American Football in Mahahual, Mexico

Football season is approaching,( or should I say “American Football”), and will be here in about 2 weeks. Now in Mahahual when you say football you mean soccer, as people from the USA call it, and to distinguish you have to say Football Americano. This got me to thinking, I bet there are people from the USA wondering if they lived in Mahahual would they miss out following their favorite college or pro football team on television.

First of all college football is not followed at all by most of the local Mexicans in Mahahual. They recognize several teams and logos because of all the cruise ship tourists who come to town on ships wearing their college logo on hats and shirts. We get a lot of southerners from the USA at Costa Maya Port, because of where the ships depart from, (mostly Texas, Florida, New Orleans and a couple others) so you see a lot of Alabama, LSU,


Texas, and many other schools from the south, t-shirts and hats during football season. We get a LOT of Alabama fans here at Costa Maya, and they are always wearing their school colors.

So if you are a big college football fan, you will not get much on Mexican cable television as far as college football goes. You can catch a big college game every now and then on cable, but they are usually in Spainish. They are usually games from Fox or ESPN Spainish late on Saturday. But if you are a University of South Carolina fan or a SEC fan, then your only hope is the computer. I have been out of the USA for five years, and I have not missed a Gamecock football game yet.

Most everywhere in Mahahual has wi-fi so what I and a lot of other expats do is hook up the computer to the TV and watch what ever football game you want. There are several websites that feature every college or pro football game being broadcast in the USA. If I want a national game like the SEC on CBS, I go to and watch the CBS affiliate on that website. In fact with you can watch and record all major networks from the USA for free, all you have to do is sign up. This site is used by expats and military overseas. You only get the free over the air networks, but you can upgrade to get any channels you want. There are also other websites like this but I use this one the most.

There are also websites like out of England where you can watch any college football game being broadcast anywhere, and any sport for that matter. When the Gamecocks are playing on ESPN or not on a major network, I watch them on this website. I have even sat on the beach in Mahahual and watched the Gamecocks play with the computer in my lap.

Now pro football here is a total different matter. A lot people in Mahahual have a favorite NFL football team, and I think that is true throughout Mexico. The Cowboys are very big in Mexico, and you see Cowboy hats and jerseys a lot. Other popular teams are the Dolphins, 49ers, and the Saints. The NFL is also on Mexican cable TV a lot, and Monday Night Football is big here. Padrinos in New Mahahual has a nice crowd on Monday nights for the NFL game. Also you can the NFL Network in English on cable tv here, and a lot of people watch their NFL team that way. I watch the NFL Red Zone a lot on my computer also.

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The NFL playoffs and Super Bowl are shown on Mexican cable tv, and so are most championship games in other sports. Several locations in Mahahual will turn the game on if it is on TV if you ask, and I have even had tourists get off the cruise ships and have asked me where they can catch a certain game or event and I took care of them with no problems. Funny story, this past Winter Olympics, a bunch of guys got off a cruise ship with their families, and they were big hockey fans and wanted to watch the USA team play, and they wanted to find a place where their wives and children could sit out in the sun on the beach, while they drank beer inside and watched the game. I sent them to K@rlitas on the malecon because I had heard the day before they were showing the Olympics, and I had even watched some Olympics there myself. They came back to the port happy, and their families came back sunburnt, the guys watching the game did not get any sun at all, but USA won and they were happy.

So rest assured if you are a big college or pro football fan, with wi-fi you can watch any game or team that you want in Mahahual. I am thinking of opening a Gamecock club in Mahahual, the only problem is, I would be the only member. I am ready for football season, Go Cocks.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers

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