Life Along the Malecon in Mahahual

Living on the malecon here in Mahahual, I see something different every day. Apart from all the activity on cruise ship day, the malecon is like a quiet little quaint neighborhood. There are people from all walks of life living and working on the malecon.

My whole life at the moment now consists of about a 200 foot stretch of beach and the malecon. I live and work on the malecon, and do all my shopping and eating on the malecon also. I go into New Mahahual, (Casitas the locals call it), about once a week, to go by the office or go to the pharmacy to get my diabetes meds. Besides that, I am on the malecon 24/7.

When I need to get something to eat, or go to the store, I just walk downstairs and walk around the corner. In fact I got it down to an art. I can go to the store or get something to eat during halftime of any game I am watching on March Madness. I went the other night during the games at halftime to the Ibaza Sunset, and ordered my dinner, and walked back, watched second half of game, and then went back and got my dinner, walked back, and did not miss the start of the next game.

I got all I need downtown here on the malecon. Plenty of places to eat, several stores, and there are always people walking by, and something is always going on.

Last night I was inside watching some college basketball NCAA games, and I heard some music and talking down on the beach in front of my place. Come to find out there was a wedding on the beach going on, right on the beach right in front of my balcony. So what I did the rest of the night was, when a commercial came on or halftime, I would go watch the wedding from the balcony. A young woman who lives next door got married here last night on the beach. Her relatives own and operate a store next door here on the malecon for tourists, and they also live in the back.

So I had an interesting evening last night, college basketball and a Mexican wedding. I bet there is not another person out there in the world who spent an evening like I did last night, watch a Mexican wedding and March Madness at the same time.

Setting up for wedding.

Setting up for wedding.

wedding on beach 019 wedding on beach 020 wedding on beach 021 wedding on beach 022 wedding on beach 023 wedding on beach 024 wedding on beach 026 wedding on beach 028 wedding on beach 029 wedding on beach 030 wedding on beach 031 wedding on beach 033 wedding on beach 034 wedding on beach 036 wedding on beach 037

Wedding cake.

Wedding cake.

wedding on beach 039 wedding on beach 040 wedding on beach 043

There is another person here on the malecon who I find interesting. There is a woman who has a booth on the malecon, and she paints and sells Mayan plates. She sits there with her daughter all day, and sells and plates her plates. I have watched her, she is quite good. Her booth is right on the malecon between El Faro and the Diving Burrito, at the entrance from the athletic field to the malecon.

Her name is Pascuala Remigio Chavez, and she has been working on the malecon for 5 years. She is quite talented with her artwork, and I watched her some the other day and took photos. So if you are here on a cruise ship or vacation, you should stop by her booth, she has some great plates and Mayan art.

Painting plates.

Painting plates.

wedding on beach 006

wedding on beach 008

Her artwork.

Her artwork.

wedding on beach 010

wedding on beach 011

Pascuala Remigio Chavez and her daughter, her daughter sits with her while she paints.

Pascuala Remigio Chavez and her daughter, her daughter sits with her while she paints.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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