Chetumal City Council Gives ‘Green Light’ to Isaac Hamui to build water park in Mahahual

Article from, translated from Spanish.

Acceso (1) parque acuatico Mahahual



CHETUMAL , MX – . ‘s City Council members approved land use change in Mahahual for close to a residential area Puerto Costa Maya is used for the construction of a water park.

It is an ambitious project of about $ 20 million that would settle in an area of ​​five hectares

Since late 2013 , on pages related to the cruise activity , VP Marketing and Sales at Costa Maya, Robert Shamosh , had announced that starting in 2014 the construction of a water adventure park was planned .

The allusion to the Mayan culture , theme park would be located within walking distance of the cruise terminal , and would like Xcaret or Xel -ha, major attractions of the Riviera Maya.

The original project includes a river, zip lines, a rollercoaster , a fake pyramid with a parachuting game . In fact the pyramid will be built in an area to be visible from the cruise arrival.
It should be mentioned that the land where the investment will settle , and that required a change in land use , is Isaac Hamui Abadi , owner of the cruise ship dock in Mahahual , who initially tried to acquire a property of the Municipality of Othon P. Blanco to build the project, but given the failure of the negotiations decided to do it in their own land .

On this issue, the mayor of Othon P. Blanco, Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui said that “change of land use for the property is only five acres where a water park will be established , which will be a more attractive and Majahual which will be outside the cruise dock” , he said.

He said that within the Urban Development Program of Mahahual the property was residential, but was modified to develop tourism without affecting the environment.

The mayor was clear in stating that the benefit of the project is for the destination, it will not be a unique theme park for cruise passengers arriving at Puerto Costa Maya, but is open to national and local tourism.

Eduardo Espinosa added that the project will begin soon , as investors waited only get this change in land use to begin construction .

Meanwhile, Councilman Fernando Espinosa Zelaya , who asked to be monitored during construction and operation of the project to be monitored during construction and operation of the project to the people of Mahahual benefit with jobs. (Source: Quintana Roo Por Esto !)

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