The Secret is Out About Mahahual


I think the secret is out about Mahahual, and living and retiring in Mexico and Quintana Roo. I have been in Mahahual the last four years since the time I arrived there. and last year I stayed for a couple of weeks in Playa del Carmen watching a condo and a dog for a friend, but besides that I have not been out of Mahahual any time during the winter months like I am doing now.

Every where I go here in Playa del Carmen now I am running into people from the USA like I have never encountered before. I am still in Playa del Carmen now, because technically I don’t have a job in Mahahual at the moment. So I am still here getting my friend’s condo ready to rent for the first of the year.

I have had some guys doing some construction work this week, so there is work going on, and it is hard to write when there is hammering and drilling and stuff going on. So, I am a little behind on what is going on now down here.

Monday morning I got an interesting email from a blog reader who now lives in Playa del Carmen. He told me he has been reading this blog for about 3 years, and also read my blog and stuff I wrote about Belize. He asked me to meet him for lunch to talk about Mahahual, and the possibility of me going with him on a trip to Mahahual and look around.

This is not the first time this has happened, lately I have had a lot of people look me up, or find me on the internet, and ask me about Mahahual. In fact, I was sitting in condo here yesterday while work was getting done, and a guy from Colorado that is here for the holidays came by and asked me if I could help them get reservations for New Year’s Eve in Mahahual for him and his family. They have never been to Mahahual, and thought it would be nice to spend a couple of days there around New Years Day and Eve. They have heard people around here talk about Mahahual, and sought me out.

I told them how to take the bus from here to Mahahual, gave then some names of places to stay on the malecon so they could look on internet, and just basically did my whole Mahahual information thing. I also left them some books and other information about Mahahual for them to read. I am going back to see them later today, and set their trip up.

Now back to my blog reader who asked me to lunch. We agreed to meet at the Tequila Barrel for lunch, because he had read about how I hang out there watching football, and he wanted to check it out.

Well this guy showed up, big guy from Texas dressed up like motorcycle gang member, in a leather riding jacket, helmet, gloves, everything. He rode to meet me in his chopper. At first I did not what to think, but after we sat down and started talking, I realized he was just a good old southern boy like me.

We ordered lunch and started talking about Mahahual. He is very interested in maybe moving to Mahahual, and asked me questions about life and business there. He is thinking about maybe starting or going into business there. He has a Mexican wife, and children, and is a resident of Mexico, so he is looking to start a future in Mahahual. He told me he and his family have lived in northern Mexico, close to the border with the USA, and are looking for somewhere safer.

Well I don’t know how many of you know me, but I have a very loud voice, my voice carries everywhere. I think it is because I used to coach football, and also worked in discos and night clubs when I was younger. We were eating lunch and I was giving my talk about the port and the future growth of Mahahual, and the next thing i know, a couple sitting in a table in front of us turned around and told me they could not help but to hear I was from Mahahual.

I told them yes, and then they went on to tell me, that they were from Canada and worked in the cruise ship ports in Canada during the summer. They have their own business, and were looking into getting into the cruise ship business in Mexico during the winter because they close during the winter in Canada.

They had visited the cruise ship port in Cozumel, and now wanted to know about Costa Maya. We all talked during lunch, and of course the talk centered around Mahahual. After lunch we all agreed to meet at the Texan’s house,(I have not used his name, because sometimes people don’t like their names posted) later that night for some BBQ.

Again that night, the talk centered around Mahahual and living down here and what to expect and the usual things people ask me about. We did this over BBQ ribs and hot wings, pretty good. We all then decided to take a trip to Mahahual on Thursday, and I will show them around.

The Texan has a car, so he is going to drive us all down to Mahahual on Thursday morning. I am going to get them a tour of the port, show them around the malecon, and introduce them to a bunch of the locals. We will go out to dinner, look at some properties, and basically give them the 10 cent tour of Mahahual. He will probably come back to Playa del Carmen late Friday.

The Canadian couple are in the cruise ship business in Port Halifax, Canada, and lot of the ships that come to Costa Maya go there in the summer months, so they are very familiar with the port tourist business. It was very ironic how I met them, and I think their business would go over good at the Costa Maya Port.

To sum up, I am amazed at all the attention Mahahual and Costa Maya is getting now. I know a lot of it is because of the cold weather up north, but I get more and more people asking me about Mahahual every day here in Playa del Carmen and on the internet.

Even here in Playa del Carmen, I am known as the guy from Mahahual. I got a check from Mom’s Bar and Grill here a couple of weeks ago, and the name said not “Stewart” but “Mahahual Guy” on the check.

So I will be on the road the next couple of days during my tourist guide routine. I am getting ptetty good at the guide thing, this will be my 3rd or 4th time this year taking people around. I will have a post on this trip this weekend.



Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina.

7 thoughts on “The Secret is Out About Mahahual

  1. Pete Conniff says:

    We will be staying at Mom`s Hotel in Playa from Jan.20th `til Mar. 3rd. Hope to see you there. Really enjoy your blog about Mahahual ! ( Have been going there yearly since `96 )

  2. Can a person rent in the Mahahual area, a modest place, one or 2 bedrooms? I don’t expect you to necessarily have that info, but thinking about moving to there, later living on social security and maybe 375-400k savings, and a maybe just a few hundred a month as a writer. Trying to determine if there are affordable available places to live, or not. Or is there anything for sale under, say, 100k? Thanks for your blog. May be there in March (2015), just myself. Pretty cold here in Montana, and long winters. Any comments at all you might offer would be welcome. Thank you, kindly.

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