Perfect Time of Year to Visit Mahahual, Mexico

Mahahual lighthouse and Costa Maya Port in background.

Mahahual lighthouse and Costa Maya Port in background.

If you have never been to Mahahual, Mexico, or have heard about it from a friend, or even been here on a cruise ship, and always thought you might want to take a trip here, now is the perfect time to do so.

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Flights are pretty reasonable to Cancun from the USA or Canada this time of year, and you can rent a car or take the ADO bus to Mahahual.
This time of year May and June, low season starts and cruise ships only arrive four or five times a month. Also a lot of “snowbirds”, North Americans who spend the winter here, head back up north. The Mexican schools have not started summer vacation so the local Chetumal business has not started yet, and it picks up in July and August.
Because of this kind of “lull” in the business, which is basically the period between when the cruise ships quit coming regularly, to the local Mexican and Belize vacationers start arriving on a daily basis.
On another note I have noticed a great number of Belizeans on the beaches of Mahahual lately, much more than in the past. I noticed a lot of them on Easter and Easter Monday in their cars with Belize license plates on their cars. I met some from Orange Walk and Corozal on Easter. It is only a couple of hours drive from Belize to Mahahaul, and more and more Belizeans are taking the drive over lately.
After Semana Santa the room rates on the beach hotels and resorts drop for a little while. This means you can get a real nice room or bungalow right on the beach for less than $100.00 USD a day. Also food is very reasonable compared to a lot of other Caribbean places like Playa del Carmen and Cancun, and just as good I might add.
Another great factor in visiting Mahahual this time of year, besides being economically reasonable, is the weather. It does not get real hot in Mahahual until August when the Trade Winds quit. The rainy season does not really start until the end of June, and even sometimes later. The sun always shines this time of year and the nights are comfortable.
The beaches are not crowded this time of year, and if you wish you can sit on the beach in solitude. This time of year things like scuba diving tours, snorkeling,, and fishing tours a little cheaper than in high season, and locals are willing to bargain.

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There are nice hotels and hostels in Mahahual
and you will have a problem finding a place that suits your budget. This time of year we also get a lot of backpackers from Europe and other parts of Latin America.
So if you want to visit Mahahual and have always thought about it, now is time to come, plenty of rooms, great local seafood, Caribbean Sea,and natural pristine beaches you will not see anywhere else.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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