Mahahual Gets Handicapped Beach Chairs

I came across this article in the local newspaper here ” Diario De Quintana Roo”, and I thought I would share. It concerns handicapped beach chairs. I translated from Spanish to English.

Mahahual, destino inclusivo
Lunes, 04 de Agosto de 2014

New beach chairs for disabled.

New beach chairs for disabled.


Amphibious chairs “for swimmers with disabilities meet important role
In an unprecedented act, a gastronomic establishment of Mahahual, called “Kimbara” acquired special chairs called “amphibious chairs”, which serve to join people with disabilities to enjoy the water and relax as anyone. The owner of this restaurant, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Ortiz, the service is completely free and visitors can even be consumed in another site and use the chair to enter their disabled family water.
He noted that the idea was born because his mother is paraplegic and believes that she, like anyone who is disabled, has the same right and the desire to enjoy a dip from time to time; however, this becomes difficult when you weigh too much, or when those who accompany women are pure.
Juan Carlos said he investigated the possibilities of providing people with disabilities entering the sea, so he found these “amphibious chairs” with tires that also serve to remove the person from one place to another and to float in water.
Each of these chairs is worth about three thousand 500 dollars, and said that for now he could acquire only three, but seeks in September and six have special units for people to use when going to Mahahual.
“To me a lady ask me mum Andrés walking back in the water, if what my gain, if what my ‘trump card’, that because we all have an interest, and I told my only satisfaction is to see their happy faces when they are in the water and enjoy like everyone else. My mom is a paraplegic and the idea was born of the intention to give the best to my dear mother, “he said.
The owner of “Kimbara” which is the first gastronomic local coastal Mahahual, he added that there is no charge for using the chairs, on the contrary, feels very flattered that people use them because it is a “personal achievement and human “who always wanted to achieve.
He stated that short-term intention is to get a small crane for the transition chair complete with a boat person, how to give tours and without being too safe.
During the conference this weekend in Mahahual, whole families brought their special relatives to enjoy these chairs, which are unique in the Costa Maya and shows that the merchants of this ecotourism community also care about non-discrimination and equality among all visitors.

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Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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