Water Park Ready to Open in Mahahual

Here is a great article from Por Esto, a major newspaper and website here in Quintana Roo.  It is a an in-depth look at the water park and all of the activities and attractions at the park.  There is a lot of buzz here about the water park opening, and I am getting a bunch of questions and searches on this blog about the new water park.  So here is the up to date information about the water park.

new water park 1

They Conclude Waterpark

Por Gabriel E. Manzanilla

MAHAHUAL, Othon P. Blanco, 9 October.- The water park Majahual Puerto Costa Maya, which is called Lost Mayan Kingdom (The Lost Maya Kingdom), will open its doors on November 15, and for this! Quintana Roo brings you the scoop on what will all the attractions with which this great work will have to issue the enigmatic and beautiful Mayan Culture.

The operating director and designer of the park, Javier Moreno, said that before the official opening of a pre-opening for the community of Majahual, scheduled for October 24, which will be invited free of charge will be made for children, youth and adults the destination because he said that the park is theirs and so are the first guests.

He added that the creation of this work has been about a year, from the design stage to the construction process, employing an investment of $ 20 million, which is approximately 320 million pesos.

“The public opening of the park is scheduled for November 15, but want to make an official opening tentatively between December 2015 and January 2016 where different authorities will be invited, but our intention is that from the second half of November and is running this allusion to the Mayan Culture theme park, “said the businessman Mauricio Hamui, representative of Costa Maya group.

Its construction took an area of ​​almost 8 hectares, located next to the harbor Costa Maya, and this park was born from the idea of ​​strengthening the destination in the tourism sector, since it will not be exclusive to visitors arriving via cruise Majahual, it will be an attraction for locals and domestic tourists.

The project includes an artificial river and a cenote, zip line circuits, discovered a series of slides and tubing, an artificial pyramid, a restaurant area and snacks, souvenir shop, beach area and various pools; all it sets to simulate being in a real Mayan paradise.

Javier Moreno said that with regard to security measures, the park has highly trained in each of their areas staff, and each area will be assigned rescuers and lifeguards, who will maintain constant communication via radio, so that in case of emergency they can act quickly and effectively.

He also mentioned that the park is suitable to be used by people with disabilities, as it has ramps and access for these users, and even in the area of ​​the pyramid there is an elevator that can take them to the level more high.

The Jaguar Escondido
In an ancient maritime terminal that has been neglected over the years, a large jaguar, who is the guardian of the place lies, and whose countless stories about the origins of coffee, which relate to the enigmatic and beautiful Mayan culture.

That is precisely the theme of the Water Park Majahual Mayan Lost Kingdom, and to make the visitor an unforgettable experience takes, is decorated with furniture and sounds alluding to the story being told, which ultimately will result in tourists is transported to a real place lost in the immensity of the jungle.

Since entering the park, visitors will play the role of expedition, entering a terminal old abandoned maritime trade in the 50s, which at first will come to an old port customs area where ancient suitcases stacked on one another and merchandise boxes; lighting cone lamps are old, and the bathrooms were adequate to pretend to be old containers, keeping every detail of originality as possible.

Passing the main entrance, one will come to an old hacienda, which is actually the souvenir shop where you will find inside t-shirts, accessories, bags, among other items that can be purchased as a souvenir of your visit.
From the entrance music sounds pure instrumentation combined with sounds of birds and other wild animals, which help to give a touch of mystery and realism in the environment.

Without losing the fantasy park, the story goes that there is a jaguar inside, an ancient Mayan guardian who lives in this enigmatic place.

At the end of the souvenir shop, you come to a small square surrounded by Mayan huts, which serves as waiting area for cruise tourists, so they can return to their boat.

Meters later you reach the main attraction of the park, which is a big artificial Mayan pyramid 30 meters high, and is the only building that can be seen from outside the park because of its large size.

This pyramid is composed of 9 floors or levels that can be entered by stairs or by elevator, each with different activities, including zip and areas waterslide, as well as in its interior is decorated as if it were part of the old terminal maritime, but also has added Mayan symbols, as totems and images of their deities, including Kukulcan, whose name means feathered serpent, and is regarded within the Mayan mythology as the supreme maker of the universe.

Within the great Mayan pyramid artificial there are 9 slides, body 6, 2 and 1 tire mats, and two Tyrolean circuits, and Russian type mountain tour called Travel Kukulkan, which is made through a tube is held by a harness hanging.

At the entrance of this great totem structure 10 meters high, it consists of a series of Mayan masks to be found in the region, surrounded by crates and barrels, ropes, pulleys, among other furniture, and observed large ceiba that, following the idea of ​​fantasy, it has been preserved over time.

On one side of the pyramid you enter an artificial river 400 meters long and with a depth of 30-80 centimeters called the River of Jaguar, and which passes through the park, its route can be done by swimming or inflatable tires.

When crossing the River Jaguar you enter the Temple of the Jaguar, which is a semi-underground area with images related to this character, and later reach an area of ​​bubbles bubbling across the surface of the water, leading to a cavern with waterfall artificial and then meet a destroyed camp, as part of the setting, where supposedly spent the guardian Jaguar, and finally reach an area of ​​Mayan stilts.

All around the park there are 7 towers with two suspension bridges that make Tyrolean circuits, where the largest measuring 420 meters in length, and terminating in a large pool where the turquoise waters of people, ie, land in the water.

Following the tour of the old and abandoned port of embarkation, you can find a pool called the Tree Poza, getting its name because at its core it has placed a large tree, thereby simulating be a natural lagoon.
There is also a botanical trail, area where tourists will find diversity of medicinal plants and fruit in the region, each with a sheet.

Later you get to Cenote Maya, which is an artificial circular 3 meters deep, with 3 jacuzzi pools on one side that are perfect for relaxation of adults cenote.

As a final point of the tour you get to a water minipark called The World of Children, which as its name suggests is for the little ones, but also is enjoyed by large, where the maximum depth is 30 centimeters, and its appeal Home is a great Mayan head on top, that in minutes is filled with water and then, to be overcome by the weight, turning ends dropping a large stream of water on the bathers.

On one side of The World of Children you get to the restaurant area where Costa Maya craft beer, which is produced by the creators of the park offer.
It is noteworthy that throughout the park one can observe operators and life in each area, who will be aware of all the swimmers and the proper functioning of the attractions.

water park por esto water park poresto2 water park poresto4source:http://www.poresto.net/ver_nota.php?zona=qroo&idSeccion=3&idTitulo=433008


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Pretty funny article from the Matadornetwork.com.  This article is so true, I have met a lot of people who think this.  A lot of cruise ship tourists ask me these same questions a lot.


1. You’re pretty certain the drug lords are just waiting in the bushes to rob/rape/kidnap/kill you.
Get over yourself. They aren’t. Yes, that sort of horrific violence still exists in very few, very particular parts of Mexico, none of which your tourist ass is probably going within hundreds of miles of. After visiting Mexico, you realize that it is an overall safe country to visit, filled with warm and friendly people who will go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

2. You think everyone is going to be sitting around eating tacos.
Tacos are a thing in Mexico, don’t get me wrong. But so are about a zillion other mouth-watering dishes. Mexico is nothing if not full of diverse flavor, each distinct from one region to the next. Try mole poblano, sopes, chicharrón, elote, even toasted grasshoppers for those feeling adventurous. And the best food Mexico has to offer is never found in a restaurant listed in a guidebook. It’s in private homes or sold by street vendors.

3. You think it couldn’t possibly get any better than Cancun.
Seriously, you are so much more creative than this. Unless you’re trying to relive your high school spring break or really have a thing for large, nondescript chain hotels, open your mind to an endless array of mind-blowingly cool possibilities that Mexico has to offer.

Go waterfall jumping in the surreally gorgeous San Luis Potosí. On a coffee tour in Chiapas. Board the Tequila Train in Guadalajara. Surf massive waves in Oaxaca. Explore Copper Canyon in Chihuahua — even larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.

4. You only packed flip flops and a bathing suit.
News flash: Mexico is huge. Diverse. And not all tropical and beachy. There are mountains, deserts, canyons, and forests. Some places are at very high altitude (Pico de Orizaba tops out at 18,491 feet, and Mexico has 25 summits that reach almost 10,000 feet). Do your homework before you go and pack appropriately.

5. You assume everyone parties on Cinco de Mayo as much as people from the US do.
Most parts of Mexico don’t even celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Traditionally, it’s a local celebration in the city of Puebla, where in 1862 the Mexican army temporarily deterred French invaders. In the US many of us look for any excuse to drink Coronas and eat Mexican food and wear a sombrero…Mexicans don’t. They get to rock that vibe all year long.

6. You think because it’s in pesos that everything will be cheap.
Mexico is not all inexpensive. While there are definitely deals to be had, in places all throughout the country luxury accommodations, high-end shopping, and gourmet restaurants can break the bank.

7. You expect everyone to speak English to you.
Get this: they speak Spanish. Or one of over 68 government recognized indigenous languages. Outside of big cities or well-run tourist establishments, good luck with the English.

8. You assume most all Mexicans are clamoring at the border desperately trying to get to the US.
Many Mexicans are very proud, and have a lot of love for, and loyalty to, their country. There is no other place in the world that they would want to be.

9. You drink the tap water.
Ever hear of Montezuma’s Revenge? The water in Mexico is purified at the source, but the distribution system may allow the water to be contaminated en route to the tap. A lot of locals buy water in five gallon jugs called garrafones which are delivered to their homes (and recycled). Do as most Mexicans do, and stick to purified water.

The water and ice in tourist resorts and hotels should be fine to drink (it’s not in their best interest to have a bunch of sick tourists on their hands), and any ice that you see in the form of a cylinder with a hole in the center is purchased from a purified ice factory and is safe. When brushing your teeth with tap water or when showering, just be careful not to swallow the water.

10. You think you can road trip Mexico in a week.
Mexico isn’t Belize or El Salvador — it’s roughly the same size of Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany all put together, or three times the size of Texas. Mexico is vast and diverse — to see even a small portion of the country and feel like you actually experienced it takes time.


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New Mahahual Community Center

New Mahahual Community Center presented yesterday.

New Mahahual Community Center presented yesterday.

Costa Maya Group Foundation today took just the presentation of the community center, which is building next to the Hotel Costa Maya Inn in benefecion of the whole community. (translated from Spanish)

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Mahahual Preparing for Opening of Water Park

Yesterday was a big day here in Mahahual. The cruise ship executives were here to look over the new water park, the port, and the village of Mahahual. The water park was unveiled to them, and they got a tour of the  park. The cruise ship higher-ups also got a tour of the port and town.

Before their arrival, the port, and the town had a facelift. The lighthouse got a new paint job, and the area outside the port also got cleaned up with a fresh new coat of paint. Even the curbs in Mahahual got a fresh new coat of paint.

image image

All this was done because Mahahual is about to attract a lot more cruise ships and tourists in the near future. With the anticipation of the new water park opening, a lot of interest in Mahahual as a cruise ship and tourist destination is increasing daily.

I was told this yesterday, but I am going to double-check today with our office here, that on October 16, 17, 18 the water park will open and be free to all the residents of Mahahual and the surrounding area. The rides and all the activities will be free to everybody. I will have more on this in the next day or two. I have to get verification on this to make sure it is not a CMR, (Costa Maya Rumor), and is in fact a CMF ,(Costa Maya Fact).

So in the next day or two, I should have some good photos and more information on the water park and the opening. Today I am posting some photos of all the painting and improvements going on. I think Mahahual is about to become a major tourist destination in southern Quintana Roo.

Lighthouse with fresh coat of paint. image image image image


Also on the Sargasso front, I can say that I think the seaweed problem here is over in Mahahual for the time being.  I have been watching and for the last week or so, the Sargasso is not washing up on the beach like it has in the past ten months.  There are patches here and there, but for the most part it is gone.


Beaches clean of seaweed for the first time in a while.

Beaches clean of seaweed in Mahahual for the first time in a while.

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Casona Palms Video Uvero Beach, Mexico

I have out of the loop the last day or so.  There is a lot of construction and improvements going on in Mahahual, and someone cut the Telmex cable by mistake, and I have been without internet for a little while.  But everything is back to normal now.  So I am a little behind so today I am sharing a video from Casona Palms.

I will have an article tomorrow.  I went there yesterday to see the place in Uvero Beach, and it is very nice out there.


So check out their video, more about Casona Plams later.


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