism Rebounds in Southern Quintana Roo

I am sharing this article today from about how tourism is on the rise here.  The article is translated from Spanish.

Quintana Roo.

Quintana Roo.

Expected rebound in tourism summer vacation
They estimate an average occupancy of 85% in the various destinations in southern Quintana Roo.
Yesterday Friday, June 26, 2015 7:36

Claudia Martin / SIPSE
Chetumal, Q. Roo.- Grand Costa Maya The Trust expects an increase of 10 percentage points in the tourist visitors flow during the summer 2015, estimated Chamber Fernando Salazar, president of the Trust.

According to statistics of the State Secretariat of Tourism in Chetumal there are two, 400 hotel rooms, 900 rooms between hostels, apartments, cottages and hotels in Mahahual and Bacalar 400, which would achieve an average occupancy of 85% in the destinations, that is, the arrival of about six thousand visitors.

“Bacalar and Mahahual and have virtually sold out for the holiday season, although there are reservations from July 10 until August 23 for the entire beach area in Chetumal also a rise of 65% or 70% is expected.”

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Advocacy work
Salazar House said that in the first half of the year have had contact with travel agencies, tour operators and tourism service providers Chicago, Madrid, Berlin, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Italy and, of course, Mexico, where it has promoted Southern Quintana Roo.

“In advocacy work they have involved the tourism service providers, chambers of commerce, state authorities, local tourism and the Trust have worked since the beginning of the year in the promotion and now expect results.”

The hotel infrastructure of the Grand Costa Maya is distributed as follows: 72 hotels in Chetumal, 39 hotels in Mahahual, Bacalar 32 hotels and two hotels in Kohunlich.

Among the activities to be performed, according to the catalog offered by the Trust itself you are the Chetumal rediscover visiting museums, parks, fountains and colonial houses as well as archaeological sites.

Bacalar enjoy the Lagoon of Seven Colors and clear waters of Mahahual, sites, where you can perform various water sports or simply enjoy the tranquility that characterizes them.

Mahahual ligbhthouse and crusie ship pier in background.


Here is a post I did on a local Facebook group here in Mahahual. I try to explain why I don’t write my blog in Spanish, and to avoid some confusion. I tried to use Google Translate to write something in Spanish as a courtesy to some of my Mexican readers, and it caused a big backlash, I hope this helps to explain my dilemma.

“I thought I would share this to avoid some confusion.

First of all, I am a 56-year-old diabetic man from South Carolina who attracts crazy women, I am lucky to be alive, much less fluent in Spanish, being from South Carolina, I can barely speak English. If anybody in Mahahual who knows me will attest, I try to speak Spanish when I am dealing with locals. I know I butcher the language sometimes, but at least I try, and people are patient with me after a while. It is hard for me to speak English to tourists all day then switch over to Spanish at night, I have a lot of respect for people who are bi-lingual. I had a Mexican woman friend tell me all the time, that I need to learn Spanish better, and I should watch Mexican TV to learn more. I use Google Translate when I translate news events from Mexican newspapers for my blog, and Spanish does not translate well to English either, I always post that I am using Google Translate, to avoid confusion, I guess I thought I could use it on this post, sorry. I try to write 1,000 words a day on my blog about Mahahual, and if I wrote another 1,000 in Spanish, my head would explode. My mind goes 100 miles an hour all the time, sometimes I cannot express myself in English, much less Spanish. The blog that I started in Mahahual brings people to Mahahual who would never have dreamed of going there, at the moment I have over 130,000 readers of the blog. Right now I am in Merida closing on a deal with an American developer who is going to build 136 condos in the casitas, which provide a lot of jobs and taxes in Mahahual and contribute to its growth. All this off of my Mahahual blog, and there always people arriving in Mahahual off of my blog, and I find hotel rooms for them rental properties. If you don’t believe me ask Sergio Duran, I am always sending people to his hotel, ask Karla Contreras at Ibza Sunset, I am constantly bringing them customers. And trust me I am not getting rich in Mahahual. I know I am a guest in Mexico and I conduct myself accordingly. I did not mean to start a Facebook war, I just thought I would do the same with people in Mahahual the same way I use Google Translate with Americans when translating. Sorry it will never happen again, I will stick with what I know. On my blog I am positive about Mahahual all the time, and I am responsible for a lot of Mahahual’s exposure to the outside world, if you don’t believe ask around town. I work for a Mexican company, I live amongst Mexicans, eat Mexican. I am not one of those Gringos who live in a secluded compound or anything and try to isolate myself from the locals. I believe in “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, the only problem I have is the language, so again I apologize, it will not happen again.”

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

My First Day in Merida with a Mexican Press Card and ID


I am reblogging this because I have added new information about my Mexican salsa dancing friend.

Originally posted on Costa Maya Mahahual:

My Mexican press card and ID is working out pretty good. Yesterday I went to buy a lanyard so I could wear it around my neck like they do here. After I bought it, I thought I would try it out and walk around downtown Merida to see what kind of reaction I would get. I was finishing my trifecta of American fast food. I started off the other day at Subway, then the day after Burger King, and yesterday KFC. I was standing at the counter with my press id around my neck, and I ordered a “Duo” special there which is 2 pieces of Colonel Sanders chicken, mashed taters,cole slaw, a bisquit, and a drink.

So I stood patiently in line like I was do, and when my food came out, this little cute Maya girl slides it to me, and come to find out there were 3…

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