Medical and Health Care in Costa Maya and Mahahual, Mexico

I get a lot of questions from people who are thinking about retiring, or living in Costa Maya and Mahahual. One of the main questions I get from people is how good is the health care in Mexico, and Mahahual in particular.
A lot of individuals from the USA get a lot of bad information from the media there about Mexico, and healthcare is one of them. A lot of North Americans do not realize how good and affordable the health care here is in Mahahual, and for that matter throughout Mexico.
In general, health care in Mexico is very good…and in many places it is excellent. Most doctors and dentists in Mexico received at least part of their training in the U.S. (And many U.S. doctors have trained in Mexico, notably in Guadalajara.) Many of them continue to go to the U.S. or Europe for ongoing training. In fact, now to get a medical degree from a major medical university, doctors in Mexico have to be able to speak English. Estimates are that in the next ten years, 7 million North Americans will retire in Mexico, so the need for English speaking doctors will increase.

Every medium to large city in Mexico has at least one first-rate hospital. And a big plus is that the cost of health care in Mexico is generally half or less what you might expect to pay in the U.S. The same goes for prescription drugs. Prescription drugs manufactured in Mexico cost, on average, about 50% less than the same drugs in the U.S. Plus, health insurance in Mexico costs much less than it does in the U.S.
Of course, the costs of medical care will vary by physician, hospital, and the gravity of your condition. On average, an office visit with a doctor—specialists included—will cost 350 to 500 pesos (about $30 to $43). A house call—yes, doctors in Mexico still make house calls—will cost about the same. Lab tests will cost about a third of what they cost in the U.S. A CAT scan often costs about 25% of what it does in the U.S. An overnight stay in a private hospital room generally costs less than $100. A visit to a dentist for teeth cleaning costs about $28.

Yes, in the major cities of Mexico, you can get good-quality medical care for serious medical conditions…including dialysis, major surgery…even live-in, 24-hour care…for a fraction of what you might pay in the U.S. But please, think twice about moving to Mexico if you have a serious medical condition that requires special equipment. The stress of being seriously ill in a foreign country can be difficult.

*Prices as of 2013

In Mahahual we have CostaMed clinic located near the cruise ship port.

CostaMed clinic, near p[ort.

CostaMed clinic, near p[ort.

Pharmacy in CostaMed.

Pharmacy in CostaMed.

CostaMed in Mahahual- Costa Maya, is part of the COSTAMED Hospital Group, one of the leading healthcare providers in southeastern Mexico. The hospital is located less than one kilometer from the pier of Mahahual-Costa Maya Port.

My doctor at CostaMed in Mahahual.  Dr. Karla Velasco, speaks English well, and not bad on the eyes either.

My doctor at CostaMed in Mahahual. Dr. Karla Velasco, speaks English well, and not bad on the eyes either.


The emergency clinic at Mahahual Costa Maya ER clinic is open around the clock, 365 days each year to ensure vital emergency care is available for our community. Our ER provides emergency care, patient stabilization and transfer services by ground or via air ambulance.

Air Ambulance
Ground Ambulance On-site
Basic Laboratory
Emergency Physician 24 Hours On-site
Emergency Room Open 24 Hours A Day
General Medical Outpatient Consultations
Pier First Aid Room
World Wide Repatriation Remains
Address: Avenida Manglar Lote 5 Manzana 8 Fracc. Nuevo Mahahual, Othon P. Blanco, Chetumal, QR, Mexico 77940.

Cell Phone: 983.154.2785
Ambulance: 983.154.2787

Cell Phone:

There is also a link to Costa Med in Mahahual on this blog if you desire more information.

So if you are thinking of moving or retiring in Mahahual, Mexico in the future, rest assured the medical care here is good and very affordable. Also CostaMed and other health care facilities in Mexico accept some health insurance plans from the USA.
If you have a FM3 in Mexico, resident status, you can also apply for health insurance from IMSS, which gives full coverage for around $300 USD a year.
I am a diabetic, and my prescriptions cost me about $10 USD a month, and I do not need to see a doctor to get my medications.
So if health care is a concern in your decision to live in Mahahual, don’t worry, it is as good as USA and a lot cheaper.
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina ExPat

4 thoughts on “Medical and Health Care in Costa Maya and Mahahual, Mexico

  1. EMN says:

    Mexico is a part of North America, so why the distinction between Mexico and North America in your article? Also, though I understand you are focusing on the Mahahual region, your readers should be aware that the cited medical costs are a lot more costly for larger cities. In Mexico City, for example, we pay at least 1000-2500 pesos per appointment for a private doctor, and that is on the cheaper end. It largely depends on where the doctor is practicing with in Mexico City. That is still much less than in the United States of America, but costs can really add up if you’re not using the IMSS system because of the long waiting periods, paying out-of-pocket, or have health insurance that covers major medical emergencies or has a high deductible.

  2. Martin says:

    Do you know if they employ registered nurses at CostaMed and who should I contact. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I was born in Mexico,but have lived in the USA all of my life. I’m like you. I need something different. I don’t want to regret missing out on living in Mahahual. I would work anywhere that could use my skills, tourism or healthcare.

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