Ugly Americans in Mexico.




I have caused quite a stir and gotten a lot of new readers after I started my Belize vs. Mexico series, I am doing on this blog. I have recieved a lot of messages and emails from people looking to jump the border from Belize to Mexico. And of course I have gotten some negative responses also, but that is expected. I have also noticed I have a couple of stalkers on this blog.

Pelicans in Xcalak.

I have one reader on this blog who constantly trashes the blog and everything I write. She is from the USA, Florida I think, and she is an example of what we call “Ugly Americans” here. She came to Mahahual for a visit and all she did was trash me, Mahahaul and everybody there. She told my boss I was a “loose cannon”, and should be fired. She is like a stalker and I had to defriend and block her from Facebook, and have no contact with her what so ever. She is the kind of woman that likes to make everyone around her miserable. I hope she stays in the USA where she belongs.

This woman thought she could move here and it would be just like the USA, but a lot cheaper. She does not understand or comprehend that Mexico is a totally diffrent country than the USA. I meet a lot of people down here that think because they are from the USA, that they are better than anyone else, that Mexico and the people here should bend to their standards.

I just had a guy stay with me lately was a good example of an “Ugly American”. He was a friend of a friend and he stayed here for awhile, and all he did was trash Mexico and it’s people. He is on the run I think, and kept getting in trouble with the police in Playa del Carmen, concerning his scooter and the rules and regulations. He thought because he was from the USA he did not have to wear a helmet or obey any other of the rules and regulations they have here. Well one night he sneaks back into the condos and hid his scooter because the Mexican police were going to confiscate it, and take it away from him for not obeying the rules. Well the security guard tells him to move it outside the gate, scooters are not allowed inside grounds of condo, and he refuses, so the next morning they tell me they are going to throw him out, I said no problem with me. He also had 4 dogs and he would not obey the rules concerning them also, the security guards would tell him things, and he would just ignore them. So they were very happy when they got to throw him out.

One thing a lot of the people from the USA forget is, we are guests here and should act accordingly. That means obeying their laws and customs, and not trying to turn Mexico into USA south. A lot of the expats here are nice and friendly and get along with everybody, but even now and then an “ugly american” will slip through the cracks.

I also meet a lot of “ugly americans” at the port, but these I am more patient with and more understanding. I can understand if it is your first time to Mexico on a cruise ship, and you are kind of hesitate about what to do, or where to go. I take my time with those people, and explain to them the facts about Costa Maya, and their options, and they usually understand and become more relaxed. These are tourists and will only be here for a day or two, so it is not that hard of a culture shock.

There is a learning curve if you live in the USA, compared to Mexico, and I am learning something new everyday. You can’t just pick up and move from the USA to a place like Mahahual, and expect everything to be the same. You have to do without things here in Mexico, that you are accustomed to in the USA. For one, electricty and air conditioning. I kept telling the guy here, you can’t run your air conditioning all day and all night, and leave it on when you leave, it is too expensive and very wasteful. Well he thought I was crazy and lying to him, and he ran it anyway.
It is hot on the Mexican Caribbean in the summer, get used to it.

Another example of an “ugly american” is, expecting everyone in Mexico to speak English. Mexico is a Spanish speaking country, learn a couple of words in Spanish. It is not that hard, and eventhough most people in Mahahual speak English, locals and other Mexicans will respect you more if you try to make an attempt to speak their language and will be very helpful.

I am from the south in the USA, and we are very polite, and I have found out that works very well in Mexico. Saying “gracias” and “buenas dias” will go a long way in Mexico, because the people here are very polite and cordial, and give greetings on the streets.

I did not mean to make this whole blog about “Ugly Americans”, but I just started and it took off from there. I have a host of other examples I could write about and share, but that would take up a lot of time.

So I guess what I am trying to say, if you are an “Ugly American” you might not want to consider living in Mahahual, but I am sure you would love Belize.

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

4 thoughts on “Ugly Americans in Mexico.

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Good Article Stewart, loved the blog. A few years ago my wife and I spent a few days at Bahia Principe before checking out Tulum and Mahahual. Having a margarita at the end of the day around the pool after snorkeling Dos Ojos, we enjoyed the polite and quiet time the European visitors with their children around the same pool. Unfortunately the peace and quiet didn’t last long, a group of Americans from Oklahoma pulled up, started drinking and the very loud talking began and comments that were uncomplimentary to everyone from any country. We left, too bad that this had to happen as there are a lot of great American travelers who visit Mexico and Belize and other countries to enjoy the people, the natural beauty and the cultures.

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    I am enjoying the obscene repartee. I have traveled extensively in Europe and some in the Caribbean. I have lived in several locations in the Caribbean. Everyone has been kind and helpful to me. I am friendly outgoing, attempt courtesy and interested, where ever I may be. I have noticed some travelers who are not courteous. Too much alcohol brings out the worst in most people. There are demanding, rude, foolish people in every culture and among all travelers, not just the Ugly Americans.

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