blog reaches 30,000 readers

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We started the blog about a year and a half ago. The intention of the blog was to help inform and educate people on the the internet about Mahahual and Costa Maya, Mexico. So far it as exceeded my expectations, and the response has been great. The blog started off with articles about living in Mahahual and cruise ships activity, and other Costa Maya attractions.
The blog has increased in popularity every month since it’s inception, and now the blog averages around 2,500 readers a month, and a little over 500 a week. I have discovered that the blog has readers from all over the world, not just the USA and Mexico.
Also the blog gets a lot of attention from people looking to visit or retire in Costa Maya and Mahahual, and we try to post articles and information about life here on the Caribbean, to help someone with their decision. We hope that the posts are informative and shed some insight into life and the community here. blog also has a lot of loyal readers and followers, and that number increases every day. The blog inables me to see what the readers are reading, what country they are from, and other vitals.
I wrote several articles this past weekend about Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and got a huge response from the USA, and picked up a number of new readers and followers from the USA.
The blog also has a search engine and receives readers from the internet through the use of key words, and people searching on the internet about Mahahual and the Mexican Caribbean. The searches also come from all over the world, and I was amazed at the searches and viewers the blog gets from Europe. We get a lot of readers from Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and other European countries. Mahahual, I think has developed into a place that a lot of Europeans want to visit and discover. I am in Playa del Carmen now on a mini-vacation, and I met two young men from Austria who have heard of Mahahual and want me to show them around there.
The blog was hacked last month and all the archives were deleted, so I have had to start from scratch and try to re-post aticles and information to keep the blog current, and provide the readers with content. This time of year in Mahahual is slow, so I will be posting past material and other vital information that was deleted.
If you are a reader or follower, and would like to see a post or article on a certain subject you have in mind, feel free to comment below, all responses will be considered. The reason for this is need content this summer, and I would like to have a feel for what our loyal readers and followers would like to read in the future.
Again I would like to thank the 30,000 readers of this blog, and I hope you continue to read, and we will try to keep you informed of all the progress and happenings in Costa Maya and Mahahual, “The Last Gem on the Mexican Caribbean.”
Thanks for your support,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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