Archives Deleted From Costa Maya Life Blog

First of all I would like to apoligize to our loyal readers and followers of this blog.  Over the past week all of the past posts and articles on this blog have been deleted.  All the archives and posts for the past two years have vanished.  We can’t figure out if the post was hacked and the password stolen, or was done accidentally by WordPress or some other factor caused the erasure of all the past posts and photos.  It is very disappointing and disturbing to us that all this hard work and information has been deleted.

If you perform an internet search and you may come across a blank page with just the title of a post and no content, I again aploligize.  Article and post  titles will still continue to show on most internet search engines.  I still have the titles and photos of all past posts and articles, and plan to repost these in the future.

Also I have been reposting past posts about Mahahual to provide content until posts can be rewritten and posted.  Because I am reposting past articles, some of you followers of the blog may get a number of emails containing new posts and updates.  I will try to keep these to 2 or 3 a day.  I have reposting and reblogging and did not realize that some of you may be getting numerous emails each day.  I was alerted to this today by some loyal followers who live here.  I plan in the future to write a current blog each day and also try to reblog a post from the past to try to recover some lost information.

If any of you followers or readers have a particular post or topic you remember from past posts, fill free to comment below and I will be sure to include that information.  Also if there is anything subject matter or topic you would like to see more of this blog, let us know.

Again, I apoligize for any inconvience, you have or may experience on this blog because of deleted posts or photos.  If you reach the blog on a search engine and no content is shown, just click home page and you will be directed to current articles and photos updated to meet the search topic you were looking for.

Thanks for your support, and I hope you continue to keep reading and following in the future.

Stewart Rogers  USA-South Carolina


2 thoughts on “Archives Deleted From Costa Maya Life Blog

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Damn shame but my wife and I love your blog and will continue to look forward to receiving it. I had sent a request for an email address directly to you please. My wife and I visited Mahahual in January, stayed at 40 Canones and enjoyed the village very much. I have some questions about real estate and the possible start up of a business on the Malecon, I was hoping you could help me??

    Steve Heide Williams Representative MV Surf Challenger Offshore Phone: 281-677-5728 Cell: 305-393-4719

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