Snorkeling in Mahahual is Great!

I had to get this post in while it is still fresh in my mind. I am spoiled, compared to Mahahual, snorkeling in Playa del Carmen or anywhere else I have been on the Mexican Caribbean and Belize does not hold a candle to Mahahul. I went snorkeling today with some guys from Austria on the beach here in Playa del Carmen.

Beach in Playa del Carmen, nice but lots of waves.

Beach in Playa del Carmen, nice but lots of waves.

Me, giving up, nothing to see.

Me, giving up, nothing to see.

Austrian guys in surf, they gave up quick to.

Austrian guys in surf, they gave up quick to.

It all started this morning when two Canadians from across the hall here, mentioned they were going to Akumal on a snorkeling trip today, and were leaving soon. I mentioned to the guys if you want to get in some good snorkeling, hop the the shuttle with them to Akumal. They said they would rather snorkel here in Playa del Carmen, if that was possible. They asked me if I wanted to go with them, so we got some snorkel equipment and directions and we set out.
We went up to 36th street on the the other side of the boats, and attempted to get in some snorkeling. I was kind of wary because of the sand and the waves, but decided to give it a shot. The two Austrians jumped in and started going out in the surf. As I was putting on my flippers, a woman walked up to me and said, ‘Snorkeling is not going to be too good today, sandy and windy, you will not be able to see much of anything”. I told her that I figured that but these two guys wanted to try, so I came with them to see what we could see.
I told her that I was used to Mahahual and the reef, and I did not know if I would like the Playa beach. Well she spoke right up and said she visited Mahahual 3 years ago, and she loved it. She then started asking me the same questions that I get from people I run into everywhere here in Playa del Carmen. She is from Canada, and lives here in Playa del Carmen in the winter. She asked about progress in Mahahual, and are people moving there and retiring, and that kind of stuff.
Well she was right. I got into the water and could not see a thing. We went out a long ways, and still nothing but waves and sand. I got about 50 yards out decided, this is not worth it, swim a mile out to maybe see one fish. In Mahahual you can go out 40 or 50 feet and snorkel and see a lot. Here nothing.
I also forgot how much sand you get when you try to snorkel in the waves. I have been back from beach for about an hour, swam in the pool had a shower, and I am still picking sand off everywhere. I remember once in Mahahual, I went snorkeling on my lunch break, and went back to work, with no sand.
Mahahual has the reef and it protects the beaches and that makes it great for snorkeling year round. I have snorkeled a lot in my life, and Mahahual is the best snorkeling I have done bar none. I have been a couple of snorkeling trips with Captain Huacho, and those are great and you get to see a lot of the reef and coral on his private trips.
Also Banco Chinchorro has excellent snorkeling and people take day trips there all the time from Mahahual. The Austrians are going to Mahahual sometime in the future, and I have set them up with a trip to Banco Chichorro to go scuba diving.

Calm clear water perfect for snorkeling in Mahahual.

Calm clear water perfect for snorkeling in Mahahual.

Image fotos varias shark tours 162
So if you are on a cruise ship coming to Costa Maya in the future, consider going snorkeling in Mahahual. There are other things to do in Cozumel and other ports. I tell people off the cruise ships here when they ask me what do I suggest they do in Costa Maya, I tell them take in the pristine beaches here, and get in some snorkeling, there is nothin else like it. You can snorkel off the beaches or rent a boat and go out to the national park.
I for one, am spoiled, and snorkeling other places does not compare to Mahahual and Costa Maya.
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

5 thoughts on “Snorkeling in Mahahual is Great!

  1. Helena MacGregor says:

    What a world of difference in the state of beaches between May 9th 2014 and July 24th 2015! How’s the snorkling NOW in Mahahual, now that the Sargassum seawead has encroached the coastline and invaded the white sands up and down the Riviera Maya, more and more every day? I’m really curious to find out.

    • It has been bad here, they clean up the beaches here everyday, and then the next morning do it again. I have never seen it this bad. Snorkeling is still good, just the beaches are full of the seaweed, you have to clear a place to get in and out of the water.

  2. Reblogged this on Costa Maya Mahahual and commented:

    I have had a lot of people in Merida, Playa del Carmen, and on this blog, ask me how is the snorkeling in Mahahual. I was thinking of doing a snorkel story today, but I realized I had already written one. Also I am kind of dragging today.
    I spent all day yesterday in Bacalar and David Gustavo Ejido village. I got to see the Ejido farm land and meet with the village elders and discuss plans for developng the area into farm land. It was a long and exhausting day, but a very productive day, and I learned a lot. I will do a story on the trip and village in the next couple of days, but first I have a ton of photos to download. So today I am cheating and sharing an article from last year, but it does talk about snorkeling.
    Snorkeling is on my mind today because I have some female friends I met in Merida coming down to stay with me this weekend, and I am taking them snorkeling, it is ther first time here. The seaweed is still bad, but it should not effect snorkeling out around the reef. Trust me if there is one thing you should do in Mahahual if you are here, is to go snorkeling.

  3. Adam says:

    I have been to Costa Maya a few times and the last 2 years I have snorkeled just south of the light house in front of the first dive shop by the dock going out. It is good snorkeling once it gets a bit deeper, but the boats come in and out there. Is there a better spot that you would recommend? Any shore spots that you can scuba dive from and rent tanks? My wife and 2 kids will all be diving or snorkeling, but renting a boat for all 4 of us, is just too expensive. I have heard of beaches about 5-10 miles south of the cruise docks, but not sure of their name. I would love to get your thoughts. We will be there in January 2017.

    • Richard T. Wilson says:

      Adam. You find any good snorkeling on your trip in Costa Maya? We are heading there in two weeks and looking for a good beach snorkel.



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