Columbus Day in Latin America.

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

Here is what Latin America thinks about Columbus Day here. I translated from Spanish to English, so some of the wording is difficult to understand sometimes.

Arrives October 12, 1492 and I have yet to hear stupid things like the DAY OF THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA? Columbus Day? MOTHER COUNTRY? Here the natives were never “discovered” nor had the need to be Hispanic. They already had a country, a religion, a system of government and values​​. To the conquerors they were uncivilized, heretics, idolaters … wild. However, it proved to be more wild colonizer the colonized. I wish to change the texts of books in school and these same institutions are not encouraged to follow “celebrating” this day is nothing great or teach histórico.No we are what we are civilized we but teach knowledge killed richest can imagine. Wisdom were killed, attempted to kill culture, but killed people … and…

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