Cost of Renting in Mahahual

Map of New Mahahual and water park.

Map of New Mahahual and water park.

I have getting a lot of good and interesting questions lately on this blog. Instead of just replying I thought I would share some of the better questions and answer them here on the blog, because I figure some other readers might be having the same thoughts.

” I am thinking of retiring somewhere in Costa Maya. Are there small, inexpensive apartments on the outskirts of Majahual? I will probably have to find part-time work to supplement my social security. Any advice or suggestions for an aging hippie?”

Good question, in Mahahual there are plenty of housing options for folks on a budget. Most of the expats and people who work in Mahahaul live in New Mahahual, near the port. Living on the beach in Mahahual is kind of expensive for the average retiree. There are very nice condos on the malecon that start around $100,000 USD and go up from there. A lot of these are used for investment and the owners rent them out a lot when they are not in town.

So I am going to concentrate on housing in New Mahahual and the surrounding area. In New Mahahual there are houses and apartments. You can rent a small unfurnished house 1BR house for around 2,000 pesos a month. These houses are all in safe neighborhoods and have small front and back yards. They are usually 1 bath with a kitchen, and some storage. 2BR houses start at around 3,000 pesos a month and can go higher, it depends on features and fixtures.

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Example of average 2BR house for rent in New Mahahual.

Example of average 2BR house for rent in New Mahahual.

There are also several apartments for rent, and it depends on where you live and the services you get that determines the cost. I know several that for 4,000 pesos a month you get furnished apartment with air conditioning, internet, and cable TV. But there are others that run around 3,000 pesos a month that are nice too. Sometimes the prices vary on these between high and low season, but if you agree to a year lease you can usually get a good deal. Apartments, like houses, usually start around 2,000 pesos a month and go up from there.

Also in Mahahual a lot of the time you can rent a room or a part of a house from a local or another expat to share expenses. A lot of the people who work at the port do this. And sometimes expats house sit for some of the other expats who are away in their home country.

So as you can see you can live pretty well in Mahahual with rent there starting at around 2,000 pesos a month and going up from there.
Living expenses are also very cheap in Mahahual.

As far as working part-time, it would have to depend on what your experience is and what you want to do. There are not enough English speaking individuals in Mahahual now to handle the tourists , so you might could do some thing there. If you have food experience I am sure you could find something or even start a business of your own. I know private nurses will be needed in the future, to help with some expat retirees. Teachers I am sure could tutor children, and there are numerous other things someone could do in Mahahual in the future to supplement their income, it all depends on their skills and talents.

As far as being an “aging hippie”, I am sure you can earn some money selling beads, jewelry, and other trinkets on the beach, or face painting, or any other of the activities that the European hippies in town do now. In fact you will feel right at home, there are a bunch “aging hippies” in Mahahual. I have even thought of opening an “aging hippie” commune in Mahahaul, I think it would go over well, hippies love Mahahual, and a lot sleep on the beach here when they are in town.

Thanks for reading and keep the questions coming, Steve Heide, I will get to your question tomorrow.
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

11 thoughts on “Cost of Renting in Mahahual

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Where are those 100k condos in Mahahual? Lisa and I didn’t see them on our last visit. Are you involved in selling them?

  2. Do you have to have permits to sell things in Mahahual? For example if I wanted to sell my handmade jewelry could I just set up a stand each day and sell it? When we were there earlier this month I spoke with a “vagabond” as he put it, who was doing just that. In retrospect I was wondering if he had to have a permit, or permission to put his little table up each day on the malecon.

    • From my knowledge, if you set up a stand, yes you have to have a permit. There are vendors that work the beach during holidays and cruise ship days that sell jewelry and trinkets. If you get permission from a restaurant or other establishment to set up on their property, that is another story. You can get a kiosk inside the port, and I am not sure of the price inside the port. Also a Mexican local may not have to get a permit, as maybe when an expat would. There are hippies that are always setting little stands up along the malecon, and they do not have permits. But even if you had to get a permit, I am sure it would not be too expensive. I will see if I can find out more, but the more I think about it there are a lot of “vagabonds” in Mahahual and they don’t have permits.

  3. Count me in for your “aging hippie” commune — I’ll be eligible for retirement in 7 years, and I’m thinking that might be the time to move from Guanajuato to another place, and Mahahual sounds great!

  4. Would it be better to find a temporary rental place and then look around for longer term accomodation? If so where would be the place to look for information on short or long term rentals – would you suggest Craig’s List or are them other options?

  5. Reblogged this on Costa Maya Mahahual and commented:

    It is that time of year, and I am getting searches and questions about renting in Mahahual during the winter, which is considered high season here. A lot of people like to rent here during the winter to see if they like it before they settle down and buy property or a house.

    There are a lot of good rentals here, and I know of several good ones that are availiable now. If you need some information let me know. This article I wrote last year goes into the cost of renting here, and some of the options.

  6. Ben says:

    Hi, I’m interested in renting a small place for a couple months this December/January. When I went to email you my computer warned me this was a possibly a fraudulent site. Hopefully this isn’t the case and you can help. Look forward to your response.

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