Lots of Interest in Real Estate in Mahahual This Year

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For the last three years I have been working at the port selling tours to cruise ship tourists. Another part of my job was to hang around when the people came back to the port from their tours, or a trip into Mahahual, and answer any questions concerning real estate or about living in Mahahual. I usually would talk to 2 or 3 people a day, give them some brochures, maps, and anything else. they were interested in. Now that I am on the malecon in Mahahual, I am talking to 10 or 20 people a day when cruise ships are in town now.

At the port the hardest part of my job was to get people to leave the port and go into town or on a tour. A lot of the tourists were scared to leave the port or go into town, because of all they hear about Mexico in the USA media. So I always spent most of my time telling tourists how safe it was in Mahahual, and how Mexico is not as bad as they hear on the media, especially here.

Now that I am on the malecon, I don’t have to do that anymore, because the tourists are already in town, and I can concentrate on informing them about real estate here. I get searches on this blog everyday concerning retiring in Mahahual, property here, and a bunch of other questions about real estate here. This past week every time I would meet someone and they found out I live here, their first question was, how can they live here and what does it cost.

Now that I am on the malecon, I am meeting much more people as they walk by, and they always ask me if I live here. I sit in my chair with my South Carolina Gamecock hat, and just answer questions and show people around Mahahual. They fall in love with Mahahual, after they come into town and experience our little paradise here. In fact, I have given out every map, brochure, and book concerning real estate here in Mahahual, and I have to get some more.

At the port the first question I usually got was from tourists was, “Who you hiding from down here”, or “Are you a fugitive?” Now the first question after they found out I live here is, “How can I live here?”, trust me it is a big difference from the malecon than the port. At the port I did not realize all the interest from cruise ship tourists about real estate here. Now I have people just walk up to me now and ask me for information about buying property here.

I pretty much got my routine down, I tell them how to get here from Cancun, how safe it is here, medical costs here, how much things cost, and other factors about life here. I seem to be talking to a lot of people looking to retire here lately. They also always ask me how I got here, and I tell them the story of how I was laying in bed in a hostel here, and a young Mexican guy came by and offered me a job, and that was almost five years ago, and I have been here since then, working for the same guy. I also tell them I am going nowhere, and I will be getting my Social Security check sent here in ten years, and when I die, they are going to scatter my ashes on the beach here.

I have been explaining to these tourists the state of the real estate market here, so today I will share this on this blog. Right now at the moment there are not a lot of condos on the beach for sale, those were picked up pretty quick when they went on sale. There are several condo projects in the works, and some should be built sometime this year. Most of the houses in New Mahahual, or Casitas, (the ones I have listed earlier at $42,000usd) are gone, and those are being bought up as soon as they come on the market. There ae some very nice houses like Casa Kerpis, and several others in the $100,000-$150,000 range also, and these are just a short walk to the beach.

Where in the growth in Mahahual is going to be in the near future is the residential and commercial lots in New Mahahual. There are numerous lots available and they start at about $20,000usd, and have all services and are ready to be built on. Most are 300 square meters and have access to water, cable, internet, electricity, and sewage. To view some of these lots go to http://www.mahahual-propiedades.com website, and there are numerous lots listed. Also with the USA’s dollar high exchange rate versus the peso right now, some lots are in pesos, and can be bought quite affordably.

Building costs now average about $85 usd a square meter, so a nice house can be built for around $35,000-$45,000 usd, so with the lot and house you can have a piece of paradise for around $60,000-$70,000 usd. There are talks of maybe some model homes being built in the future, so I will keep you posted on that.

So if you are serious about having your own piece of paradise here in Mahahual, now is a very good time to act. With the new water park and all the other development around here, prices are going to do nothing but go up. When I first starting writing this blog, the houses in New Mahahual sold for $25,000usd, they now sell for $42,000usd(if you can find one), almost doubling in 3 years.

These lots can also be financed with 30% down and no interest for 3 years. All lots are also about a five-minute walk to the beach, and in a safe neighborhood. So I am telling you blog readers the same thing I have been telling cruise ship tourists, the best deal going in Mahahual now is buying a lot, and either sitting on it for the future, or build a nice home on it.


Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

3 thoughts on “Lots of Interest in Real Estate in Mahahual This Year

  1. teri says:

    This is exciting news!
    We want to come stay for a couple of months (husbsnd, myself, and two young adult daughters.) We want to get a real taste to see if we could consider a long term or seasonal life there. Need to take advantage of a good long-term lodging deal ti accomodate the 4of us… with potential for our son, wife, and baby to eventually join us. He runs a hotel in TN so there may ve a place for him in Majahual as it develops. We want to retire soon. One daughter will have just graduated w engineering degree and the other does full time door to door ministry– Jehovah’s Witness. The closest J W Kingdom Hall (church bldg) seems to be about an hour away. That nay be a deal-breaker. Could be opportunity to witness to cruise ship guests, though. Any lodging opportunities that are of serious note, please email me Roger. We are US neighbors ( TENNESSEE).
    BEST regards!

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