Increase in Cruise Ship Tourists in Mahahual in 2015

There is an increase of 23 % this year, 2015, of cruise ship tourists to Quintana Roo, Cozumel and Costa Maya.

Here is an article from . I translated from Spanish. We have sure been busy in Mahahual lately with cruise ship tourists.

Dawn at Costa Maya Port.

Dawn at Costa Maya Port.

Tourists come !: A million more for this 2015 announces Borge; 23% Cruise reveals APIQROO

Chetumal.- Up to a million more tourists arrive this 2015 to destinations in Quintana Roo on the previous year, said Thursday the governor Roberto Borge Angulo, while in Cruise, just this past January and is recorded increase of 23 percent, explained Ercé Barrera Barron, head of the APIQROO.

The state governor Roberto Borge Angulo, said that for this 2015 an increase of between 600,000 to one million tourists in Quintana Roo over last year is expected, due to the upturn in bookings foreign and domestic vacationers following the Time changes and tourism promotion.

He said the continued involvement of Quintana Roo in tourism fairs and flea markets that have been made in Mexico, abroad and the largest number of air connections there with the time zone meridian 75, have also been key factors for increasing more tourists visiting the destinations of the state.

He stressed that this will have to be tapped, so consider that this year will be higher profits for the local tourist market.

“We aim to stop this 2015 is obviously exceed the numbers of 2014, let you know that in this January we close with nearly 500,000 passengers who arrived in the state, reached approximately 173 cruise ships and are positive numbers, so for this 2015 will be a positive year for the cruise market, first by the dollar and pays more money to the tourists who visit us and is an asset to be seized in the tourism sector. ”

He said that so far this year there has been a noticeable improvement for cruise tourism sector is expected that at least this will continue until the first half of the year.

“In this January tourism an increase of 23 percent compared to January last year, it bodes well for the sector in February is pretty good and we maintain and improve the numbers of minimum last year by 10 percent, Hopefully this performance improvement compared to last year is widespread. ”

He said Quintana Roo prepares to participate in the meeting to be held in Miami where managers and shareholders of major shipping companies in the world, where we will seek to establish strategies to take advantage of new cruise lines and their respective potential in economic matters will meet.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Caroina.

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