Crossing Borders Festival and Cruise Ships this Week

Lots of activity in Mahahual this week. Cruise ships and the Crossing Borders Festival have brought a lot of people to town this past week. I took some photos this week of everything going on, and I will share some of these today.

Here are some photos from Crossing Borders art exhibit.

festival and malecon 001 festival and malecon 002 festival and malecon 003 festival and malecon 004 festival and malecon 005 festival and malecon 006 festival and malecon 007 festival and malecon 008 festival and malecon 009We also had a lot of cruise ship activity this week, eventhough we had 2 ships turned away Thursday because of high winds.

On Friday there was a television camera crew from Chetumal interviewing tourists and people on the malecon.  I arranged for the tv crew to get an interview with “Twice as Nice”, a couple who performs on one of the cruise ships, and always comes to town and the Tropicante when they are in port.  The camera crew asked if they could interview me, but I told them they didn’t need me, they really needed to interview Westley and Shelly Dartez Stevens because they were famous singers known around the world.  (Side note, I did not decline to be interviewed because I am scared to be seen on camera, or hiding from anyone in the USA, I just know I am not good looking enough to be on tv.)

festival and malecon 020 festival and malecon 021 festival and malecon 022 festival and malecon 027

Maggie from Tropicante helping out with interview.

Maggie from Tropicante helping out with interview.

festival and malecon 029 festival and malecon 030 festival and malecon 031 festival and malecon 033


There also has been some good concerts on the athletic field in Mahahual, for the festival.  I have been to several, but I can hear everything from my back window on my place on the malecon.  So this past week I have had music every night in my place, without even venturing outside.

Editors note…  I have made a couple of mistakes lately on some of my posts.  Semana Santa is in April, not March, like I posted earlier.  A friend of mine in Playa del Carmen corrected me on this.  Also this is my fifth year in Mexico, and fourth in Mahahual.  I think on an earlier post I said this was going to be my fifth year in Mahahual, and that is incorrect, and I apoligize, this is my fourth year here in Mahahual, I sometimes forget about my time in Caldaritas.  Also the same critic pointed out that I am not fluent in Spanish, and some how I try to come across as speaking perfect Spanish.  So if I have misrepresented myself as being fluent in Spanish, trust me I am not, I have never posted it in this blog that I was fluent in Spanish, and I struggle everyday to speak better Spanish.  I also made a couple mistakes on an earlier blog, and it was brought to my attention, and I have pulled it and am correcting it now. So I hope this clears things up in that department.

Because of this blog’s popularity now, I am getting a lot critics and negative comments directed towards me about stuff I write, (from local American Expats of course).  I have had numerous people tell me they like this blog because I tell “it like it is”, and I am not going to change that because some local gringos don’t like me, my first loyalty is to Mahahual and Mexico, ( I am a guest here), not some local gringo clique.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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