Recent Questions, Comments, and Responses About Mahahual.

I have had a tremendous amount of comments, questions, inquiries, and responses on this blog lately.  It is that time of the year again.  As soon as it gets real cold up north in the USA and Canada, people get on the internet looking for paradise, and a warm place to go.

Iphone from Xcalak Dec 2013 to Playa May 2014 018I thought today I would share some of the comments and responses I have recieved lately, and answer them as best as I can.  I figured other readers might have the same questions or concerns as some of the responses I have gotten lately.

Here is a couple of questions I got recently…

“I am going to visit in March looking for a place to live out my years. I want to stay and soak up the ambiance. Then on to Xcalak, is there a beach road or do I get back on the highway. I would love a suggestion on a nice place to stay that won’t break the bank. I am 75 and like it quite I still love to swim and snorkel. My husband enjoys walking the beaches with a metal detector. Is Majahual a place I can consider.???”

First, you have to get back on the main road to Xcalak from the coastal road because the wooden bridge that connects the road to Xcalak washed out, and because of the main highway that everybody takes, there is no big hurry to repair it.  There are numerous places to stay in Mahahual on the malecon, or you can try one of the eco resorts along the coast road.  You can find these on the internet, or you could read some of my reviews of the places around town on this blog, that i have done in the past.  Mahahual is a great place to swim and snorkel, because of the reef the waters around Mahuahual sometimes look like a swimming pool, and the snorkeling is excellent.  I love your question about the metal detector, I myself have a metal detector, and I left it in the USA, and would love to have one down here now.  There has been many a day I have sat on the beach in Mahahual, and thought to myself, “Man I would love to have a metal detector down here, no one ever uses one here.”  I am sure your husband would have a great time exploring Mahahual.  If you want a nice quit place, that is not too expensive, and great beaches, yes I think you should consider Mahahual to retire.  Lots of friendly people, nature, and great climate.

“I am thinking of retiring to the coast a maya area next year , I do wonder about the break-ins in homes on the beach, can you leave your home unattended or do you need a caretaker at all times? We will be there at the end of December and would love to meet you, I am from Tennessee so I can relate to your blogs.”

Mahahual does not have a lot of crimes or break-ins. Most of the beach houses out of town or in secluded areas usually have caretakers, or even domestic help that lives on the property year round.  You can also have someone house sit for you while you are gone, usually just room and board.  I will be happy to meet you when you come to Mahahual and show you around.  I was born in Chattanooga, and ended up in South Carolina.  One thing I have noticed is, southerners can relate to the climate year round down here better than say some from New York or other northern states, we are used to it being hot.

“Condos, apartments, houses…prices, prices, prices…please ! :)”

Prices in Mahahual for houses and apartments range from 3,000 pesos to 5,000 pesos and up.  I saw some real nice furnished apartments last week for 4,000 pesos a month (about $310 usd ) in the village.  For more on prices go to Costa Maya link on this blog, or contact our offices.  If you are interested in buying, you can get a 2br house for around $42,000 usd or somethig nicer in the $100,000 usd range.  These are on our website.

This is a comment i recieved lately from someone I took to Mahahual.

“Diane Boissonneault. Nov 12, 5:47 pm
Well done and well said… Thank you Stewart, you made our trip very enjoyable and interesting. Edith and I felt very safe having you around…and sorry for our french conversation but c’est la vie… we like our idioma… Thank you and keep on the good work , I hope people will go to Mahahual, because it,is worth going there, Au plaisir.”

Another comment i recieved from a reader about a blog I posted about safety in Mahahual.

“Can’t tell you the number of people that “warned” me about going to Mexico! LOL – I have never felt unsafe in Mexico. I know this may be selfish… but maybe all this hype is a good thing. It will keep my little piece of paradise from becoming tourist destination #1!”

Another one concerning my series of articles about Belize.

“There are a couple of inaccuracies , QRP need only to deposit their money in the bank. It can be put in on Mon. and withdrawn on tues. QRP does NOT pay exit fees. It only is done at Golden airport which is private, the money goes to the airport not the government. I have been in and out of Belize for six years , never was asked for a dime….. The one time payment for immigrating fee is lower than going for residence. They pay a fee and a monthly fee, it turns out to be much more. QRP can get a drivers license right away. Non QRP canNot bring in belongings free of duty and taxes nor can citizens . ….If QRP try to reverse their status they must go back and pay duty and taxes for everything they have brought in. ..And the biggest inconvenience is not being able to travel at will for a long time….Hope this helps.”

This one is about shopping in Mahahual.

“Oh how I love the little supers in Mahahual? In the states the stores are so large I hate walking from one end to the other to find what I need. I miss the small stores like you have. That’s what I was used to growing up, just a small store that carries the basics. What more could you ask for!

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your articles!”

I hope some of these helped give you an insight into what other people around the internet are saying and thinking about Mahahual.

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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