Mahahual Village Medical Clinic

Today is Monday, so not much going on here today, After lunch I was walking down the malecon and I ran into Ron Bint. Ron and Colleen McKinlely are from Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada, and are staying in Mahahual until March or April.

I met them in Playa del Carmen before Christmas, and brought them down here and showed them around. I got them a room on the malecon, and they are thinking of opening a business here at the port.

Ron told me this afternoon that they were on the beach yesterday, and a huge gust of wind blew over a beach umbrella, and it rolled down the beach and struck Colleen in the back. She was in pain today, and it was starting to bother her. They asked me if there was a doctor around to take a look at her.

I said sure and took them about 200 yards away across the athletic field here to the Medical clinic we have here in Mahahual village right off the malecon.

The doctor was there, and he spoke good English, so he took her into the examing room, and checked her out. It took all of 15 minutes, and he saw her without any wait at all. He assured her that nothing was broken, and it was a contusion, nothing serious. He gave her a note with the name of some medicine to pick up at the local pharmacy, and he did not even charge them. they went ahead and gave him 100 pesos and thanked him, and we left. We stopped by the pharmacy on the malecon, and her pills were 90 pesos.

So there whole trip to doctor and pills was less than $20 dollars, and they did not have to pay the doctor , but did anyway. And the doctor was very helpful and immediate, not like the USA. I bet if she had the same treatment in the USA, it would cost them $400-$500. Here the medical care is not for profit, but to keep people alive and well.

I thought I would share this experience today, because I get a lot of questions and comments concerning health care here, and what happened today is a perfect example of the quality of medical care you can get here in Mahahual.

Clinic has a pharmacy, for most common drugs.

Clinic has a pharmacy, for most common drugs.

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Colleen with Dr. Mario Ruedas.  Dr. Mario is from Mexico City, and has been here 6 months.  He is stationed here for 1 year, then he will move to another village.

Colleen with Dr. Mario Ruedas. Dr. Mario is from Mexico City, and has been here 6 months. He is stationed here for 1 year, then he will move to another village.

So rest assured if you are traveling to, or thinking of retiring in Mahahual, we got good doctors and clinics here, and very affordable, and sometimes free, you can’t beat that.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

One thought on “Mahahual Village Medical Clinic

  1. Nice blog and thanks for letting all know about the health care in Mexico! The private health care, which we also have here in Mahahual with Costa Med, is excellent as well. Their facility, because it is private, has much more they can provide and are still very inexpensive. Office calls and treatments there are almost always $30-$50 US. I’ve used the public doctor that you guys used and had equally satisfactory results. US health care is the “best” in the world, but not the most attainable, and therefore, really not the best. Far from it in fact. Mexican healthcare, easily and cheaply attainable, is far superior for that reason. Mexicans, in spite of their bad diets and lifestyle, live as long as Americans, and pay far less of their incomes on living that long.

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