No Snow in Mahahual

It snowed on Halloween in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. It is the earliest snow there anyone can remember.

I have been watching football on my computer this weekend, and a lot of the games have had snow or freezing rain, and in very cold weather. I see everybody bundled up and stuff, and I thought to myself, i don’t miss that at all.

Now is the time a lot of “Snow Birds” return to Mahahual to escape the cold of the north.

So I thought I would share this photo to remind everybody in he cold weather up north, that it never snows in Mahahual, and 70 degrees is frigid weather here.

Have a nice winter.

Have a nice winter.

So try and stay warm this winter, I have read that predictions say it is going to be a colder than normal winter this year. Here in Mahahual the prediction is for the winter… sunny and tropical, water temp. 80 degrees, average temp. around 80 degrees all winter.

Thanks for eading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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