One thought on “Costa Maya Port Pictures Mahahual, Mexico

  1. laenca says:

    Dear Stewart~   Hola Vecino! My husband & I live here & are the caretakers & managers of Casa Playa Maya, in Puerto Angel, a few houses south of the Punta Herradura road. We deal with managing the different rental sites, responding to all inquiries, booking guests & taking care of them while they are here. That is besides maintaining & repairing the grounds & home.    We love your blog & have been passing your link along to our friends & guests who are interested in learning more about the area.  We also forward your emails & share your articles on our personal & our Casa Playa Maya Facebook pages.  We have enjoyed getting an email sent to us every few days & appreciate your candid & casual approach to our daily life here in Costa Maya.   We spend a lot of time in the booking process on line & some days with a rather poor internet connection. I am writing this note to let you know that we simply cannot handle getting 6-10 emails from you on the same day, much less within 5 minutes or less. We are also hesitant to suggest your link to our guests if we feel that they are going to feel as overwhelmed by the slamming of their inbox, as we do.    I am not asking you to remove us from your mailing list just yet, as I am hopeful that others may feel the same way as I do & express their thoughts to you, as well.  If we could go back to a more laid back pace of a couple of emails a week, or even up to 1 a day, we would love to stay in the loop.  If not & it is better marketing for you to send multiple emails to your readers, we will understand & will just look up information from you as we can.   Thanks so much for all of your work & photos thus far & we will go with the flow for the moment …  Have a great week ahead & we look forward to meeting you in pueblo along the way!    Happy Trails,   Amanda & Richard a.k.a. Zen & Honey a.k.a. Los Dos Locos US Skype #: 404-865-1631 MX Skype #: +52 (55) 8421 8608 Skype ID: amanda.zenil Skype appointment through e-mail is necessary


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