Current Questions About Mahahual

Mahahual lighthouse.

Mahahual lighthouse.

I get a lot of questions and comments on this blog about living or visiting in Mahahual. Today I thought I would share some recent questions I got on this blog lately about Mahahual. I try to do this from time to time, answer comments and questions about living and visiting here.

This blog has become very popular, and is averaging about 1,200 readers a week from all over the world. Also there are numerous search engines that steer people to the blog if they have questions about Costa Maya or Mahahual. What I have learned is a lot of people when they book a cruise to Mahahual, one of the first things they do is Google Costa Maya and Mahahual.

Because this blog is on the first page of most search engines, and sometimes the first listed on a lot of search engines, a lot of people discover Mahahual and Costa Maya for the first time on this blog. Of course by far the most searches and questions on this blog are about safety in Mahahual, and for that matter Mexico.

So today I am going to concentrate on some recent questions I have recieved lately, and try to answer them the best I can. I will post each question then answer below it.


1)Mahahual long term rentals?
Yes, Mahahual has plenty of long term rentals. You can rent houses, apartments, condos, and rooms long term in Mahahual. You can rent a room for the month for $240 USD a month in New Mahahual, that includes air consditioning, cable TV, internet, hot water, and other amenities. In fact Canadian Stewart, the guy who lowered his blood pressure, and cut it almost in half, is living in one of these and he is very happy there. Houses can go anywhere from $200 USD to $1,000 USD a month depending on what you want. Anywhere from unfurnished to totaaly furnished. There are also some really nice apartments that rent for 5,500 pesos (around $375 USD) right near the port. So to answer this question, yes there are a number of options to rent long term in Mahahual.

2) Time zone in Costa Maya Mexico?
Right now today March 30, 2015, Costa Maya is in the Central Time Zone if you are looking at USA time. When the clocks fall back next fall, we will be in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA. Starting this year, we do not turn our clocks forward or backwards here, just stay on the same time zone to get the most daylight for the tourists, and the cruise ships. All of Quintana Roo is now under this time zone. But I have also learned that time is not that important here, I quit wearing a watch about a year and a half ago. Only the cruise ships here keep a strict schedule.

3) What clothing to wear in Costa Maya, Mexico?
This is an easy question, in Mahahual you can wear your summer clothes all year round. I have not worn a pair of long pants but maybe twice since I have been here. One day last winter it got down in the 60s and I wore a pair of jeans to work one day, but besides that it is shorts and short sleeves everyday. What also is cool about Mahahual is everybody dresses casual here, even businessmen wear sandals and shorts around here. In fact almost everyday here you see women walking around in bikinis, one of the many things I like about Mahahual. So if you like wearing sandals, tshirts, and shorts, Mahahual is the place for you.

4) What kind of car is needed in Majahual?
In Mahahual you really don’t need a car unless you live out in the jungle, or live in some remote beach properties. Cabs are $2 USD everywhere, and bussses can get back and forth from Chetumal, and any other place you wish to travel. A lot of people here ride bikes around, or walk. I myself have been riding a bike since I have been here. You can get around here pretty good without a car here, but if you have or want to have one I would suggest someting cheap on gas, or a 4WD ifyou are planning to live on the coast roads or in the jungle. Personnaly, I think because of the ecological status of Mahahual, I think the less cars the better. The less cars in Mahahual, the less pollutants and oil and gas into the environment, but that is my opinion. I know some expats that do have cars here, so it is pretty common. Some of the long term expats here have brought their cars down from USA and Canada, so if you must have a car it is doable here.

5) Costa maya, Mahahaul crime rate? …. Costa Maya, Mexico is it safe?
These are the most frequent questions this blog gets and I get these questions everyday. Because of all the media bias in the USA and Canada, a lot of people are scared and reluctant to visit or consider living in Mahahual. When tourists off of cruise ships ask me how can I live in Mexico with all the crime and violence they hear about on TV in the USA. I have a stock answer that I provide them with now, I tell them since Jan.1, 2015 there have been 37 violent gun deaths in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, and here in Mahahual 0 violent gun deaths so far this year, so where am I safer, I would say here.

Also because of all the research I have to do for this blog and other things I have read the statistics, and you are more likely to die from a cocoanut falling from a tree and hitting you in the head here, than from a violent gun death. For more information on this topic there are numerous articles I have written in the past in the archives of this blog, so you can read the statistics for yourself. I myself, feel a lot safer here than I ever did in Belize, or the USA for that matter. Mahahual, Mexico I bet you is one of the safer places in the world to live you could find. I am never scared to walk around or ride my bike here at night, and so are a lot of other people. There was a couple from the USA who slept on the beach out front last week and they said they were not scared at all. Trust me you could never sleep on the beach in Belize or most other countries.

6) Temperature in Mahahual Mexico June?
Good question, the weather in May and June here is great, in fact it is cooler here in the summertime, than my home state of South Carolina in the USA. There are always cool breezes here in the summer, except late August and Septembe, those are the most uncomfortable months here. But it never gets to be over 100 degrees here like is common in the USA in the summertime. A lot of people have been asking me lately when is a good time to visit Mahahual, and I have been telling them May and June. It is not that hot here, and I lot of places lower their rates here after high season, and the cruise ships scale back to one or two a week. For those reasons Mahahual is a great place to visit in Maya and June, and the temperature is moderate, and the water is the same 82 degrees year round.

7) Where is Mahahual Mexico?
Mahahual, Mexico is on the Mexican Caribbean Sea, on the coast between Tulum and Xcalak. Mahahual is located in Costa Maya which is the area from Sian Kaan Biosphere south to Chetumal on the Belize border. Mahahual is 3 1/2 hours from Playa del Carmen by bus, and 1 1/2 hour from Chetumal by car or bus. Mahahual is about 60 kilometers north of Belize, and in the center of Costa Maya. Mahahual is not an island like a lot of cruise ship tourists think when they visit, but surrounded by mangroves and jungle, kind of remote. so there is only one road in and out to the main highway 307.

8) Kidnapping in Costa Maya?
There is not a kidnapping that I am aware about that has occured here since I have been here. Some bandits tried to kidnap some ATM machines from the port last year, but they were caught, and are now in jail.

9) Can my husband sail and park his 33 ft sailboat there in Mahahual?
Good question, I did not know the answer to this, and there is a funny story concerning this question. I got this question so I asked one of the locals here, Jorge if he knew if someone could park a 33 ft sailboat at the fisherman’s pier here, and what would they have to do to or talk to to park it there. He said he did not know but would ask the Port Captain next time he saw him. Well about 30 minutes later he comes up to me with the Port Captain, and the Captain starts asking me when is this boat coming, and kind of excited and wanted some details. He told me, yes, someone could park there boat there for awhile, and it would not cost them anything, until they found a permanent place to store it when not being sailed. He wanted to know what kind of boat and when it was arriving, he had his book with him and everything, he was kind of excited about a nice sailboat that size coming to Mahahual, and was ready to save a place for this boat. I then had to break the news to them that I was just asking for a woman who had acquired, and her and her husband were looking for a place to retire, and one of the factors had to be, he could bring his boat to explore the Caribbean during their retirement. When I told them this, they kind of got disappointed, and I told them thanks, and they walked away, dejected because I had got there hopes up about seeing a nice sailboat sail into Mahahual. So the answer is yes, if you have a yacht or sailboat, you are welcome here in Mahahual.

So there are the latest questions that I have gotten and I hope I answered them to everyone’s satisfaction. If you have any comments or questions about some of my answers or need more information let me know.

Sunrise in Mahahual.

Sunrise in Mahahual.

This week starts Semana Santa (Holy Week), so things will be very busy here and every hotel is full for the week. So unless you are on a cruise ship, good luck if you are coming to Mahahual this week. Semana Santa here is like Daytona Beach Spring Break, Mexican style, the place will be full of people enjoying their spring vacations and partying all week.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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  1. Teri Rich says:

    Is there a way to get TO Mahaual on the cruise ship and get off the ship and stay a month or so….then get on a ship to return, also???? It makes such sense.

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