Belize versus Mahahual, Mexico Part 1

Mahahual lighthouse and Costa Maya Port in background.

Mahahual lighthouse and Costa Maya Port in background.

I had someone ask me recently, would you ever live in Belize again?  I thought about it for a moment, and I said, “No, I much prefer Mexico, and Mahahual to Belize.”  I explained Belize is a beautiful country and all, but once I set foot in Mahahual, I was hooked.  I lived in Belize for two years, but I prefer Mexico.

I left the USA in 2002 for Belize for the first time, after I read a bunch of stuff on the internet about how beautiful the country was, and I also always had an interest in the old Mayan civilization.  I lived in Kich Pan Ha near Orange Walk, an old Mayan ruin that had a lagoon and used to be an artisan settlement for the ancient Mayans.  I lived in the jungle and tried to make a run at the business there for tourists, but the economy was so bad after 9/11 no tourists came much, so I went back to the USA.

After going back to work in the USA, I still could not get Belize and the Caribbean out of my mind, and longed to go back.  So after a friend of mine died, we had planned on going back to Belize some day, and talked about it a lot while we worked together.  He had come to Belize and he wanted to retire there one day.

After he died, I thought I am not getting any younger, and I have no job now,( he owned the business we worked at together, and his family sold the business after he died).  So I sold my car, gave a bunch of stuff away and decided to make a go of it in Belize.

In 2009, I caught a flight to Cancun from Greenville, South Carolina and arrived in Mexico.  I went to Playa del Carmen for the first time, and I really liked it and stayed a couple of days.  After a couple days in Playa, I headed out for Belize and the border.

I had decided to try to find something in Corozal, Belize to do.  I had been to San Pedro, San Ignacio, Orange Walk, and practically all of Belize in 2002, and decided Corazal looked like a place for a fresh start.  I lucked out and after a week, I ended up at the Oasis Resort Hotel and a woman from the USA who owned it let me live in a palapa hut on her property, and I started a blog there and helped around the place.

I got to know a lot of people in Corazal and it is a nice town and everything.  But there was not much going on in the tourist market there, and times were hard.

After a year there, Belize was becoming expensive, much more than I had experienced in 2002, I set out to Mexico to stay in Caldaritas and help out a retired man from Texas, and try to figure out what to do.  While I was there and in Chetumal, people kept telling me I should look into going to Mahahual to find a job.  I had never even heard of Mahahual before, and had no idea what is was like.  I met a guy at the mall one day, from Mahahual, at the Yak sports book watching USA football.  He told me that they were looking for people who speak English in Mahahual because of all the cruise ships and tourists.  He invited me to come for a visit.

My passport was expiring at that time so I had to take a trip to Playa del Carmen to renew my passport.  So I went to Playa del Carmen, stayed a week and looked around to see if there was any work in Playa del Carmen.  I decided I was going to go to check Mahahual out, and see if I liked it or if maybe I could find some thing to do there.

That was the best decision I ever made in my life.  The first morning I was there I was in Fernando’s Hostel and a Mexican man who was there walked by and asked if I was from the USA.  I told him yes, and I was from South Carolina.  He asked me if I wanted a job working with tourists from the cruise ships, and that a lot of the cruise ships were from the southern part of the USA, and he would like to have someone there who knew how to deal with them.  I told him. “Don’t worry I am fluent in Redneck”.  I started work there at the port that week.

Well that was three years ago, and I have been in Mahahual ever since.  The man that offered me my job, is still my boss, and he also manages Costa Maya Real Estate, which sponsors this blog.  I am in Playa del Carmen now for a month on vacation, and that is the longest I have been away from Mahahual since I got there three years ago.

The minute I set foot in Mahahual, I felt like this was the place I wanted to be.  I thought Belize was a beautiful place, but it does not hold a candle to Mahahual.  The beaches are beautiful here, the people very friendly, and the weather is fantastic.  Mahahual is truly a paradise in my eyes and according to my standards.

I get asked a lot from people who find out I have lived in Belize, to compare Belize to Mahahual.  So I have decided to do a series of blogs comparing Belize to Mexico.  This is the first installment, and I will continue  with different aspects of life in Belize and Mexico that I have experienced in the future, both good and bad.


Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

South Carolina boy in Mexico.

South Carolina boy in Mexico.



5 thoughts on “Belize versus Mahahual, Mexico Part 1

  1. Martin Alvarez says:

    I have dreamed of working and living in Mahahual for several years, but don’t know where to start to find employment there. I am bilingual in Spanish and English. Any tips?

  2. Reblogged this on Costa Maya Mahahual and commented:

    It is that time of year again, I am getting a lot questions and searches on this blog about comparing living in Belize to Mexico, and Mahahual. A lot of people from the USA and Canada are looking ahead to winter , and wanting to find a place to live or retire in the Caribbean.

    International Living is always touting Belize as the greatest place in the Caribbean, and I beg to differ. I have been constantly getting emails from International Living about how great life is in Belize, but they always fail to mention the Mexican Caribbean.

    Last year I wrote an eight part series comparing living in Belize versus living in Mahahual, Mexico, where I live now. It was basically my thoughts and experiences in comparing the two. The series was very popular, and I got a lot of feedback.

    Since I have acquired a lot of new readers since I wrote this series of articles, and there is not much going on in Mahahual at the moment. I thought I would repost this series of articles over the next couple of weeks.

    Now remember, these are my experiences and opinions, and many people may feel different. But this is my insight and thoughts about living in Belize compared to Mahahual and Mexico.

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