NFL Players in Mahahual, Mexico

This is from the archives , I was looking back at some articles from a couple years ago I wrote, and I came across this.

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

Yesterday was kind of a slow day here in Mahahual.  There was only one ship in town, The Star out of New Orleans docked at 10am and was here until 6pm.  It was king of overcast and the weather was not great, so a lot of people stayed on the ship and did not a lot of excursions.  Well after a day of work at the port, I headed out into Mahahual to check on the tourists and see what was going on in town and have some lunch.  I was at my usual spot on the beach and just finished lunch when I noticed on the beach in front of me about 5 guys and their wives and girlfriends.  These guys were big guys and several of the black guys were not that big but you could tell they were very athletic by their build and stature.  I have…

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