Questions and Comments about Living in Mahahual

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I have been getting a ton of questions and comments concerning living and retiring in Mahahual lately.  I get emails daily and I am also getting questions and comments on this blog.  A got this question the other day from a blog reader, and I am going to answer the question today on the blog. It is a typical question I think a lot of you readers have.  I will post below and answer.

“Can a person rent in the Mahahual area, a modest place, one or 2 bedrooms? I don’t expect you to necessarily have that info, but thinking about moving to there, later living on social security and maybe 375-400k savings, and a maybe just a few hundred a month as a writer. Trying to determine if there are affordable available places to live, or not. Or is there anything for sale under, say, 100k? Thanks for your blog. May be there in March (2015), just myself. Pretty cold here in Montana, and long winters. Any comments at all you might offer would be welcome. Thank you, kindly.”

This is a question I get almost everyday here on the malecon in Mahahual, and from readers of this blog.  To answer the question, yes there are plenty of modest places in Mahahual to rent.  I have had a lot of requests from people lately wanting to come to Mahahual, and inquiring about renting a house or apartment, so I have been doing my research, and talking to people I know that have rental properties.

To start there are houses you can rent for around 3,000 pesos (around $210usd) a month, and can go up to 7,000 or 8,000 pesos ($450-$500usd) a month.  There are some nice apartments I saw the other day for 5,500 pesos  (about $380usd).  These are very nice 2br with internet, all modern equipment, and all utilities, and they have a great ocean view,and are in New Mahahual in a nice neighborhood.  There are also condos and beach house on the beach for rent ranging in prices.

So to answer the first part of your question, yes there are modest places to rent in Mahahual.  In fact if you are looking to maybe live or retire in Mahahual in the future, I suggest you come down and rent something for a month or so, to get to know the area.  Once you do live here for awhile and rent, I am confident you will want to buy and stay, and become part of the community here.  So if you are interested in something to rent, send me an email at, and I will look for something for you in your range.  Monica in our office here also manages some rental properties here, and she also may have something.

Now to answer the second part of your question,  trust me, if you have $400,000 in savings, you can live quite well in Mahahual, in fact you could live like a king down here.  A lot of people live well here on just their social security checks from the USA.  I have written a series of articles in the past on this blog on how much things cost here, and you can find those in the archives of this blog.

As far as something to purchase in the $40,000- $100,000usd range, yes there are properties here in that range, in fact some nice ones.  You can go to the website and hit English, and there are listings there.  And as far as being affordable, Mahahual is probably the most affordable place on the Mexican Caribbean.  And the best thing here is, you can miss those Montana winters, here 82 degrees today.

Now that I have answered that question, I want to relate a story from yesterday here.  I get emails from people thinking of coming here to visit and look around, and maybe stay for a couple months.  These are usually blog readers who find me on Google or othe internet searches.

I had this one guy email me a month or so ago, he is a blog reader, and he wanted to know if I could find him something to rent for around $300 a month Canadian.  He said he was coming down  to escape the winters in Canada, and wanted to rent here to see if he liked it.  I emailed him back, and I said I would see what I could do.

Well I did not hear from him again, so I figured he had changed his mind, or found somewhere else in Mexico he liked better.  Well I was on the malecon yesterday, and this man walks up to me and asked me if I was Stewart Rogers.  I told him I was, and he told me he was the one that emailed me about coming here.  I told him I never heard from him, and I thought that maybe he had changed his mind about coming here, he said no, then he told me his story.

He said he was sitting in Nova Scotia, Canada, and he was reading my blog, and he thought to himself…..Should I buy another cord of wood for $500 to get through the winter here, or buy a ticket to Cancun, and go to Mahahual.  Well he took the money he was going to spend on wood, and bought a plane ticket to Mexico.  He followed all the advice on how to get here, and the shuttle that I have written on this blog.  He was coming here blind with just the thought to look me up, and see if I could help him find a place to stay.

Well come to find out he did not need my help.  On the way to Mahahual in the shuttle, he met some other Canadians who live here, and they told him, they had a friend that had a place he could rent.  So the Canadians took him there when they got to Mahahual, and he got a nice place for 3,000 pesos a month, and he is staying until April.  He told me it is in New Mahahual, and he loves it, and the family that runs the place even feeds him.

He has only been here a couple of days, and already he has decided this is where he wants to retire.  We had lunch on the beach yesterday, and he wants me next week to show him some properties around Mahahual for him to buy for his retirement here.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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