2 Homes in New Mahahual for $42,000

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I am back in Mahahual now, so it is time to get back to business. I met with my boss yesterday to catch up on what is going on in the real estate market here in Mahahual. We got lots for sale in Mahahual, and he informed me two houses have just became availiable. These are the standard 2 bedroom houses you find all over New Mahahual, (Casitas as the locals call it), kitchen, 1 bathroom, and a back yard for a garden. They sit on lots of 300 square meters, and have room for parking in front. I noticed one of them had air conditioning, and a new kitchen.

These houses are listed in pesos, so with the US dollar right now at 15 pesos to $1US dollar, the price come out to about $42,000 USD each for these houses. At this price these 2 homes will not last long.

I get a lot of responses and questions about condos on the beach here from readers on this blog, but if you are looking to buy a nice house here, this is the best deal going now. Both of these houses are about a 10 minute walk from the beach, and close to the port.

These houses are a great investment, or a nice place to stay during the cold winter up north. There is nowhere on the Caribbean Sea that you can find a house for around $42,000 usd.

Also a lot of other properties we have listed are in pesos, so you can really save some money with the dollar at the highest it has been here in awhile. For example, we have a house Casa Kerpis listed at $1,490,000 MN(pesos), which with the new exchange rate goes for about $98,500 usd, down from $115,000 usd a week ago. This house is totally modern with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (1 in master bedroom with dressing room), living room, kitchen, dining room, pantry, large rear garden, parking for 2 cars, reinforced perimeter wall, hydraulic system with large tank, pump and water heater, It is ready for expansion with a pool, terrace, laudry room, and second floor. ( The home is set up to add a second floor). It is located in the most exclusive residential area of Mahahual. Located on a private street which guarantees security, tranquility, and privacy long term.



At the moment this is probably the best buy in all of Mahahual, I cannot believe this house is for sale for under $100,000 usd.

We also have a lot of residential lots listed in pesos for sale now. They start at around $21,000 usd and go up from there, because of the current exchange rate. All are in the New Mahahual area, and all lots are ready to build and are in the epicenter of the up and coming Caribbean tourist destination of Costa Maya.

The lots we have also offer owner financing, 30% down, 18 months no interest, or down payment 30%, 36 months of 8% annual interest. All lots are a five minute walk to the beach, and close to the port.

So as you can see, with the dollar exchange rate to the peso being very high now, this is the perfect time to buy a house, or a lot to build on here in Mahahual.

I know a lot of you are sitting somewhere up north in the USA or Canada freezing your butts off and reading this blog and wishing you could be here or have property here in paradise. Well now is your chance, no excuses, you can get a lot for your money right now. So quit freezing and dreaming about living in paradise. Prices are very affordable now, so you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t join us down here.

These 2 houses we now have for sale for $42,000 probably will not last the week, so don’t say I did not warn you. If you are interested in any of these houses or lots email me s.rogers.920@hotmail.com or hit the link for Costa Maya Real Estate link on this blog, but be quick about it, the dollar could drop at anytime, or we could have another crisis to make the dollar go down, so take advantage of the exchange rate now.

P.S.  I have been trying to post photos all morning of some of the houses and lots, but for some reason WordPress is not working good today, so go to http://www.mahahual-propiedades.com to see photos and more information, just hit English button in corner.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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