Snorkeling Trip with Captain Huacho

I am reblogging this today because I am going on a snorkeling and scuba day here. I am taking 2 New England Patriot fans from Boston, and a retired school teacher from Indians today to Captain Huacho’s from a day and lunch, and then back to Mahahual, for the Super Bowl later tonight. Funny I meet 2 people from Boston day before Super Bowl. Things are real busy down here now. More later.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Repost from earlier this year.

Snorkeling is fantastic here in Costa Maya, and this past Monday, I had the chance to go on a snorkeling excursion and shore lunch with a local legend here Captain Huacho.

Captain Huacho telling his stories Captain Huacho telling his stories

snorkeling trip captain huachos 020
Captain Huacho is a world famous sailing captain, diver, snorkeler, and is a local legend here. I have written a blog about Captain Huacho on here before, so some readers may be familiar with him.
Trey Greeley, a blog reader of mine from Wisconsin, had read about him on this blog and asked me to set him and his friend down from Wisconsin, on a snorkeling trip with Captain Huacho. Trey and his wife own a house here around kilometer 14 on the beach road south of town towards Xcalak. Trey and his friend were in town for his friend’s birthday, and Trey wanted to set up something special…

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