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Every now and then I like to post the lastest news from around Mahahual to keep the readers of this blog informed with what is going on down here.  I get the news from several websites, all in Spanish and do my best to translate.  Here are some articles I got from recently.  I like to give the news from the prospective of the media here, not Playa del Carmen or Cancun, but Costa Maya.

Mahahual no rooms available for the holiday season.


Costa Maya maintains reservations 100% from December 20, 2014 until January 5, 2015. According to the president of the Association of Hotels, Cabins and Hostels Mahahual, Luciano Consoli, the poor conditions the coastal road, at least nine hoteliers have been canceled their reservations. “From 20 to 21 December will be full Mahahual. It is very difficult at this time to find a room available. Reservations are 100% until next January 6th. I think we will have a spectacular closing. We have prepared all year for this time and are now ready to welcome all, “he explained. The weather has affected tourism “The nortes that have occurred have been prevented a rise in employment. In previous years by this time we were 70% and 80%, especially on weekends, but the cold scares tourists. We are used to the sun and not so cold as beachgoers. We are confident that we will have a good seal, is already booked and that motivates us, “said Claudio Herrera Vivas, hotelier. Both businessmen agreed to say that the poor condition of the coastal road, besides giving a bad image to the destination, generates implications hoteliers established nearby. Claudia Martin (

Urged by social networks so that their demands are heard.


Entrepreneurs, investors and tourism service providers in Mahahual insist on repairing eight kilometers from the Cafetal-Mahahual state highway that has loose gravel and improvement of the coastal road. Through social media, business and community residents insist that their demands are met, especially since the December holiday season is about to begin. Petition on Social Networks The document circulating through Facebook reiterates the sentiments of the public and the private sector for repair of access roads to tourist destination, but the same letter claiming a lack of commitment by the authorities to solve the problem, despite the commitment made earlier this year. “We, entrepreneurs, taxi drivers and residents contributed with 50 thousand dollars in money and material. However, while they have to report that never came machines to compact the road, despite the promise that we made the mayor during the public hearing in February this year, “reports a written quotation dated 18 November this year. Mahahual, in complete oblivion Local businessman, Fernando Tzec said that besides repairing roads need to parastatal pay attention to this tourist destination. The hotelier said he is not attacking anyone with requests, but the fulfillment of the functions, Mahahual is a community that provides foreign exchange for the municipality to the state and it is right that they return part of them. Claudia Martin (

Come the wedding on the beach at Mahahual


Othon P. Blanco comes to the fore in the wedding on the beach; seven civilians links in Mahahual oficialía scheduled for December, four will be held on the beach, the director of the Civil Registry in the municipality, Acopa Yadira Gomez. This is a major achievement of the southern part of the state, said the municipal director of tourism Othon P. Blanco, Jorge Alberto Pérez Barrios, as it will leave an important locals economic benefit. He explained that this is the month that most weddings have been ratified to perform at the beach, which was set aside for foreigners with Mexican and foreign heterosexual couples; the rest will weddings inhabitants of the community. How much married in Mahahual? A civil wedding in Mahahual, has the same price as the rest of the Oficialías, ie itself takes place in the office are 541 pesos, delivery is two thousand 41 pesos, and a couple of foreigners is four thousand 910 pesos . All must meet the requirements. Meanwhile, the municipal director of tourism Othon P. Blanco, Jorge Alberto Pérez Barrios, said working on the project for underwater weddings in the jungle, weddings in Rio Hondo, to name a few. He projected exotic weddings “We are working on the issue of exotic weddings, it will be a trend present for people marry differently, date not forget, because the marriages are unique,” he said. Paloma Wong (

Impose their law


The lack of order in the transport services in Mahahual directly affects tourists, who witness the conflicts, which leaves a bad image of the destination. Cruisers witnessed unfortunate lock made by drivers when they are not in accordance with the operation of other carriers. For years there have been several conflicts as a result of the lack of transport inspectors impartially address these problems. Tere Ruan, Tucan Tous company said that was affected by a blockage by taxi drivers in Mahahual last week. He explained that the company Native Choice hired a van to provide a service to nearby archaeological sites, but the protesters taxi drivers blocked her way preventing it from doing its work and causing times of distress and inconvenience to tourists arrived by cruise. “Taxi drivers believe they have the right to make all services, so called Sintra and public roads,” said the woman, stating that the taxi union leaders Mahahual, Brígido Rueda and Francisco Villegas virtually instructed inspectors on how to proceed. “Unfortunately this shows clearly the limited authority of our authorities and arrogance and delusions of grandeur of the taxi union, because they did not give in and matters a little show that was taking place, forcing tourists to board a van taxi, which are in deplorable conditions, dirty, old, no weather, just unsuitable for such services “. “The incident occurred right in front of the offices of the applicant company (Native Choice), where our unit was ready to provide the service”. “The worst of it is the deplorable spectacle that gives tourists, leaving them a bad impression of fate and kill all the work and investment promotion that employers carry”. The carrier said it is unfortunate that such situations do not come to the attention of the relevant authorities, for all intended to be driven by the interests of small groups that co-opt the state transport inspectors. “We need to spread these facts to stop these irregularities that have recently become more frequent and affect the image of our destiny and hinder its development.” The respondent provided graphic blockade and said that legally proceed against taxi drivers who made this irregularity. Miguel Ángel Fernández/

Thanks for reading, and remember, “The only thing missing in Paradise…is you”.

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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