Long or Short Rental in Mahahual?

Mahahual ligbhthouse and crusie ship pier in background.

Mahahual ligbhthouse and crusie ship pier in background.

There has been a lot of interest in Mahahual lately on the internet. Mahahual is becoming a very desireable location for retirees from North America, (Canada and USA). A lot of this is because of all the cruise ship tourists that visit Mahahual, and like it so much they decide to come back and live or retire.

This blog is starting to get a lot of questions about living or retiring in Mahahual, and I am trying to answer as many as I can. I got this question over the weekend, and I will answer now.

“Would it be better to find a temporary rental place and then look around for longer term accomodation? If so where would be the place to look for information on short or long term rentals – would you suggest Craig’s List or are them other options?”

This is a very good question, and I will answer as best as I can.

When i first got to Mahahual, I stayed in Fernando’s hostel, Hostel Majahual, right in the center of the village. While I was there I got a job at the port and starting working there. I stayed in the hostel for about four months. I was new in town and the hostel was perfect for me, and I got to meet some very interesting people and had a good time. I also could pick up wi-fi from K@rlitas across the street, which I liked. It was also safe, and I could ride my bike from there to the port to work.

Hostel Mahahual, or Fernando's, right in town, right off beach.

Hostel Mahahual, or Fernando’s, right in town, right off beach.

Also because I was in the center of town, I got to meet and socialize with a lot of the locals and expats and that was nice. I ate at all the local restaurants and the taco stands, so I got to get a good feel of life in Mahahual. Because of this and the natural beauty of Mahahual, I decided to make Mahahual my home.

So after my stay at the hostel, I looked for something more long term that had to have internet and be cheap, because it was low season and only four ships a month. A lot of people that worked at the port stayed in a hotel, Kay Kook, and I heard it was cheap and they had internet. It was also near the port and I could ride my bike to work. It is in 55 neighborhood, right across the street from New Mahahual. I could ride my bike there in about five minutes, and about seven minutes to the malecon in Mahahual. The rent was only 1300 pesos, about $100 USD, and it had internet, private bath, fan, and a queen sized bed. It was not much, but it is all I needed because I would leave at 6 or 7am and not get back until dark, so it was perfect for my needs. It is also safe and I could store my bike.

My hotel Kay Kook in Barrio 55.

My hotel Kay Kook in Barrio 55.

Kay Kook Hotel

Kay Kook Hotel

I prefer living among the local people, so I am a little different than most expats. So all my experiences have been positive in my living arrangement in Mahahual.

In my recounting my experiences with first coming to Mahahual I hope I am answering your question, and giving you some insight about Mahahual.

So to answer the question, my opinion is I would come to Mahahual rent, stay six months and if you like it, look into buying something. There are houses you can rent in New Mahahual for between 2,000-5,000 pesos a month, and apartments also. To answer your question about where to find these short and long term rentals, there are several ways. There will be no listings on Craig”s list trust me.

Invest_Promo_2 Invest_Promo_4 General_Port_Promo

You can contact our office Costa Maya Real Estate, (www.mahahual-propiedades.com) or by phone +52 (983) 834-5999 to see about any rentals we have, or you can email me http://www.s.rogers.920@hotmail.com and I can see what we have. Also Mahahual being a small town, sometimes word of mouth is the best way to find a good rental. Carlos and Monica at our office can help you find a good rental, and if we don’t have one, they will know somebody that will. Right next to our offices in New Mahahual there is a big bulletin board where rentals are posted, among other things. Right now at this moment there are plenty of houses and apartments for both short and long term rent, I even know of an apartment on the malecon for rent now.

To sum up if you are asking my advice, I would come to Mahahual, rent a house for six months, and if you like and want to live long term in Mahahual, buy a house in New Mahahual. Houses now are starting around $42,000 USD and all are in safe neighborhoods and have all services, including cable tv and internet.

I came to Mahahual by mistake and I thought it would be temporary, and now I am going on my fourth year here. (That is a story for another date) I am sure if you came to Mahahual and lived short term and became a part of the community, numerous other long term options would become availiable to you.

I hope I answered your question, and helped you out, and if you need help finding a rental let me know and we will look around.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

7 thoughts on “Long or Short Rental in Mahahual?

  1. Teri Rich says:

    We want a 3-4 month rental. Prefer on beach or “Malecon”. Two bedrooms. Will consider living among the native population. I speak, read, and write fluent Spanish. MUST HAVE internet.

  2. Howard says:

    Dear sir

    I am a canadian living in belize and would like to move to a better place. Mahahual seems nice and modern and growing and would like to stay there for awhile to see if I want to live there.

    I would pay 2000-3000 pesos for a place but want cooking facilities as well as internet and cable.

    Any suggestions

    Howard Grosch

  3. Heather says:

    Can you please tell me when your low season is, and have you noticed that there are more rentals available during this time, from your experience? We will be moving from Thailand mid next year so perhaps we should plan it to move at a time when many expats have moved on elsewhere for the season. Is it mostly apartments there for long term residents/expats? We would definitely fancy something like a free standing 1 bedroom casita just a bit out of town more.

    Thank you in advance for any info!

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