Canadian Lowers Blood Pressure in Mahahual

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This is a story I have to relate while it is stilll fresh in my memory. Yesterday late in the afternoon, I was sitting on the malecon when this man I know from Canada came up to me and told me a story.

A little background on the Canadian guy. He has been reading my blog in his home in Novia Scotia, Canada the last couple of years. He was sitting in his house in Novia Scotia a couple of months ago, and he was not looking forward to another long cold winter in Canada. So he told me, he thought to himself, should he buy a cord of wood for $500 to get through winter or buy a plane ticket and come find me in Mahahual, and see if I could help him find a place to stay.


Well he sent me an email a couple of months ago. He told me a little about himself in Canada, and told me he wanted to come visit Mahahual, and could I help him and provide him with information, and how to get here. He also said he was thinking of selling his house in Canada, and maybe finding something in Mexico to buy. He said he liked my blog, and he was thinking of maybe retiring in Mahahual.

I sent him an email back, and said no problem, I can handle everything to get you here, and help you find a place to stay. I then gave him the same instructions on how to get here like I do at least 10 times a day here.

I told him to fly into Cancun, take the shuttle to Playa del Carmen. Spend the night in Playa del Carmen near the bus station. I even told him of a couple of hotels to stay at near the bus station. I then told him to take the ADO shuttle to Mahahual that leaves at the station on 5th and Juarez at 8am and costs 310 pesos, and gets to Quinto Sol on the malecon here at 11.30 am. I mean I mapped it out step by step for this guy, I covered everything he needed to get here over a couple of emails. Trust me I do this a lot now for people and blog readers, and I got this down to an art.

He also informed me he wanted to rent a place for 3 or 4 months here for around $300 (Canadian money, which is not worth much here, like 8.50 pesos for $1 Canadian), to see if he liked it, and if he did, sell his house and move here. I told him that Costa Maya Real Estate did not have anything to rent in his price range at the moment because of high season. I did tell him I would ask around for him.

Well a got an email from this guy about a week later, and he said he was on his way down.  He told me he would send me an email when he got to Playa del Carmen, the night before he headed towards Mahahual.

Well I looked around and found this guy several places for him to rent in his price range, so I was ready when he got down.  I even mentioned to Nancy, another Canadian who owns the book store on the malecon, if she knew any place for this guy to rent.  He sent me an email the night before he left Playa del Carmen, like he said, so I was expecting him the next day.

Well the next day went by, then the next, then a couple more days, so I thought to myself, there is no telling where this guy is, either he got lost, or he changed his mind.  After another day, to be honest I forgot all about this guy and figured he was taken advantage of, or decided to stay in Playa del Carmen.

About a week later this little guy walks up to me, and I swear he looked like death warmed over.  He was all hunched over and having a hard time walking, and looked like he was in bad health.  The man comes up to me and introduces himself, he asked me if I was Stewart with the blog.  I told him yes, and then he explained to me, that he was the guy from Canada that had sent me an email.  I told I wondered what had happened to him.

He then told me his story.  He met some other Canadians on the shuttle on the way to Mahahual, and he told them he was looking for a pace to stay and did they know Stewart in Mahahual.  They said no, but they did know a friend that had a place to rent on a month to month basis, like he was looking for.  When they got to Mahahual, they took him to the place, and got him a room there for $240 a month, US dollars.  He moved in and the family even feeds him, and he really enjoyed the place.

We had lunch that day, and he told me had had some health problems, and was hoping he would get better here in Mahahual.  That was about a month ago, and I have seen him several times since then around Mahahual, and in the Casitas.

The last time I saw him about 2 weeks ago, he seemed to be looking better, and I know he smokes cigarettes and drinks some, and he is getting on in years but he had some color to him, and looked happy.  I had heard that he goes out several places at night and even goes to some of the live music shows here.

So that is all the background you need for this story, sick unhealthy Canadian comes to Mahahual.  To continue the story he comes up to me yesterday on the malecon all excited and tells me his story.  When he got to Mahahual a little over a month ago, his blood pressure was 148/98, and was taking medication for this and it was not helping.  He had just went by the clinic here and got his blood pressure checked and it was 110/70, and he could not believe it.  He said he was so excited after the doctor at the clinic checked his blood pressure for free and told him the results, he tipped the doctor.  He said he had had it checked about 2 weeks ago, and it was around 128/89 or something close to that, and he had called his daughter in Canada, and she could believe it, because has had blood pressure problems for years.

He was so excited yesterday he said he could not wait to get home and let his daughter know about his new test of 110/70, he said she will be so happy.  He also informed me he had walked over form New Mahahual (Casitas), to Mahahual to see the doctor, and he had not walked that far in years.

I asked if he still smoked and drank, and he said yes, the other thing different from here and Canada is he is eating more fruits and vegatables.  He also said he was getting around more and more, and he felt great.  He thanked me, and said if it were not for me, he would never have gotten in such good health, and never would have to come to Mahahual, if it were not for this blog.  So I feel pretty good today, my blog may have saved someone’s life.

He told it was his birthday this Saturday, and the place where he lives was throwing him a birthday party with some other family member who also has a birthday this week.

Before he left, he shook my hand and patted me on the back, and said thanks.  He said the only thing he needs now is a chiquita, or girlfriend, and life would be perfect.

I asked him if he would write me a testimonial in the future, and put in his own words, how much his health has improved in the month or two he has been in Mahahual.  He said he would, and I will post that in the future when he does.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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