The Secret is Out About Mahahual

People are discovering this everyday here off of cruise ships. I thought I would reblog this for new readers.

Costa Maya Mahahual


I think the secret is out about Mahahual, and living and retiring in Mexico and Quintana Roo. I have been in Mahahual the last four years since the time I arrived there. and last year I stayed for a couple of weeks in Playa del Carmen watching a condo and a dog for a friend, but besides that I have not been out of Mahahual any time during the winter months like I am doing now.

Every where I go here in Playa del Carmen now I am running into people from the USA like I have never encountered before. I am still in Playa del Carmen now, because technically I don’t have a job in Mahahual at the moment. So I am still here getting my friend’s condo ready to rent for the first of the year.

I have had some guys doing some construction work this week, so…

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