Mahahual Secret Paradise on the Mexican Caribbean

Mahahual lighthouse and Costa Maya Port in background.

Mahahual lighthouse and Costa Maya Port in background.

I am in Playa del Carmen now on vacation, and I run into a lot of people here all the time who ask me about Mahahual. I am staying in a condo with a friend in downtown Playa del Carmen, and when people hear I am from Mahahual they ask me questions and want more information. Yesterday I was sitting by the pool getting some sun and reading a book, when a woman from Canada that lives here in the condos came up and sat beside me and asked how much houses go for in Mahahual, and if any were availiable. I told her what we have and about life in Mahahual. She said Playa del Carmen was getting a little crowded and she might be looking to move south, to a place like Mahahual, like is not over developed. She is from Canada and lives here during the winter.
I meet a lot of people like this in Playa del Carmen when I am visiting. There is a guy from British Columbia across the hall and he stopped me by the pool the other day, and asked if he could bend my ear about Mahahual, he had heard about it from several people, and asked if I he could go with me when I go back to Mahahual, and would I show him around. I said sure, and we are supposed to talk later when his friend leaves that is staying with him.
There are two couch surfers from Austria staying on the roof here at the condo I am staying, and also want to visit Mahahual and see the beaches and jungle they have heard about. These two young guys are backpacking through Mexico all the way down to Panama and back. They have taken three months out of lives, quit their jobs to discover Mexico and Central America. I helped one of the guys start a blog on WordPress. He plans to blog about their trip and adventure. His blog is and he did his first post the other night. They have seen my photos on my Iphone of Mahahual, and are already planning to camp out on the beach there. They are scuba diving today, and later this week they want me to show them around Playa del Carmen nightlife. We also plan to take in some Mayan ruins, like Tulum also.
I have a bunch of photos on my Iphone of Mahahual, Costa Maya Port, Xcalak, and other spots in Costa Maya, and I am constantly showing them in Playa del Carmen to people who ask. Last night we were sitting on the beach having a beer looking at Cozumel in the distance, when three ladies sitting at the table next to us came up and asked me where I was from, because they had been listening to us and could not quite pick out my accent, and wondered where I was from. I told them I was from South Carolina, but now lived in Mahahual, and the next thing I knew, I was answering questions and showing them my photos of Mahahual. Two of the women were from the USA, and have never heard of Mahahual, but the other woman was from Honduras and she had heard about Mahahual. After seeing my photos they now want to visit.

Pelicans in Xcalak.

Pelicans in Xcalak.

Beautiful natural beaches in Mahahual.

Beautiful natural beaches in Mahahual.

camera photos 085

Natural beaches
I get that all the time here in Playa del Carmen. I go to a place here that serves USA food like mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken fried steak, and Texas chili. It is Mom’s Bar and Grill on 4th and 30th, and it is always crowded with Ex-Pats from the USA and Canada, and they are always asking me about Mahahual. In fact I am known there as the Mahahual guy, not Stewart. A lot of Ex-Pats here in Playa del Carmen feel Playa is getting too big and developed, and are looking to move south to get away fom all the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen. A lot of them have been here for 10 or 15 years, back before Playa got crowded and grew into a major tourist destination. So everytime I go to Mom’s I update some of the regulars there about what is going on, and all the progress and development in Mahahual. Several are looking into maybe relocating there in the future.

Mom's Bar and Grill, Ex_Pat hang out in Playa del Carmen.

Mom’s Bar and Grill, Ex_Pat hang out in Playa del Carmen.

Jurgen, owner of Mom's he is from Germany, but has great American food.

Jurgen, owner of Mom’s he is from Germany, but has great American food.

Mahahual is still off the beaten path, and a lot of people in the world are not aware of the pristine beaches and the quiet tranquil peaceful paradise Mahahual is yet. Three years ago I left Belize, and washed up on the shores of Mahahual, and I have been there since. I had never heard of Mahahual until a guy I met in Chetumal at the mall, told me about it and I should go look for work there. I plan on staying in Mahahual for a long time. Playa del Carmen is great and there is a lot to do, and it being a big city a lot of choices and all, but Mahahual is paradise on the Mexican Caribbean. I warned these guys from Austria, once you stay in Mahahual a couple of days, you may never leave, like me. I stayed at Fernando’s hostel the first five months I lived in Mahahaul, and I met a bunch of Europeans and North Americans who only planned on spending a night ot two in Mahahual, and ended up staying for a couple weeks or some even a month. Mahahual kind of grabs you because of it’s natural beauty and friendly people. I know it grabbed me.
Mahahual is still a secret paradise, but more and more people throughout the world are becoming aware of Mahahual and Costa Maya. Plan a visit or vacation to Mahahual, you may be one of those like me, who doesn’t leave.

Thanks for reading, now back to my vacation, sitting by the pool. Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

i phone playa 032

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