October Tourism News about Mahahual, Mexico


Today I have some local news about tourism and future plans for tourism in Mahahual and Costa Maya.  I try to keep the readers of this blog informed on all the local news and information from sources here in Mahahual and Mexico.  I translate the original articles intact so sometimes the reading is kind of choppy.

There is a lot of buzz going on down here surrounding the new water park being built near the port, and the Mexican government is really pushing and helping Mahahual become a major tourist destination.

Mahahual, Mexican Caribbean.

Mahahual, Mexican Caribbean.

This article below is from http://www.quequi.com.mx.

Expect 7% increase in visitor destinations in the South Zone
28 de octubre de 2014

By Eugenio Pacheco-Quequi.- consider promotion director for the second week of December have more visitors.

The expectation for tourism to the state capital, Bacalar and Mahahual during the season year-end is received and is operating in hosting centers increased from six to seven percent of visitors.

This was announced by the director of the trust to promote tourism in the South Zone, Fernando Salazar House, who said that this possibility is due to the promotion held in recent days in Monterrey, where 80 business meetings were contacted in who attended and provided information to 250 tour operators in that city, tourist destinations on the Costa Maya, Bacalar and Chetumal.

“We met with travel agencies in Monterrey and talk about Chetumal, Mahahual, La Union, and all the attractions of this part of the state, of course Bacalar … will take advantage of the agreement with Interjet promoting us on their flights and that the company has seven daily flights to Mexico City, where they can connect with and traveling to this part of Quintana Roo said.

He felt that from the second week of December will be feeling the positive economic impact on the capital, which is the receiving center to destinations such as La Union, Kohunlich, Oxtankah and other destinations.

Plus it will support those who visit Mahahual and Bacalar, where the tourist infrastructure is still insufficient and in high season have to rearrange guests elsewhere in the South Zone.

He insisted that the benefit will be felt mainly in accommodation centers and shops in Chetumal, because traditionally hotel occupancy in the high season barely exceeds 40 percent, and with this promotion it is expected to exceed 50 percent .

Mahahual famous lighthouse.

Mahahual famous lighthouse.

This article is from http://www.iqcancun.com

QCANCÚN 24 SEP.- Secretary of Tourism, Laura Fernandez Pineapple, said priority was given to the actions to trigger the state tourism development in areas with great potential like the south of the state in which they invested 20 million pesos .

“We work closely with the private sector to create the necessary conditions for the promotion of business, supported by a government responsive to the needs and aware that strengthening the tourist destinations in the south of the state achieve a balanced and comprehensive and sustainable development “he said.

Therefore highlighted in particular the management and implementation in the near future to improve urban image of Mahahual, work which will invest 20 million dollars, and that includes the extension of the boardwalk at 580 meters, with equipment, street furniture, signage and street lighting.

He announced that the infrastructure developed integrates the master plan created to provide tourism services in Mahahual, creating a boardwalk over two thousand meters, a window to the state’s largest ocean, a walk that invites tourist to enjoy the scenery and quality services along this walkway is.

He explained that this work will benefit the 39 hotels and 343 rooms as well as service providers and visitors arriving by cruise to this destination south, and recalled that in 2013 arrived over 400 thousand tourists by sea.

He stressed that the national and international highway Tourism is important to this destination and an access member-coffee plantation at the junction Mahahual, in order to frame access to Costa Maya will be generated.

This project, he said, adds to the promotion and strengthening of the southern part of the state where major schemes have been launched in the area of ​​infrastructure, promotion, product development, training, tourism image and destination management.



As you can see from the above articles from Mexican websites and publications, Mexico and the government here are predicting Mahahual and Costa Maya and the southern part of Quintana Roo, including Chetumal and Bacalar, to become major tourist destinations in the near future.  I am lucky and glad I showed up in Mahahual when I did to witness all this the growth on a first hand basis.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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