Mahahual Gets Eco-Tourist Village Status

This is an article from concerning Novedades in Quintana Roo.  I have translated from Spanish to English, but some of it is difficult to read so I will explain after article.


Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014 18:12
The project could generate additional resources as there is for the Magic Towns country. (Claudia Martin / SIPSE)

Claudia Martin / SIPSE
Chetumal, Q. Roo. – The mayor of Othon P. Blanco propel Majahual to get the name Eco-Tourist Village, further enable sustainable development and tourism focus for these destinations, could generate additional resources as there Magical Towns for the country.

Abuxapqui Espinosa said in the features to meet the Eco-Tourist Village is being part of the legacy of the Mayan culture, environmental care and services.

The president of the organizing committee of the festival Crossing Borders, Luciano Consoli, expressed the need for legislation to establish standards and protect the “Magical Towns”, can protect, support and promote the Eco-Tourist Village, which has much as Majahual to contribute, given that was applauded and adopted by all service providers in the community.

Mahahual is a destination with a great beauty, service providers have shown our commitment to the protection of the environment and would be good to encourage the authorities of Mexico to become an eco-tourist destination that has resources to be conserved.<

Mahahual lighthouse.



I have found that is is very difficult to translate a lot of newspaper and internet articles from Spanish to English for this blog.  The reporters and articles here I have found out are very hard to read if you are used to reading articles and newspapers in the USA and Canada, and use a lot of words and phases which are hard to comprehend in English.

What this article is saying that recently Mahahual has been granted Eco-Tourism Village status by the government of Othan P. Blanco.  This means that Mahahual is considered a eco-tourism location, which is different from say areas like Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

This means that the village and community of Mahahual, along with the local government is commited to keeping Mahahual and it’s beaches ecologically sound and protected from overdevelopment like has occured in Cancun and other places in Mexico.

Mahahual as an Eco-Tourism Village will mean more of the natural beauty and splendor of the Mexican Caribbean will be protected and preserved around Mahahual.  Which means things like the mangroves and jungles will be preserved to maintain proper balance between nature and tourism.

Also additional funds and resources will be availiable to Mahahual to help in preserving and keeping the area an ecological paradise.  Eco-Tourism is getting a lot of emphasis in Quintana Roo now, and Mahahual is in the forefront.

Being an Eco-Tourism Village also will keep Mahahual from becoming a home for big luxury hotels and resorts, which tend to disturb the eco-system, and cause problems for the nature and wildlife.  Currently there are no big “Major” hotel chains in Mahahual, and most are 10 room or under boutique hotels and resorts.  The Mexican government has learned its lesson in Cancun and some of the other big resort areas that huge hotels and resorts does damage to the ecosystem.

So being designated a Eco-Tourism Village will greatly help Mahahual preserve its natural pristine beaches and natural fauna and wildlife.

So rest assured if you are planning on moving or retiring, or even visiting Mahahual, it should stay the same for quite some time.

Pictures from Mahahual, Mexico Tropical Paradise

Thanks for reading,                                                        Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina




3 thoughts on “Mahahual Gets Eco-Tourist Village Status

  1. That’s wonderful news. It is such a pretty place. I hope it stays that way for a long time! PS: I enjoy your posts each day. We are coming down in August. I have learned alot about the area from what you post!

  2. Adding “Eco-Tourism” to anything, usually means adding more pesos/dollars to the equation.- We can only hope that prices in Mahahual remain relatively stable once they have been given the “Eco-Tourism” label.

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