European Back Packer Time of Year in Mahahual, Mexico

This time of year in Mahahual and through out Quintana Roo and Mexico, backpackers from Europe descend on the area.  Young men and women from all over Europe visit Mexico a lot during the months of May and June.  A lot of Europeans choose to travel through Mexico and other parts of Central America after they get out of school, or take a vacation from their jobs.  They fly into Cancun usually and embark south for places like Tulum, Bacalar, Playa del Carmen, and even Mahahual.

They have back packs and usually stay in hostels, or camp out along the way.  Most of the European backpackers stay for a couple of months, and try to see and experience as much as they can during their travels.  A lot are attracted by the Mayan ruins, while some just love Mexico’s beaches and the natural beauty and friendly people.  They start off in Mexico, and head south to Belize and other countries in Central America.

Hostel Mahahual, or Fernando's, right in town, right off beach.

Hostel Mahahual, or Fernando’s, right in town, right off beach.

Iphone from Xcalak Dec 2013 to Playa May 2014 125

There are a lot cheap hostels in Mexico and most are quite good and comfortable.  When I first got to Mahahual, I stayed at Fernando’s hostel, Hostel Mahahual in downtown Mahahual right next to the beach, for the first five months I lived in Mahahual.  I met a lot of nice people there, and a good number of European backpackers on their way through headed south.  I met folks from Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, France, and even Argentinians when I stayed there.  A lot of the Europeans I ran into there, had been to Tulum, and had heard of how Mahahual was a little tucked away paradise, and off the beaten path.  A lot of these backpackers hear about Mahahual from other backpackers ,or hostels they have stayed at.  A lot of these Europeans I have discovered, are looking to go places that are not full of tourists and are off the beaten path.

Europe is pretty crowded, and I think a lot of these backpackers want to experience nature, and things like sleeping on a hammock on the beach, or knocking down a cocoanut and eating it.  They also always ask about Mayan ruins and can they sleep on the ruins in Mexico, and is it possible to spend the night on the beach or in jungle.

I just recently met two young guys from Austria here in Playa del Carmen.  They were couch surfing with a friend of mine here, and they slept on the roof, and kind of camped out,( If you call a hot tub and hot water, “camping out”).  They are both in their early 20’s, and both just quit their jobs, and decided to see Mexico and Central America.  They sold everything in Austria, and plan on travelling through Mexico and Central America, all the way to Panama.  They have no time-table, no jobs or wives to go back to, they are free to do what they want.  They have a work project in Belize planned on a Earthship Project when they get there, a work for food and place to stay thing.  They plan to travel all summer.

Florian and Phillip, from Austria, leaving here on way to Tulum, then Mahahual.

Florian and Phillip, from Austria, leaving here on way to Tulum, then Mahahual.

While they were staying here, they asked me the usual questions I get from people I meet when they learn I live in Mahahual.  I keep a bunch of photos of Mahahaul, beaches, cruise ship port, and other facets of life there on my Iphone.  Speaking of that, everywhere I go in Playa del Carmen while I am here, I am constantly whipping out my Iphone and showing my photos of Mahahual to everybody who asks me about Mahahual, I figure the photos can describe Mahahual a lot better than my words can.

Image Image fotos carlos enero 2012 200 fotos carlos enero 2012 211 fotos varias shark tours 162

After seeing my photos, and hearing me talk about Mahahual, and reading my blog, they decided they had to go to Mahahual.  I set them up with a scuba diving trip with a friend of mine in Mahahual, gave them the hostel address, and told them to contact me when they got there.  They left yesterday for Tulum, and should be in Mahahual this weekend.  They also might run down to Xcalak for a day, just to see the end of Mexico I told them about.  They are pretty excited about going to Mahahaul, and the last day they were here, they were full of questions about Mahahual.  stuff like “Can we sleep on the beach?”, Yes.. “Can we fish and cook it”, Yes.. and stuff like that.

I  also told them that they would run into other young Europeans in Mahahual, that Mahahual was kind on the unofficial “European Hippy Mexico Tour”, at the moment.  Which means, when backpackers hear about Mahahual and its pristine beaches and natural splendor, they make it a point to visit.  I have met European backpackers who stop in Mahahual for a day, end up staying for a month or more.  I even know businesses in Mahahual who are owned by Europeans, who stopped in and decided to stay, Papi Pizza, for one.


Graziano Rossi, owner and operator.  He is from Italy and has had a similar cafe there.

Graziano Rossi, owner and operator. He is from Italy and has had a similar cafe there.


So if you are a European backpacking through Quintana Roo, or planning to travel through Mexico in the future, think about putting Mahahual on your to see list.  You will not regret it, and you just might stay.

Thanks..I got a new computer in Playa del Carmen, so I am back in business, an HP mini.  Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina.

2 thoughts on “European Back Packer Time of Year in Mahahual, Mexico

  1. Reblogged this on Costa Maya Mahahual and commented:

    I did a post yesterday with some photos of some hippies coming through Mahahual, and I got several questions and comments. I forget sometimes that I am constantly getting new readers on this blog, and maybe have not read any of my past articles about life here. I got one question asking what is the “European Hippie Back Pack Tour”, I have mentioned in several posts. So I went in the archives and found a story I did about that 3 years or so ago. So here is the answer to that question. They are not necessarily “hippies” in the true sense, I just don’t know how else to describe them.
    They have long hair, don’t bathe much, live communally, don’t work much, just to eat, and fit all the criteria that I learned about hippies growing up in the 60s. I know when they walk by on the malecon, all the Mexicans here say “hippie” under their breaths, so that is the term I adopted. I mean they have no political agenda, like hippies in the USA, just the lifestyle. I have met a bunch of them, nice people, just different.

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