Latest News from Mahahual March 2015


Some of the latest news from Mahahual.  I have translated from local news websites.  It is translated from Spanish, so not in perfect English.SINTRA04

The infrastructure implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra) to the cruise port of Mahahual, is strengthened further action as the expansion of the tourist pier, where 19 million pesos invested.

In compliance with the instruction of Governor Roberto Borge Angulo, optimize ASAP tourism infrastructure through major urban improvement works, the roadworks will be ready in the short time before the early start of the holiday period of the Week Holy.

The holder of the Sintra, Fernando Carrillo Escamilla said that the primary objective of this work in Mahahual is strengthen tourism in this southern state, generate more income sources for the population and better jobs and a better quality of quintanarroenses life for families.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport works in the execution of a vehicular section six meters crown of track and a parallel pedestrian area of ​​580 linear meters long by 2.5 meters wide, which already stamped concrete is placed, and built garrisons.

-and Concrete casting began, like lighting, landscaping, street furniture and signage will be placed. Also in the works are performed works induced to give a better urban image in the area, in order to make it more attractive for visitors said.

He explained that to give the target a new and attractive image, constant supervision visits work to ascertain the progress of work remain, which when developed according to schedule.

‘These works will become more comfortable stay tourism, estimated at 400 thousand visitors arriving via cruise ship, and they will find a modern tourist cruise port at the height of their recreational needs pointed out.

Borge Angulo to federal authorities for Tourism, with the full backing of President Enrique Peña Nieto, who has spared your support to continue promoting projects that keep Quintana Roo as the first resort of Latin America.

In the current administration of Governor Roberto Borge, has privileged the construction and modernization of urban infrastructure in Cozumel and Mahahual, main points for receiving cruises.

-This Order to ensure better conditions and expanding expectations for economic benefit for service providers-explained.

It is noteworthy that the expansion project includes improving Malecón intersections, horizontal and vertical signage, landscaping, street furniture, street lighting, sidewalks, trimmings and pedestrian walkway.
-The Benefits with this third stage of the Malecon in Mahahual be reflected directly to service providers who will offer better conditions for the destination, with a pedestrian walkway where visitors and locals traveling in comfort and safety-he said .

According to supervision by the secretaries of Infrastructure, Ariel Meeser Soureau and Evaluation and Bonding, Gerardo Pérez Zafra and director of Roads, Ulises Real Alamilla, work force running through the Sintravan according to schedule.

Conquer European Southern Quintana Roo

Travel agencies and tour operators from the old continent show interest in destinations like Chetumal, Bacalar and Mahahual.

Friday, Mar 13, 2015

Claudia Martin / SIPSE

Chetumal, Q. Roo.- in international tourism fairs, southern Quintana Roo is winning travel agencies and tour operators in Europe.

Trust Chairman Grand Costa Maya, Fernando Salazar House, said the group Iberoservice informed them that sends monthly between 200-250 tourists from Germany, Finland, France and Serbia, while the Barcelona group reported that sends monthly downstate 300 Spaniards.

“When they began arriving European tourists to Chetumal, we talked about a group of 10 people at most. Suddenly begin to see that we had already reached a truck 50 people and now there are clear reports of 250 people a month. The same goes for Spanish, we now reached 10 and 300 visit us each month, “he said.

Offered tourist routes
He said that the circuits that supply the southern state are, Chetumal and surrounding area, including Calderitas and the Hondo River, Bacalar Pueblo Magico and of course Mahahual.

“The European tourism is more interested in supplementing their trip to Quintana Roo. They stay in Chetumal and hence were distributed to know archaeological sites, Bacalar, Mahahual, and even the neighboring country of Belize. The challenge for this year is to make instead of two nights and three days three nights and four days in the south of the state to stay, “he said.

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Salazar Chamber noted that the Berlin Fair 47 business meetings were implemented and important agreements were made with 12 tour operators to send the circuits of the Grand Costa Maya, to send more tourists to the South of the entity

He added that they have already finalized their participation in the Tianguis Turistico 2015 Acapulco, for which they have finalized 38 business appointments with travel agencies and tour operators, 80% of European origin, but additional business appointments materialize interviews Palace Group, Bojorquez and Alma to continue sending tourists to southern Quintana Roo.

Mahahual soon release his ‘House of Culture’

Construction started from 2011 and after several delays just waiting for the furniture.
Mar, 2015
Construction of the House of Culture of Mahahual concluded, now only are awaiting the furniture. (Harold Alcocer / SIPSE)


Claudia Martin / SIPSE
Chetumal, Q. Roo.- The House of Culture of Mahahual awaits the arrival of furniture and equipment to take office.

According to the Secretary of Culture, Lilian Villanueva Chan, two million pesos and delays were invested in the work were for delay of federal resources (one year two months) plus flooding problems with which they were found in the field assigned.

“On the ground we stumbled upon a cave which had to inject more state resources. There we lay seven months to reach the highest ideal and keep in rainy seasons are going to flood, “he said.

He said that there is a basic cultural program for all houses of culture which includes classes in dance, music, visual arts. However, the program will be reinforced with artists living in Mahahual.

“In Mahahual there are many artists who came to the first and second festival Crossing Borders and have stayed, who have shown interest in participating in the activities of the Casa de la Cultura, not only to exhibit their works, but to impart their knowledge” he declared.

Construction since 2011
In 2011, the then culture secretary Cora Amalia Castilla Madrid, announced the construction of a house of Culture in Mahahual, with an investment of two million pesos.

He explained that the building will have classroom painting, dance room, classroom, theater, music room, sculpture workshop, library, restrooms, cafeteria lookout, administration, central plaza multipurpose for recitals, art and cultural events, access principal, box office, exhibition area of ​​several works of Mayan culture, multipurpose room and sale of handicrafts.


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2 thoughts on “Latest News from Mahahual March 2015

  1. Constance Bailey says:

    Stewart, I stumbled across your website by accident and really appreciate the history that you’ve posted. Other postings about experts and “How to pee off a Mexican” had me laughing so hard!
    Will be traveling to Mahahual for the first time soon, though living a short distance from it “as a crow flies” for nine years. Will catch up with you another trip…this one is our 25th anniversary. Keep up the blogging.

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