English Spoken in Mahahual, Mexico

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

I have discovered something since I have been in Mahahual now for about six months. Almost everybody who lives or works here speaks English. I first noticed that when I got here and maybe that is why I stayed and chose to live here. In Calderitas and Chetumal, where I lived before, hardly anyone spoke English and I had to struggle with my Spanish to get by. Mahahual is a tourist town that basically caters to the cruise ships that come here, so to get by here most of the locals learn English. At the Costa Maya Port, almost everyone who I have met speaks English pretty good, and they can communicate with the American tourists. I know a lot of Americans and Canadians retire to Belize because English is the primary language, but with all the english spoken here in Mahahual and the Costa Maya, I think Mahahual and…

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