Americans living in Mexico praise ‘Seguro Popular’ Universal Health Care

Costa Maya Mahahual

My doctor at CostaMed in Mahahual.  Dr. Karla Velasco, speaks English well, and not bad on the eyes either. My doctor at CostaMed in Mahahual. Dr. Karla Velasco, speaks English well, and not bad on the eyes either.

There is a lot of problems and controversy in the USA at the moment over Obamacare and health insurance. A lot of citizens of the USA now are without health insurance. In fact, I had an uncle and a good friend of mine die because they did not health insurance and could not afford to go to the doctor. That happens a lot in the USA now.

Health care in the USA is not affordable to the average citizen now, and the number one cause of people going bankrupt in the USA is medical bills. Not so here in Mexico.

Health care in Mexico is still very affordable, and quite good. In most urban areas, and Mahahual for that matter all the doctors speak English. In fact to graduate from medical…

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4 thoughts on “Americans living in Mexico praise ‘Seguro Popular’ Universal Health Care

  1. kristina nadreau says:

    The affordable care act is working very well in the states that use it. The former slave states that have decided they do not want all their citizens covered by insurance have opted out and thus their citizens are still unable to afford health care. Stewart, you lost me as a consumer of the information you are posting about Mexico, with your ignorant remarks about “Obamacare”,, which revealed your right wing US politics,

      • kristina nadreau says:

        The entire first paragraph of this post about healthcare in Mexico is pointless and misleading. Why bad mouth the health insurance in The USA? Most of the people who are looking for a comfortable inexpensive place in Central America are retirees who are accustomed to Medicare co-pay prices. Thus going on about The Affordable Care act will just offend many with no gain.
        There is good healthcare in Merida, some hrs away from mahahual, if one can afford to pay out of pocket. Good quality non-emergency health care is available and cheap in Belize. (Corozal is an example). In Belize, Emergency and trauma care is grim. Sophisticated medications have to be imported from Guatemala. Is there a trauma center, well equipped with a well trained staff, available in Mahahual? If so, then this is your selling point. If not Then you can emphasize the availabiity of good care in Merida. It has become obvious to me that the point of this blog is to sell Mahahual as a place for people to come and settle. One of the pieces of information missing in these comparisons is price of land. I have heard that I can own the house but not the land, in Mexico. This needs expplanation if you are to lure people from Belize.

      • You have heard wrong about land. This blog had more readers than any other post I have written in 3 years over 2,000 readers, that is why I reposted. Health care is good here in Mexico. Maybe you should do more research on Mexico you would be surprised. Health and medical care number one reason of people going bankrupt in USA.

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