Winter in Mahahual

This is an old blog I wrote about winter here.

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

I have become a cold weather wimp.  When I first got to Belize 4 years ago it was during the winter, and some cold weather came through and it got done to about 65 degrees for a spell.  Well to my surprise in Belize I noticed a lot of Belizeans walking around in jackets and ski caps, and even scarfs.  I made fun of Tiffany, who I  was hanging around with at the time, because it was 70 degrees and she was wearing a jacket, long pants, and even a ski cap.  She usually walked around half naked in warm weather, so seeing her all bundled up was different.

It amazed me that people were wearing winter clothing in 70 degree weather.  Even here in Mexico I noticed when it got down to 70 or so people got out their jackets and winter clothing. 

Well guess what, I have become…

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