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The ecotourism village of Mahahual , drew the attention of dozens of travel agencies and tour operators , however , one of the main obstacles to a greater flow of international visitors to this destination is that there is insufficient transport infrastructure that can connect to the region with the rest of the world and of Mexico , said the president of the Association of Hotels, Hostels Camping Mahahual , Luciano Consoli .

Participate in the Mexico Tourism Tianguis 2014 held this year in Quintana Roo, was a major step for Mahahual in the field of international tourism , because it could expose the natural beauty of this destination to different travel agents and tour operators.

However, also left evidence of the need for greater connectivity of this destination with the rest of the country and the world, for better positioning.

“In the tourist market we were exceptional, Mahahual had closer ties with travel agents and tour operators from different countries in Europe as well as Canada, the United States,” said Luciano Consoli .

The business leader said today that international agencies seek ecotourism destinations as it is Mahahual ; however, one of the challenges is the need for greater infrastructure of transportation , ie buses and more international flights for better global positioning as a destination is required.

The president of the Association of Hotels, Hostels Camping Mahahual , described the town as a unique ecotourism destination for world tourism market , which has been highly recommended by those who have visited , but more options are needed to reach this quintanarroense region.

” For us to grow as a destination we need to start reaching greater economic benefit , and for that to happen we need to begin to get more visitors ,” he said .

Consoli Luciano insisted that it is necessary to invest in the infrastructure to Mahahual , noting that it should not only improve the connectivity of fate, but also should strengthen public and private services.


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