ExPat Romance in Mahahual, Mexico

I came across this information when doing research for the best and the worst places for expats to live or retire.

This survey come from the ExPat Insider on the website http://www.internations.org. It is a website that deals with expat information and studies.

I was not surprised when I read that Mexico is one of the best destinations in the world to find romance, I see it everyday in Mahahual and Mexico.


Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Greece are the go-to places for romance. Greece and the Philippines also rank highly among love birds.

Top Countries for Relationships
and Romance

While insisting that certain countries are
better destinations for falling in love is
probably a bit far-fetched, some countries
just stand out when it comes to romance.
Greece, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and the
Philippines are our top spots for expat

These are the destinations with some of
the highest percentages of expats who
either met their partner in their country
of residence or whose partner comes
from that country. But that’s not all: They
also scored well in other matters of the
heart, such as for example the share of
participants who are blissfully happy with
their romantic relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at where the love
birds among our survey respondents live.

Finding Love Abroad
Chile, the Philippines, Greece, and Mexico
are all great places for meeting your
significant other, it turns out. Nearly half of
our survey participants in these countries
who are in a relationship have met their
partner there.

Moreover, the vast majority of them is in a
relationship with someone who comes from
their current country of residence. At 66%,
the share of people who are in a relationship
with a local resident is the highest in the
Philippines. However, Argentina (55%), Chile
(54%), Mexico (54%), and Greece (53%) can
also show results that lie far above the
global average of 31%.

Thus, it does not come as a surprise that
expats in these countries are also much less
likely to be in a long-distance relationship.
In Chile, the share of survey respondents
whose partner still lives in another country
is only 2%. While the respective numbers
are indeed higher for Greece, Argentina,
Mexico, or the Philippines, they are still
below the global average of 15%.

Out of the five featured countries, the
Philippines (31%) and Chile (21%) have
the highest percentage of expats in a
relationship who met their partner after
moving abroad. Moreover, 29% of our
participants in Greece and 28% in Argentina
indicate that they moved there for love.

Greece also seems to be beneficial to
a couple’s happiness, as 53% state that
they are completely satisfied with their
relationship. The Philippines is apparently
home to even more romance, with 56% of
non-single participants being completely
satisfied with their relationship. The global
average is 43%.

Happiness in a Relationship
There are various factors which influence
a relationship and which might determine
its success. After all, a move abroad can
take quite a toll on a relationship as one or
both partners experience frustration and
alienation, as well as other symptoms of
culture shock.

Thus, the ease of settling in (of finding friends,
learning the local language, and feeling
welcome) in their country of residence may
play a big role when it comes to satisfaction
with one’s relationship. Mexico tops our Ease of Settling In Index, mostly for its high positive results for making friends (23%)and friendliness (58%). One can easily imagine that this explains why so many of our respondents in Mexico met their significant other after moving abroad.

The Philippines and Argentina also score
highly in these categories. The Philippines
comes in fifth in terms of ease of settling
in. Not only is it a very friendly destination
(53%), it also ranks very well for ease of
language. Argentina, on the other hand, is a
great place for finding friends. In fact, 22% of
respondents are completely satisfied with
the ease of making friends in Argentina.

When it comes to meeting people, already
established friendships play a big role in
Argentina and Chile. Overall, 74% of survey
participants in Argentina and 71% in Chile
indicate that they usually meet new people
through their friends as compared to a
global average of 59%.

In Love with the Locals

Philippines 66%
Colombia 60%
Argentina 55%
Brazil 54%
Mexico 54%
Chile 54%
Israel 53%
Greece 53%
Poland 51%
Ecuador 51%
Russia 51%
Global Average 31%
This above information is taken intact from the website http://www.internations.org

I find this survey very true and right on when it comes to Mahahual and Mexico. I know a lot of people, men and women, who have found romance in Mahahual and Mexico.

Iphone from Xcalak Dec 2013 to Playa May 2014 027

In fact I was very surprised when I first got to Mahahual and noticed that a lot of businesses I went to or frequented were expat owned. There are Italians, Germans, Americans (USA), and several others from different countries that own and operate businesses in Mahahual. The more I frequented these places the more I noticed that most of these expats had a local Mexican wife or girlfriend.

The more I settled  in and got to know people at the port and around the village of Mahahual, the more I noticed almost all the expats in businesses and foreign workers at the port were dating or living with locals or people from other places in Mexico of the oppisite sex.

Iphone from Xcalak Dec 2013 to Playa May 2014 045

There are a lot of diiferent nationalities that work at Costa Maya Port and that makes a very diverse mixture of people. But all these nationalities had one thing in common, they all were involved in romantic relationships with Mexican men and women.

Iphone from Xcalak Dec 2013 to Playa May 2014 044

I had a Mexican guy that worked with me at the port that dated a Croatian woman for awhile, (Croatina women cuss like sailors), there were Croatina guys dating Mexican women, Italian men with local girls, and just about any combination you can think of. My point being is it seemed like there was always romance in the air around the port and Mahahual.

I have a friend of mine who operates a business on the malecon and he is from the USA and has a Mexican girlfriend, and she helps out a lot with his business. Even the pizza place I go to the owner has a Mexican other. And the common factor is they all met in Mahahual, and did not know each other prior to that.

One thing I have noticed about Mahahual and Mexico is that there is not as much age discrimination here as in say the USA and Canada.  You see a lot of expat men with younger women here, and also older Mexican men and younger Latina women.  They seem to respect age down here more say than in the USA.  I am 56 years old, bald, and not that good looking, but I do all right in Mahahual when it comes to the local women.  I have a friend from the USA here who only dates Latina women and he loves the cultural difference.

I have met several middle age expats like me that have come to Mahahual and Mexico and have started over down here and have met someone they are now in a relationship with.

I cannot speak much on the female side of the expat romance part in Mahahual because I really do not know that many.  I do know a woman who owns a dive shop on the malecon in Mahahual from Canada, and she is married to a Mexican man.  Also I worked with a woman from England at the port who recently married a Mexican guy who is a diver, but I am sure there are more I do not know about.

So to sum up, if you are looking to retire or live in a place where you might have a shot at finding romance or a husband or wife, Mahahual and Mexico might be for you.  From the statistics above and from my personal experiences, I can attest that Mahahual is a great place if you are in search of romance.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


3 thoughts on “ExPat Romance in Mahahual, Mexico

  1. RR says:

    I want to thankyou Stewart for your blog. I have been reading it for a couple of years. I am an expat that has lived in Playa for about a year now and before that for 8 years in northern Mexico.

    I enjoy your southern viewpoints….

    If you can reply to emails…..sometime when your in Playa send me a message and I’ll treat you to some real Texas BBQ……not that pulled pork junk from S.C.

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