Dorado Fishing Tournament in Mahahual, Mexico This Weekend

another name dolphinfish

another name dolphinfish

dorado, or mahi-mahi, up close

dorado, or mahi-mahi, up close

Last years winners getting photo, they won a car and a truck.

Last years winners getting photo, they won a car and a truck.

Dorado logo.

Dorado logo.


Article from translated from Spanish.


With traditional captains dinner on Friday ripped the activities of the sixth edition of the Sport Fishing Tournament Silver Gold performing at the ecotourism village of Mahahual.

Participation of at least 30 vessels of which some are from cities like Tabasco, Playa del Carmen, Ciudad del Carmen, Belize among others are expected.

The judge in the competition, Gamadiel Ek said that fishing for other species than gold, to promote the preservation of marine species is not permitted.

In fact, he explained that there is a proposal in the upcoming tournaments Catch and Release is used for which used video cameras to record the catches, and are presented to the judges for the corresponding score is given.

Given the doubts that generated climatic conditions, the harbor master of Mahahual, Armando Fierro Carvajal, said isolated showers are expected, and wave three to seven feet.

Recommended that vessels will leave later Saturday and Sunday go to sea early. He said there will be over 26 miles per hour winds during the two days of competition.

We must remember that the main prize, which is a pick-up-truck will be delivered to the boat to present the largest fish.

Top prizes for this competition are: a truck for the first 75 thousand dollars for the second and whaling vessel for the third, while the fourth to sixth places receive motorcycles.

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