New Time Zone for Costa Maya and Mahahual, Mexico


A New Time for Quintana Roo

Starting on Sunday, February 1, 2015 the new time zone will be put into effect for Quintana Roo, and will be known as the “Southeastern Time Zone”. Last December 5, federal legislators reformed Articles 2 and 3 of the Time Zone System Law of Mexico -with 258 votes in favor and one against- standardizing the time in the southeastern part of the region with the time in the East coast of the United States.

Currently, our state, located on parallel 75, has the same time as the City of Mexico, located on parallel 94 west of the Greenwich meridian, which meant that in winter nighttime would fall very early. With the new time zone, clocks will be moved forward by an hour and will permanently remain on Daylight Savings Time (or Summer Time).

February 1, at 2:00 a.m., clocks will be set to 3:00 a.m. in the southeastern area. The northeastern part of the country will be three hours behind, i.e., midnight. In the Pacific, they will be two hours behind and in the Center they will be one hour behind, i.e., 2:00 a.m.

Quintana Roo will have an hour more of sunlight and according to the authorities from the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) this will result in significant energy savings of 21,285 to 23,454 megawatts per hour, curbing 20 thousand of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

According to the Energy Commission’s deputy Graciela Saldaña, who proposed the initiative to the Union Congress, energy savings will greatly benefit consumption rates and especially favor the hotel sector, “since 60 percent of energy consumption in the state comes from the hotel sector, costing them 150 million pesos a month.”

According to the state’s government, the new time zone will improve airline connectivity and transit times with 22 US airports and eight Canadian airports, as they will be in the same time zone. The Caribbean, Central and South American will also be in sync. According to the National Tourism Business Council, this will result in an additional 845 thousand pesos annually for Quintana Roo as a result of having an extra hour of sunlight in which tourism and recreation activities can take place.

For the tourism sector, led by the Riviera Maya Hotels Association (AHRM), the new time zone will improve competitiveness of the destination against other Caribbean destinations such as Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

“By standardizing time zones with the major airports in the Eastern United States we will be more competitive and we will save energy,” says Manuel Paredes Mendoza, the director of the AHRM.

Most productive sectors in the state have welcomed the plan. Although only the benefits in relation to tourism have been mentioned, significant benefits will also be evident in banking transactions and closure of operations, as these will be synchronized with the end of business hours in the east coast of the United States, allowing for more leeway.

The petition for time change in the area has been in constant demand since 1981, when the then president of the Republic, Adolfo López Portillo, issued a decree for the Yucatan Peninsula to move its clocks forward by an hour.


I got this from today and thought I would share.  This will help tourism and cruise ship business here.

Thanks for reading, and this has been the biggest month for this blog ever.

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Cruise Ship Activity in Quintana Roo This Week

I get a lot of searches on this blog about when and what cruise ships come here. Here is an article that I came across today from, and translated from Spanish. This lists every ship that is coming to Costa Maya this week.

Mahahual ligbhthouse and crusie ship pier in background.

January closes with the arrival of 35 cruises Quintana Roo coast

For the last week of January the arrival of 35 cruise the coast of Cozumel and Mahahual, with around 105,000 passengers are expected.

Chetumal, Quintana Roo.- The CEO of the Port Authority of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo) Ercé Barrera Barron reported that due to the efforts of Governor Roberto Borge Angulo before shipping lines, for the last week of January awaits the arrival of 35 cruise the coast of Cozumel and Mahahual, with around 105,000 passengers.

He said that according to the schedule of cruise ship arrivals in the State, for the week of Monday, January 26 to Sunday, February 1, 2015, the 35 berths are distributed as follows: 10 Cruise Terminal SSA Mexico, 11 in the Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal and 8 in Punta Langosta Cruise Terminal Cozumel; and six more on Cruise Terminal Costa Maya Mahahual.

Barrera Barron explained that on Monday 26 Norwegian Jewel cruise docks and Snorwegian Pearl Punta Langosta; Explorer Of The Seas to SSA Mexico; and Carnival Elation at Puerta Maya Island Las Golondrinas.

He noted that on Tuesday 27 is the Scelebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Constellation to SSA Mexico; the Disney Magic and Norwegian Dawn to Punta Langosta; Carnival Paradise Carnival Splendor and Puerta Maya; Carnival Pride and the Costa Maya Mahahual.

He said that on Wednesday January 28 we visit the Grandeur Of The Seas and Costa Luminosa in SSA Mexico; the Aidabella and Carnival Ecstasy to Puerta Maya; Princess and the Caribbean Vision Of The Seas and the Costa Maya Mahahual.

The holder of the APIQROO, Ercé Barrera Barron noted that the busiest day of the week will be Thursday, January 29, with double berth in each of the cruise terminals of Cozumel and Mahahual.

He explained that for that day landing of Vision Of The Seas Eurodam in Punta Langosta and is expected; Carnival Triumph Carnival Breeze and Puerta Maya; Princess and the Caribbean Brilliance Of The Seas in SSA Mexico; and Seven Seas Navigator and Norwegian Sun in Costa Maya.

He added that on Friday, January 30th will be visible Allure Of The Seas and Navigator Of The Seas in SSA Mexico; Emerald Princess and Carnival Magic in Puerta Maya; Norwegian Sun and Norwegian Epic in Punta Langosta; and the Norwegian Dawn in Costa Maya.

Saturday 31 Finally comes the Carnival Paradise Carnival Victory at Puerta Maya; Carnival Elation and Cozumel in Mexico SSA.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolins

Ocean View Lots for $36,000 in Mahahual

View form lots.

View form lots.

Last week I was on the malecon, and I met a nice couple from Oregon who were in town to look around Mahahual and check it out.  They were here on vacation, and they had read my blog, so they decided to come find me on the malecon.  They said they had been looking for me all week, and this was their last day in town, and they were going to Bacalar later in the afternoon.  They wanted to meet me and talk to me about getting some property here, and they had discovered Mahahual after reading my blog.

They informed me that they had been trying to see some real estate, but an American realtor here would not return their phone calls.  (Trust me this happens a lot with a certain realtor here).  I said yes I understand i get that complaint from people all the time.  I then told them I could help them out and show them some stuff

They had a car, so we jumped in and picked up Monica at our office, Costa Maya Real Estate, in New Mahahual.  She brought the listings and the maps we needed to show them what we had.

View of port from lots.

View of port from lots.

ocean view lots 013

We looked at several nice houses in their price range, and then decided to look at the new ocean lots we have.  These lots are between the Costa Maya Port and Mahahual with a great view of the Caribbean.  These lots sell for $36,000usd, and are ready to be built on.  All services are available, and the lots are in a safe and secure neighborhood.  There are stores and shops within walking distance, and downtown Mahahual, is about a ten minute walk away.

I have realized there are a lot of people out there who have not yet reached retirement age, but are looking and planning for the future.  This couple from Oregon, I think, is a nice example of that.  They still have kids in school, and are looking for some property to develop and build with the future in mind.  They are in no hurry, but realize now is a good time to buy property in Mahahual.

There are several of these ocean view lots left,( I think 3 or 4) for around $36,000usd.  There are also other lots in New Mahahual starting at $21,000usd, and these are ready to be built on also.  I will get more information on these lots, but if you want to look at some today go to for a complete listing.

Right now at the moment in Mahahual, there are not many condos left for sale, and the malecon is becoming expensive because of the future growth.  The condos are picked up pretty fast when they come on sale because of the limited number.  There are not many small houses left also because of the demand, so the best bet for someone looking to buy in Mahahual now is a lot in New Mahahual.  These lots for building your dream house in paradise, are the cheapest you will find on the Mexican Caribbean.

So if you are sitting in the USA and Canada freezing at the moment, and are still quite a ways off from retiring, and thinking of something for the future.  Get you a lot now, sit on it until you are ready to build, and then plan your escape.  Like I was telling someone the other day, when I started this blog, the small houses in New Mahahual were selling for $24,000usd, they are now selling for $42,000usd, in a little over two years.  The same is going to hold true on lots here also.

So if you are looking ahead for your piece of paradise, contact me or our office.  I promise someone will call you back.  You can reach me at 983-134-6898 or our office 983-834-5999, and someone will get back to you.  You can also go to for any questions you may have.

malecon 004

I have several people coming to town this week to look at properties, and more the next week, trust me, the land rush is on in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


Questions and Comments about Living in Mahahual

malecon 034

I have been getting a ton of questions and comments concerning living and retiring in Mahahual lately.  I get emails daily and I am also getting questions and comments on this blog.  A got this question the other day from a blog reader, and I am going to answer the question today on the blog. It is a typical question I think a lot of you readers have.  I will post below and answer.

“Can a person rent in the Mahahual area, a modest place, one or 2 bedrooms? I don’t expect you to necessarily have that info, but thinking about moving to there, later living on social security and maybe 375-400k savings, and a maybe just a few hundred a month as a writer. Trying to determine if there are affordable available places to live, or not. Or is there anything for sale under, say, 100k? Thanks for your blog. May be there in March (2015), just myself. Pretty cold here in Montana, and long winters. Any comments at all you might offer would be welcome. Thank you, kindly.”

This is a question I get almost everyday here on the malecon in Mahahual, and from readers of this blog.  To answer the question, yes there are plenty of modest places in Mahahual to rent.  I have had a lot of requests from people lately wanting to come to Mahahual, and inquiring about renting a house or apartment, so I have been doing my research, and talking to people I know that have rental properties.

To start there are houses you can rent for around 3,000 pesos (around $210usd) a month, and can go up to 7,000 or 8,000 pesos ($450-$500usd) a month.  There are some nice apartments I saw the other day for 5,500 pesos  (about $380usd).  These are very nice 2br with internet, all modern equipment, and all utilities, and they have a great ocean view,and are in New Mahahual in a nice neighborhood.  There are also condos and beach house on the beach for rent ranging in prices.

So to answer the first part of your question, yes there are modest places to rent in Mahahual.  In fact if you are looking to maybe live or retire in Mahahual in the future, I suggest you come down and rent something for a month or so, to get to know the area.  Once you do live here for awhile and rent, I am confident you will want to buy and stay, and become part of the community here.  So if you are interested in something to rent, send me an email at, and I will look for something for you in your range.  Monica in our office here also manages some rental properties here, and she also may have something.

Now to answer the second part of your question,  trust me, if you have $400,000 in savings, you can live quite well in Mahahual, in fact you could live like a king down here.  A lot of people live well here on just their social security checks from the USA.  I have written a series of articles in the past on this blog on how much things cost here, and you can find those in the archives of this blog.

As far as something to purchase in the $40,000- $100,000usd range, yes there are properties here in that range, in fact some nice ones.  You can go to the website and hit English, and there are listings there.  And as far as being affordable, Mahahual is probably the most affordable place on the Mexican Caribbean.  And the best thing here is, you can miss those Montana winters, here 82 degrees today.

Now that I have answered that question, I want to relate a story from yesterday here.  I get emails from people thinking of coming here to visit and look around, and maybe stay for a couple months.  These are usually blog readers who find me on Google or othe internet searches.

I had this one guy email me a month or so ago, he is a blog reader, and he wanted to know if I could find him something to rent for around $300 a month Canadian.  He said he was coming down  to escape the winters in Canada, and wanted to rent here to see if he liked it.  I emailed him back, and I said I would see what I could do.

Well I did not hear from him again, so I figured he had changed his mind, or found somewhere else in Mexico he liked better.  Well I was on the malecon yesterday, and this man walks up to me and asked me if I was Stewart Rogers.  I told him I was, and he told me he was the one that emailed me about coming here.  I told him I never heard from him, and I thought that maybe he had changed his mind about coming here, he said no, then he told me his story.

He said he was sitting in Nova Scotia, Canada, and he was reading my blog, and he thought to himself…..Should I buy another cord of wood for $500 to get through the winter here, or buy a ticket to Cancun, and go to Mahahual.  Well he took the money he was going to spend on wood, and bought a plane ticket to Mexico.  He followed all the advice on how to get here, and the shuttle that I have written on this blog.  He was coming here blind with just the thought to look me up, and see if I could help him find a place to stay.

Well come to find out he did not need my help.  On the way to Mahahual in the shuttle, he met some other Canadians who live here, and they told him, they had a friend that had a place he could rent.  So the Canadians took him there when they got to Mahahual, and he got a nice place for 3,000 pesos a month, and he is staying until April.  He told me it is in New Mahahual, and he loves it, and the family that runs the place even feeds him.

He has only been here a couple of days, and already he has decided this is where he wants to retire.  We had lunch on the beach yesterday, and he wants me next week to show him some properties around Mahahual for him to buy for his retirement here.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



Latest News from Mahahual

malecon 004

Every now and then I like to post the lastest news from around Mahahual to keep the readers of this blog informed with what is going on down here.  I get the news from several websites, all in Spanish and do my best to translate.  Here are some articles I got from recently.  I like to give the news from the prospective of the media here, not Playa del Carmen or Cancun, but Costa Maya.

Mahahual no rooms available for the holiday season.


Costa Maya maintains reservations 100% from December 20, 2014 until January 5, 2015. According to the president of the Association of Hotels, Cabins and Hostels Mahahual, Luciano Consoli, the poor conditions the coastal road, at least nine hoteliers have been canceled their reservations. “From 20 to 21 December will be full Mahahual. It is very difficult at this time to find a room available. Reservations are 100% until next January 6th. I think we will have a spectacular closing. We have prepared all year for this time and are now ready to welcome all, “he explained. The weather has affected tourism “The nortes that have occurred have been prevented a rise in employment. In previous years by this time we were 70% and 80%, especially on weekends, but the cold scares tourists. We are used to the sun and not so cold as beachgoers. We are confident that we will have a good seal, is already booked and that motivates us, “said Claudio Herrera Vivas, hotelier. Both businessmen agreed to say that the poor condition of the coastal road, besides giving a bad image to the destination, generates implications hoteliers established nearby. Claudia Martin (

Urged by social networks so that their demands are heard.


Entrepreneurs, investors and tourism service providers in Mahahual insist on repairing eight kilometers from the Cafetal-Mahahual state highway that has loose gravel and improvement of the coastal road. Through social media, business and community residents insist that their demands are met, especially since the December holiday season is about to begin. Petition on Social Networks The document circulating through Facebook reiterates the sentiments of the public and the private sector for repair of access roads to tourist destination, but the same letter claiming a lack of commitment by the authorities to solve the problem, despite the commitment made earlier this year. “We, entrepreneurs, taxi drivers and residents contributed with 50 thousand dollars in money and material. However, while they have to report that never came machines to compact the road, despite the promise that we made the mayor during the public hearing in February this year, “reports a written quotation dated 18 November this year. Mahahual, in complete oblivion Local businessman, Fernando Tzec said that besides repairing roads need to parastatal pay attention to this tourist destination. The hotelier said he is not attacking anyone with requests, but the fulfillment of the functions, Mahahual is a community that provides foreign exchange for the municipality to the state and it is right that they return part of them. Claudia Martin (

Come the wedding on the beach at Mahahual


Othon P. Blanco comes to the fore in the wedding on the beach; seven civilians links in Mahahual oficialía scheduled for December, four will be held on the beach, the director of the Civil Registry in the municipality, Acopa Yadira Gomez. This is a major achievement of the southern part of the state, said the municipal director of tourism Othon P. Blanco, Jorge Alberto Pérez Barrios, as it will leave an important locals economic benefit. He explained that this is the month that most weddings have been ratified to perform at the beach, which was set aside for foreigners with Mexican and foreign heterosexual couples; the rest will weddings inhabitants of the community. How much married in Mahahual? A civil wedding in Mahahual, has the same price as the rest of the Oficialías, ie itself takes place in the office are 541 pesos, delivery is two thousand 41 pesos, and a couple of foreigners is four thousand 910 pesos . All must meet the requirements. Meanwhile, the municipal director of tourism Othon P. Blanco, Jorge Alberto Pérez Barrios, said working on the project for underwater weddings in the jungle, weddings in Rio Hondo, to name a few. He projected exotic weddings “We are working on the issue of exotic weddings, it will be a trend present for people marry differently, date not forget, because the marriages are unique,” he said. Paloma Wong (

Impose their law


The lack of order in the transport services in Mahahual directly affects tourists, who witness the conflicts, which leaves a bad image of the destination. Cruisers witnessed unfortunate lock made by drivers when they are not in accordance with the operation of other carriers. For years there have been several conflicts as a result of the lack of transport inspectors impartially address these problems. Tere Ruan, Tucan Tous company said that was affected by a blockage by taxi drivers in Mahahual last week. He explained that the company Native Choice hired a van to provide a service to nearby archaeological sites, but the protesters taxi drivers blocked her way preventing it from doing its work and causing times of distress and inconvenience to tourists arrived by cruise. “Taxi drivers believe they have the right to make all services, so called Sintra and public roads,” said the woman, stating that the taxi union leaders Mahahual, Brígido Rueda and Francisco Villegas virtually instructed inspectors on how to proceed. “Unfortunately this shows clearly the limited authority of our authorities and arrogance and delusions of grandeur of the taxi union, because they did not give in and matters a little show that was taking place, forcing tourists to board a van taxi, which are in deplorable conditions, dirty, old, no weather, just unsuitable for such services “. “The incident occurred right in front of the offices of the applicant company (Native Choice), where our unit was ready to provide the service”. “The worst of it is the deplorable spectacle that gives tourists, leaving them a bad impression of fate and kill all the work and investment promotion that employers carry”. The carrier said it is unfortunate that such situations do not come to the attention of the relevant authorities, for all intended to be driven by the interests of small groups that co-opt the state transport inspectors. “We need to spread these facts to stop these irregularities that have recently become more frequent and affect the image of our destiny and hinder its development.” The respondent provided graphic blockade and said that legally proceed against taxi drivers who made this irregularity. Miguel Ángel Fernández/

Thanks for reading, and remember, “The only thing missing in Paradise…is you”.

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Lots of Interest in Real Estate in Mahahual This Year

fotos carlos enero 2012 211

For the last three years I have been working at the port selling tours to cruise ship tourists. Another part of my job was to hang around when the people came back to the port from their tours, or a trip into Mahahual, and answer any questions concerning real estate or about living in Mahahual. I usually would talk to 2 or 3 people a day, give them some brochures, maps, and anything else. they were interested in. Now that I am on the malecon in Mahahual, I am talking to 10 or 20 people a day when cruise ships are in town now.

At the port the hardest part of my job was to get people to leave the port and go into town or on a tour. A lot of the tourists were scared to leave the port or go into town, because of all they hear about Mexico in the USA media. So I always spent most of my time telling tourists how safe it was in Mahahual, and how Mexico is not as bad as they hear on the media, especially here.

Now that I am on the malecon, I don’t have to do that anymore, because the tourists are already in town, and I can concentrate on informing them about real estate here. I get searches on this blog everyday concerning retiring in Mahahual, property here, and a bunch of other questions about real estate here. This past week every time I would meet someone and they found out I live here, their first question was, how can they live here and what does it cost.

Now that I am on the malecon, I am meeting much more people as they walk by, and they always ask me if I live here. I sit in my chair with my South Carolina Gamecock hat, and just answer questions and show people around Mahahual. They fall in love with Mahahual, after they come into town and experience our little paradise here. In fact, I have given out every map, brochure, and book concerning real estate here in Mahahual, and I have to get some more.

At the port the first question I usually got was from tourists was, “Who you hiding from down here”, or “Are you a fugitive?” Now the first question after they found out I live here is, “How can I live here?”, trust me it is a big difference from the malecon than the port. At the port I did not realize all the interest from cruise ship tourists about real estate here. Now I have people just walk up to me now and ask me for information about buying property here.

I pretty much got my routine down, I tell them how to get here from Cancun, how safe it is here, medical costs here, how much things cost, and other factors about life here. I seem to be talking to a lot of people looking to retire here lately. They also always ask me how I got here, and I tell them the story of how I was laying in bed in a hostel here, and a young Mexican guy came by and offered me a job, and that was almost five years ago, and I have been here since then, working for the same guy. I also tell them I am going nowhere, and I will be getting my Social Security check sent here in ten years, and when I die, they are going to scatter my ashes on the beach here.

I have been explaining to these tourists the state of the real estate market here, so today I will share this on this blog. Right now at the moment there are not a lot of condos on the beach for sale, those were picked up pretty quick when they went on sale. There are several condo projects in the works, and some should be built sometime this year. Most of the houses in New Mahahual, or Casitas, (the ones I have listed earlier at $42,000usd) are gone, and those are being bought up as soon as they come on the market. There ae some very nice houses like Casa Kerpis, and several others in the $100,000-$150,000 range also, and these are just a short walk to the beach.

Where in the growth in Mahahual is going to be in the near future is the residential and commercial lots in New Mahahual. There are numerous lots available and they start at about $20,000usd, and have all services and are ready to be built on. Most are 300 square meters and have access to water, cable, internet, electricity, and sewage. To view some of these lots go to website, and there are numerous lots listed. Also with the USA’s dollar high exchange rate versus the peso right now, some lots are in pesos, and can be bought quite affordably.

Building costs now average about $85 usd a square meter, so a nice house can be built for around $35,000-$45,000 usd, so with the lot and house you can have a piece of paradise for around $60,000-$70,000 usd. There are talks of maybe some model homes being built in the future, so I will keep you posted on that.

So if you are serious about having your own piece of paradise here in Mahahual, now is a very good time to act. With the new water park and all the other development around here, prices are going to do nothing but go up. When I first starting writing this blog, the houses in New Mahahual sold for $25,000usd, they now sell for $42,000usd(if you can find one), almost doubling in 3 years.

These lots can also be financed with 30% down and no interest for 3 years. All lots are also about a five-minute walk to the beach, and in a safe neighborhood. So I am telling you blog readers the same thing I have been telling cruise ship tourists, the best deal going in Mahahual now is buying a lot, and either sitting on it for the future, or build a nice home on it.


Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Funny Tourist Stories Along the Malecon in Mahahual

View from my balcony.

View from my balcony.

A got a couple of funny tourists stories to tell this morning that happened last week. As some of you may know now, I am not working at the port anymore, and now I am doing my thing on the malecon.

Because I have been here for awhile, some people seek me out for information or some special requests.

There was this tourist from the USA staying here last week. He was staying in Xcalak, but had a car and would drive up to Mahahual during the day, because there is not much to do in Xcalak. Well we were sitting there on the malecon, and he brings up the fact that he would like to meet a prostitute or a woman to have sex with him, and they had to be Mexican of course. I told him we did not have a lot of hookers in town, say like Cancun or Playa del Carmen. I told him his best option was maybe try the Navigador, (strip club and brothel in Barrio 55), up the road a bit. It was like 11am in the morning, but this guy was set on getting some action.

After he kept badgering me for about an hour, so finally I said go get your car and I will take you up there. So we drive up to the Navigador, and since he speaks no English, I took him inside. Little background about the Navigador, a lot of crew members off of cruise ships go there when they are in town. It is a strip club with rooms upstairs, and it is kind of like a brothel. It was a slow day so when we walked in there was a woman sweeping the floor, so I asked her what time the girls would be coming to work, and she said in a couple of hours, and kind of looked at us funny. The guy I took there was all worked up like a dog in heat, and this woman thought this was funny, that this guy was looking for a woman before lunch, and she kept laughing and saying, “Mas tardes, Mas tardes” in Spanish, which means, later, later. So we left there and he was frustrated.

As we were driving back, he asked if I knew where he could get some Viagra. I said sure the generic pharmacy in the casitas where I buy my diabetes meds, the lady there is nice and a local. I took him inside and showed him the Viagra counter, and Vero the owner, came over to assist us. I have known Vero a couple of years, and she does not speak a word of English, but she is nice and friendly. He asked me to ask her how much for a box of Viagra, she told me 240 pesos for a box, he looked at me and said, “That is less than $5 a pill.”, he then reached down and grabbed every box on the counter, and said, “I will take every box you got”. Well she stepped back and her eyes got big, (this is probably the biggest sale she has had in a long time), and she took his money, and kind of grinned, and said” Muchas Gracias”, and away we went.

We got back to town and I told him his best bet was to go along the malecon and ask around and see what he could find that way. So he popped a Viagra, and away he went. Well he finally searched until he found someone that could find him a woman on the malecon, and away he went, another happy tourist.

I have a very funny South Carolina story that happened here the other day. Thursdays here are “Redneck Day” here in Mahahual. We get 2 or 3 ships loaded with tourists from the south, Alabama, SC, NC, Georgia, and a bunch of others. We also call it “double wide ships”. At the port I always made a lot of money on Thursdays because I would wear my South Carolina Gamecocks hat, and people would buy tours from me because I was from the south. Well today I was in my chair in front of the Tropicante on the malecon doing what I do, and some guy came by with a Gamecock hat on and said “Go Gamecocks”. Well we started talking, and him and his wife and another couple from South Carolina were here for the day on a cruise ship. The 2 guys were both pretty big guys, and the women both being from South Carolina of course were both pretty chubby, hell, I will just go ahead and say it, they both were fat. So the women asked me were was I good place to eat on the malecon. I turned and said, ”Well the Tropicante of course, I eat here a lot”. The women started saying, “Well we don’t know, we might just want to walk around and look, we heard there were some all you could eat places here”. At that precise moment one of the waiters came walking by with a tray with a platter of mini burritos, onion rings, iguana eggs, french fries, fried shrimp and fish, (special they have can’t remember the name on the menu, but it is huge and everything is fried) and it is a lot to eat. As soon as the waiter passed by, one of the women’s eyes got real big and I could see her mouth start to water, and she eyed that platter the whole time as the waiter walked by, she then turned and said, “We are eating here”, and drug her husband and the other couple inside. I noticed their table later and let me tell you, I bet they ate the whole one side of the menu. And they attacked that food, they even bought a couple of bottles of tequila to take back with them. They shook my hand, patted me on the back, said Go Cocks and left. Got to love my SC homies,

One more final story before I go to work. I met a guy from Seattle wearing a Seahawks cap, he was here with his family on a ship. We got to talking football, and he asked me if there was a good coffee shop in town like Starbucks. I said the best we have here is K@rlitas up a little ways on the malecon. He asked me if I would show him and his son where it was. So I said sure no problem, I will take you. So I walked with them up the malecon to the coffee place, and I went inside with them. There was a young Mexican guy working the counter, and the Seattle guy went up to the counter and told the guy in English that he wanted a triple mocha low fat latte with this and that, sprinkles and all the other things they order in Seattle. The young Mexican guy, who does speak much English, just stared at him with a blank look in his eye. I just laughed and walked outside to wait, because I don’t drink coffee, never have drank coffee, and know nothing about coffee. so I did not want to get involved. So the guy came out with his coffee, and I asked him did the guy get his order right, and he said no. So the moral to this story is you might want to leave your Starbucks coffee habits at home in the USA when you come to Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina