Mexican Soap Operas

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

There is place where I eat sometimes. Last Friday morning I stopped in to eat breakfast while I waited on combie bus to Limones. It is the Tabsqueena in downtown Mahahual. I had just got my breakfast, and I heard a commotion, all all the women came bursting out of the kitchen all at once. They were laughing and all excited. Come to find out their favorite soap opera, or tele-novela as they are called here, was coming on and they all dropped what they were doing and sat down to watch. I just ate my breakfast and waited until it was over before I asked for my check. I have learned do not interrupt a Latina woman during “her stories”. It was funny watching them laugh and talk about the show as they watched it. When it was over I paid my check and left. Nothing got done in…

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