La Bodeguita, Mahahual, Mexico

A lot of people I see on the malecon, or readers of this blog, always ask me where are some of the local places in Mahahual they can go to, to eat, or have a good time. So I have decided to highlight some of the places I go to, or have gone to here. I have sent a lot of people to some of the restaurants here, and especially to Rosa, my personal cook, who makes a daily lunch special on the malecon for 50 pesos.

So today I thought I would talk about La Bodeguita, one of the local watering holes here. La Bodeguita is one of the first places I went to when I first got to Mahahual. La Bodeguita is located right in the heart of Mahahual on the second street, right across the street from Fernando’s hostel. When I first arrived in Mahahual, I stayed in the hostel, and a lot of times I would go to the La Bodeguita with other hostel guests for a drink after dinner or a night out.

bodeguita 002 bodeguita 003 bodeguita 004

La Bodeguita is definitly the late night place to go in Mahahual. It opens every night at 7pm, and stays open as long as there is business. Sometimes this can go on until very early in the morning. When I lived at the hostel I could hear music coming from there all the time, sometimes almost until sunup.

Pool table.

Pool table.

Full bar.

Full bar.

The Bodeguita has different drink specials, sports on TV, and a pool table tournament on Wednesdays. Drinks prices are local, not tourist prices, and you can always find locals from Mahahual in there. There are also a lot of Europeans, and other backpackers there from time to time. It is open seven days a week, so it is always open.

La Bodeguita is managed and operated by Carolyn Gonzalez. Carolyn is a single mother raising her child in Mahahual, and she also works on cruise days as the Tropicante, so she basically works two jobs to support her and her family. Carolyn has been in Mahahual for 15 years, and she has seen it all here. She is from Chetumal, born and raised, and first came to Placer 15 years ago. She also has family in Belize, so she knows a lot about this area.

Carolyn Gonzalez, manager of La Bodeguita.

Carolyn Gonzalez, manager of La Bodeguita.

She told me she likes living in Mahahual because it is tranquil, peaceful, no crime, and she has a nice life here. She has seen Mahahual grow a lot in her years here, and has witnessed the increase in tourism here. Trust me, she knows everybody in town, and everybody knows her. When I first got to Mahahual, she was working at K@rlita’s internet cafe, and I would go use the internet there a lot. Carolyn also speaks perfect English, and knows a lot about Mahahual.  So if you want some late night answers about Mahahual, go look her up. She, I am sure will be able to help you out.

So if you are looking for a place to shoot pool while you are in Mahahual, a place to watch a game, or a late night drink, stop in at the La Bodeguita in downtown Mahahual. They are always open at night, and the prices are good.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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