People You Meet on the Mexican Caribbean


Mahahual lighthouse.

Mahahual lighthouse.

Since I have been in Mahahual and Mexico, I have met a lot of interesting people. I have met a lot of different folks from all over the world here in Mexico. There is something about the Mexican Caribbean that draws different and unique people from about every country in the world, and North America.

In Mahahual we have residents from Canada, USA, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Spain, and of course Mexico. A lot of divers from all over the world come to Mahahual and Xcalak to dive in the barrier reef. Some people like the Italian guys from Papi’s Pizza, show up to scuba in Mahahual and end up staying and opening businesses.

A lot of retirees from the USA and Canada are “Snow Birds”( people who live down here during the winter months when is too cold up north), and return back to USA or Canada for the summer. During the summer months, like now, we get a lot of European backpackers coming through Mahahual as they travel through Mexico and Central America.

In fact, in May I had two guys from Austria stop by here in Playa del Carmen, where I am staying, and stayed with us. They were “couch surfing”and stayed up on the roof here for a week, before they moved on to Tulum and Mahahual. These two young guys in their early 20s, decided to quit their jobs and sell what they could, and find themselves in Mexico and Central America. They plan on traveling through Mexico and Central America, ( The last time I heard from them they were in Panama) and staying in hostels and working along the way.
I did my usual thing and got a map out for them and showed them places to go and see. I also told them about Mahahual and Xcalak, ( of course they had never heard of either place before) and maybe they should stop by there on their way south. One of the guys started a blog on WordPress and I kind of helped him get started.

Phillip and Flo, 2 guys from Austria leaving for Tulum after staying here for week.

Phillip and Flo, 2 guys from Austria leaving for Tulum after staying here for week.

These guys stayed with us for a week, and I got to learn a lot about Austrian culture, and even had a couple of Austrian meals. I enjoy meeting and interacting with people from different countries and cultures, you can learn a lot. These guys left for Tulum after a week, and then they stayed at Tulum for a couple days. They then decided to go to Mahahual like I had suggested to them. Well they ended up in Limones early in the morning on their travels, and the next bus to Mahahual would not be by until 6pm that night. There happened to be a guy with a pickup truck on his way to Xcalak, and they decided to ride with him into Xcalak, that I told them they would like. They told me they wanted to sleep on the beach a couple of nights and cut down some cocoanuts, like they have read and heard about, and rough it. I told them Xcalak was the perfect place for that, so they hopped in this guys truck for the ride into Xcalak.

Evidently this guy was a diver in Xcalak, that gave them a ride, and he drove them to Xcalak after they stopped in Mahahual for awhile. Well to make a long story short, they fell in love with Xcalak and Mahahual at once and ended up staying in Xcalak with a bunch of divers for a week or so. They sent me a message and pictures showing the fun they had in Xcalak, and as a matter of fact they ended up meeting another group of Europeans in Xcalak and traveled with them to Bacalar and later to Belize.

Xcalak remote beach.

Xcalak remote beach.

They told me they met a lot of very friendly people in Mahahual and Xcalak, both Mexican and European. They also got to sleep on the beach and gather cocoanuts like they had planned. I meet a lot of Europeans that want to sleep on the beach here, I think it is because of Europe being crowded, and to them it is a dream come true.

That is what I like about living on the Mexican Caribbean and Mahahual. You are always meeting new and different people all the time.
It is a kind of different breed of person that likes the Mexican Caribbean. This brings a kind of diverse structure of life here. People you meet here tend to be more open minded and like adventure. Because sometimes every day down here can be an adventure, which I and many other people enjoy.

The North Americans ( I mean USA and Canada ExPats), that I meet here are also different and unique from most other North Americans. There is guy staying with me now from Austin, Texas. He has a mobile computer business, with a van, and he drove down through Mexico here to start a new life. ( He even brought his 4 dogs) The Mexican Caribbean is a perfect place if you want a new life. Nobody here really cares what you did up north, or across the pond in Europe, they just accept you at face value. I like a lot of other ExPats here have started a new life and are happy.

I constantly meet people looking to maybe live or retire here on the Mexican Caribbean from all over the world. There is something about the lifestyle here, along with the beautiful nature, that draws people to the Mexican Caribbean. This makes for an unique and diverse environment to live in, and makes for an interesting lifestyle.


So if you like meeting different and unique and diverse people everyday, you may what to consider Costa Maya and Mahahual on the Mexican Caribbean to live or retire.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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