Ocean View Lots for $36,000 in Mahahual

View form lots.

View form lots.

Last week I was on the malecon, and I met a nice couple from Oregon who were in town to look around Mahahual and check it out.  They were here on vacation, and they had read my blog, so they decided to come find me on the malecon.  They said they had been looking for me all week, and this was their last day in town, and they were going to Bacalar later in the afternoon.  They wanted to meet me and talk to me about getting some property here, and they had discovered Mahahual after reading my blog.

They informed me that they had been trying to see some real estate, but an American realtor here would not return their phone calls.  (Trust me this happens a lot with a certain realtor here).  I said yes I understand i get that complaint from people all the time.  I then told them I could help them out and show them some stuff

They had a car, so we jumped in and picked up Monica at our office, Costa Maya Real Estate, in New Mahahual.  She brought the listings and the maps we needed to show them what we had.

View of port from lots.

View of port from lots.

ocean view lots 013

We looked at several nice houses in their price range, and then decided to look at the new ocean lots we have.  These lots are between the Costa Maya Port and Mahahual with a great view of the Caribbean.  These lots sell for $36,000usd, and are ready to be built on.  All services are available, and the lots are in a safe and secure neighborhood.  There are stores and shops within walking distance, and downtown Mahahual, is about a ten minute walk away.

I have realized there are a lot of people out there who have not yet reached retirement age, but are looking and planning for the future.  This couple from Oregon, I think, is a nice example of that.  They still have kids in school, and are looking for some property to develop and build with the future in mind.  They are in no hurry, but realize now is a good time to buy property in Mahahual.

There are several of these ocean view lots left,( I think 3 or 4) for around $36,000usd.  There are also other lots in New Mahahual starting at $21,000usd, and these are ready to be built on also.  I will get more information on these lots, but if you want to look at some today go to http://www.mahahual-propiedades.com for a complete listing.

Right now at the moment in Mahahual, there are not many condos left for sale, and the malecon is becoming expensive because of the future growth.  The condos are picked up pretty fast when they come on sale because of the limited number.  There are not many small houses left also because of the demand, so the best bet for someone looking to buy in Mahahual now is a lot in New Mahahual.  These lots for building your dream house in paradise, are the cheapest you will find on the Mexican Caribbean.

So if you are sitting in the USA and Canada freezing at the moment, and are still quite a ways off from retiring, and thinking of something for the future.  Get you a lot now, sit on it until you are ready to build, and then plan your escape.  Like I was telling someone the other day, when I started this blog, the small houses in New Mahahual were selling for $24,000usd, they are now selling for $42,000usd, in a little over two years.  The same is going to hold true on lots here also.

So if you are looking ahead for your piece of paradise, contact me or our office.  I promise someone will call you back.  You can reach me at 983-134-6898 or our office 983-834-5999, and someone will get back to you.  You can also go to info@realestate-costamaya.com for any questions you may have.

malecon 004

I have several people coming to town this week to look at properties, and more the next week, trust me, the land rush is on in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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