When are Cruise Ships in town?

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

Everywhere I go in Mahahual or New Mahahual people always ask me, “How many ships in port today or tomorrow?”  Where ever I go when cruise ships are in town, all the locals always ask me about the cruise ship schedule.  In the stores and lunch,on my bike, people here are asking me what ships are in town and what time do they arrive.  All the locals here know I work at the port and the ship schedules change constantly, and they know I always keep abreast of what ships are coming and going, because it is my job, so they always ask me.  It is funny I will walk into a store and buy something and the woman behind the counter will ask in Spanish, “Cuantos barcos manana”, and I always give them the answer and the names of the ships.  I was on my bike riding home the…

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