Busy Weekend in Mahahual

March is a very business month in Mahahual, and this past weekend kicked it off in high fashion. The Crossing Borders Festival, Carnaval, Spring Breakers on cruise ships, and Semana Santa all occur this month. There is a lot of activity and events going on now, and the town is filling up.

The Cruzando Fronteras, or Crossing Borders, Festival kicked off this past Saturday and continues all this week. The opening ceremony was Saturday, followed by food tastings, music, and art exhibits. This is the third year of the festival, and big crowds are expected this year.

Map of events for Crossing Borders.

Map of events for Crossing Borders.

crossing borders diving burrito 012 crossing borders diving burrito 013 crossing borders diving burrito 014 crossing borders diving burrito 015 crossing borders diving burrito 016 crossing borders diving burrito 017 crossing borders diving burrito 018 crossing borders diving burrito 019 crossing borders diving burrito 020 crossing borders diving burrito 031There were a lot of people in town Saturday and Sunday from all over Mexico and also from around the world.  There are especially a lot of Italians and Europeans in town enjoying the festival.  There was a nice crownd both Saturday and Sunday nights at the music venue on the main stage.

There are more activities and events today through the end of the week, and I will be going to some of these and taking photos.  I plan on hitting the art exhibit today to get some photos.  There are also a bunch of cultural exhibits, including books, art, and cuisine form different countries involved in the festival.  I will be posting about these later in the week.

This past Saturday also was the grand opening of the Diving Burrito, formerly Tapas Bar, on the malecon.  There was music, fire show, and free burritos all night. Sergio Duran is the owner of the Diving Burrito, and he personally asked and urged me to come try out his new menu of burritos.  I had a couple and they were good, kind of reminds me of some of what we would also call wraps in the USA.  There were several different kinds of burritos, and his regular menu also.  There was a nice crowd there, and being free, of course a lot of the local Gringos went. (Trust me, if there is anything free in town, the local gringos are the first ones there).

There was a new guy from the USA at the Diving Burrito playing music, and later a guy came by and did a fire act, which was pretty cool.  After that everybody headed over to the concert venue, and watched the concert, a kind of “Janis Joplin” performance by some musicians.

Diving Burrito, on the malecon.

Diving Burrito, on the malecon.

crossing borders diving burrito 023 crossing borders diving burrito 025 crossing borders diving burrito 026 crossing borders diving burrito 027

Gabby, manager of Diving Burrito.

Gabby, manager of Diving Burrito.

Sergio Duran, owner of Diving Burrito.

Sergio Duran, owner of Diving Burrito.

So this past weekend was a good start on a big month here in Mahahual, lots more to come.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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