Costa Maya Real Estate Mahahual, Mexico

This is the first article I wrote about real estate about Mahahual. I wrote this after I first got to Mahahual and started working at the port. The contact information in the bottom of the post has changed so ignore that. I found this post when I was looking back at all the things I have written about Mahahual. What I find interesting is I still feel the same way about Mahahual as I did when I first got there.

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

I have been on the Costa Maya for about four months now and everyday that I am here I am amazed by the beauty of the Caribbean and especially the town of Mahahual.  Mahahual is a cruise destination stop and is visited by thousands of tourists each year.  It is also a sleepy fishing and diving town when the cruise ships are not in port. I meet a lot of Americans at Puerto Costa Maya when the criuse ships are in port and more and more people are asking me about buying real estate here in Mahahual, and inquiring who to contact.  Costa Maya Real Estate is the foremost authority on real estate in Mahahual and the surronding areas.  In fact foreigners are not only allowed to legally purchase property in Mexico, the Mexican government has gone to great lengths to make it safe and simple. Costa Maya Real Estate will provide you…

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